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  1. Here is the video of them stealing documents. Yeah Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley might be having another bad day today. Question everything...
  2. Expell, charge, and throw them in jail. Go to my post about Ali and the three congressmen.
  3. Uh oh, looks like some things are about to move here.
  4. If he resigns, then Pence can pardon him. That will most likely favor him. Scott, read the room. Good grief man...
  5. So with me following some tweets, Charlie Kirk and his foundation paid for buses and rooms Here is an article that details what tweet Kirk deleted, also Clearance Thomas wife is on his board too https://www.dailydot.com/debug/charlie-kirk-delete-tweet-buses-capitol/ Then Ali Alexander is the leader of "Stop The Steal". He was basically working with 3 Congressman. Here is a thread: I'm just waiting to see if anything came out of the Facebook groups where there was most likely some planning for Jan 6. They even had merc
  6. Keep going. There was big money involved.
  7. Hey everyone, what’s for lunch? Think I want some Chic-Fil-A
  8. Y’all this is real. He’s not playing dumb.
  9. It's going to be more than just Capitol police officers. Go over to 4chan, 8chan, Storm Front, or whereever they post. You all know a lot of law enforcement officers are more than likely on those forums and sites. This was too damn orchestrated. I'm willing to bet ammo, guns, and other ordinance was moved from state to state.
  10. And I want the FBI to start reallllly watching these assholes and start to come down on them. Enough is enough. I get that you can only collect and watch people so much, but unless you want more insurrection and sacking of state capitols and the Capitol, combat domestic terrorism, militias, and white supremacist groups. This isn't a left and right thing, this is a terrorism thing.
  11. More Parler fallout. Dan Bongino needs to be thoroughly investigated
  12. Well it looks like we may need a bigger boat now. Parler has went dark and now their user data is every where. Welp...
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