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  1. This was sent to me by a friend. So can someone please explain to me WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL is progressive authoritarianism?!?!?! The National Review: MAGA Men Are Unfairly Discriminated Against By Ivy League Women Here is a little excerpt
  2. Hahahaha, the party of dumb and conspiracies.... Mo Brooks pedaled the conspiracy, but he is pedaling away from Jim to avoid questioning LOL
  3. And I hope Nancy and the Dems go ahead with the select committee. Think they just stepped on a landmine. They will have subpoena power and whoever they subpoena better show up and if they don't appear, arrest their asses. Put the chosen Republicans who want the the truth and voted for this on the committee. Heads need to roll.
  4. Clippers might get swept. That team is ridiculously flawed...
  5. I see I missed a lot from when I asked homie about Candy O and he never got back to me about how she is queen grifter and actually won a lawsuit for racial discrimination. But she tells it like it is. But you want more example of how I hope the GOP goes away like the Whig party....
  6. Hey yall, the Jan 6th insurrection didn't happen, it was a peaceful protest according to Ron Johnson. Also nice headline by the channel that claims to report the news.
  7. I'm still waiting on homeboy to come back and cite his Candy Owens tell it like it is sources. Wonder if he knows Candy O is nothing but a big grifter like Jason "Snacks" Whitlock. Wonder if he knows that she sued a Stamford Conn. school board for...you all ready...racism.. But Candy O says America isn't a racist country
  8. Of course he doesn't. Anything to protect his boy and those 74 million votes in the next general election.
  9. Well looks like the hackers were dealt with...
  10. TBH, are we even surprised by this? They are pissed because Black and Brown people and came out to vote. They need to pass that voting rights bill and all of this would go away.
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