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  1. It ain't the suffering through a ten year Finals drought, it was the Jim Buss ran Laker squad from 2013-2017. Ask yourself this question, where is Xavier Henry, Brian Sarce, Kendall Marshall, Ed Davis, Tarik Black, Ryan Kelly, Timofy Mozgov and Deng's joke of a contract and the records from the 2013-2019. Magic ain't do any better but him and Rob Pelinka did get rid of Mozgov contract and if I recall stretch optioned Luou Deng's contract. Also granted, given Kobe 25 mil/year and he blew his Achilles was a blower and you couldn't really build with the roster. It's not the Finals drought, becaus
  2. I blame Pandemic P, but you hate to see it..
  3. TEG, let me add to this too. Again, I told you all he wasn't a billionaire, Cohen eluded to that in the book. He might be building rich, but not billionaire cash rich.
  4. Patiently waiting for the Big Ten season to start.
  5. Damn, glad he didn't harm himself. Regardless of how I or anyone feels about him, self harming yourself isn't good. Hope he gets the help he needs.
  6. Wow man, prayers up to Ron Paul. Seen he's at the hospital and appears to be fine.
  7. I have to take a picture of this guy's flag on Enterprise Rd off of 193 here in Woodmore/Mitchellville. He has 2 big ass Trump flags in PG. Yeah you all read that right, Trump flags in PG County.
  8. It's not a bigger lead, but it's a Fox News poll, so he may Tweet something out. That's all I am saying. LOL
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