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  1. They not even trying to hide it anymore. I am really not surprised or shocked either.
  2. He basically hated people who looked like me. So with that being said, let's dance
  3. TX voters and the TX GOP deserve each other. After this, I expect who has a R after their name to win and they will keep hold of their legislature majority.
  4. I'm going to guess more than 20 and they had help too from some that used to work the intel agency. Here is a twitter thread about how a lot from QAnon that where in the Intel community:
  5. McConnell is wild. This dude is a walking hypocrite. Pick a side Mitch...what is he?
  6. @visionary and what do you know https://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/schumer-democrats-might-invoke-14th-amendment-to-bar-trump-if-senate-acquits/PCP67ZMZYZHV7FG5JFG3O42ZTE/ Yup, because he and the other 43 Republicans are ****in cowards.
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