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  1. Dan isn't playing around I see. It's about time too. Sniff out all those leaks. Take your team back and get the fan base back.
  2. DCranon21

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    Well we have a proven coach and I am liking this. Welcome to DC Coach Rivera!
  3. DCranon21

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    So about Trent, who does he want gone, the medical staff, Bruce, or both? Because this has nothing to do with money. Also can they just let him have his own independent staff as he's still under contract for 2 years I do believe. I know one person that isn't leaving and his initials are B.A.
  4. Wonder if Donnie Jr and Jared is next. You have to believe one of those two are next to go down.
  5. This is rich lol https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-castigates-kerry-for-shadow-diplomacy-to-save-iran-nuclear-deal/2018/05/07/de9f4d20-5200-11e8-abd8-265bd07a9859_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.8289b51b3fe4
  6. Hai guys long time no talk to. So what have I missed? The Tangerine One still wants to release the memo and implicate his whole damn admin almost lol
  7. DCranon21

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I thought they got past of anything that Mr. Sacks and Stuff did and now the front office is just repeating what he did 10 fold. My god this was a terrible trade and gave up yet too much for 1 player. How does Bruce still have a F.O. job?
  8. Come on man, you know why. He's the greatest dealmaking President and will have the best and brightest people on his team. Also #MAGA lol But that Dog Catcher line was comedic gold though..lol
  9. So when will the 1st GOP Senator or Congressman start talking about Amendment 25? Like seriously, this guy is friggen unhinged. While I didn't agree with 43's policies, I always respected the seat and the person who had office regardless of party affiliation. With this guy, hell no. It's something every day with him, and that is saying a lot.
  10. Everytime I see that picture with the HBCU president's in the oval office taking a picture with him, I wonder how they feel about him now. Also does he know and the Justice Department that the HBCU's give white students a minority scholarship for being a minority and also the admissions are pretty high for a white student at a HBCU... http://time.com/2907332/historically-black-colleges-increasingly-serve-white-students/
  11. Wonder if Trump told Scaramucci this lol
  12. Damn man...I was waiting for all of those skits with "The Mooch" lol Are we being punked? We have to be. This has to be a joke.