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  1. Kindred

    The Race to Black Monday 2019: 12/30/19

    Ahhh the sweet smell of our division rivals in shambles. The trifecta would be Garret getting canned as well.
  2. How long have we known beth? I dont know *what* it could possibly be a flashback to. I wouldnt count on the grass either...everything would have to be a veritable jungle by now.
  3. On the other side of the equation, it's been shown that splitting the group up has proven to be pretty useful. Not keeping all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Sorta like splitting out Carol came in useful when she came to the rescue. Rick's group could similarly come to the rescue if Glenn's group gets in trouble. Eugene might be an autistic type, with the knowledge to save the world...or he might be a fraud using the group to save his butt...which could easily be an evil twist in the show.
  4. I agree, I bet we get 2 story lines now. Glenn gets to be more of the focus in his story line instead of getting lost in Rick's shadow.
  5. Definitely think he was bit. Sorta had a feeling after his sketchy response coming out of the water - further reinforced by his request for a last kiss and the sobbing, never going to see them again, episode outside. Not sure if they saved his life by turning his leg into shish kaBob. Not sure if they will catch the virus from the infected leg or if cooking it, kills the "live" virus which triggers the dormant virus already present in everybody.
  6. On top of that, the brains of these zombies should have already decomposed by now. these should be walking skeletons...
  7. Kindred

    All Things North Korea Thread

    I thought the irony of dogs eating Koreans was a little much.
  8. Well you said Which implies no profit is made. You also mention the young being profited on to pay for the elderly as if that is unique to the ACA and in no way compares to those who dont get into accidents being profited on to pay for those who do get into accidents. You make it sound like Insurance companies are nonprofit entities.
  9. So you're saying insurance companies dont make a profit? It's all one big pool where the money paid in equals what is paid out? They dont profit off those who never get in car accidents to pay for those who do get into accidents?
  10. Isnt that how all insurance works?
  11. Werent the kids supposed to take care of the baby though? I think they left the baby to get the weapons.
  12. No problem, the song from the previous episode wasnt bad either The show's got a good soundtrack