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  1. League of the Guardians with 3 girls. They cried in 3 spots... i refuse to comment. GREAT!!! movie for families. Better than Paranorman.
  2. Great! the shallow end of the gene pool now have lifeguards..
  3. Or the Exchange Administrator for not blocking this as "Rule1" would tell you.
  4. Tonight has to be the Governator and the two others for quite a bit. maybe the doc bleeds out another gallon before delivering.
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    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    Just to emphasis due to your current vocation: This is definitely the "Taken out of context" topic.
  6. Thiebear

    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    It should be Hilton-like Internet sensation soon.
  7. I find the Paygo to be the only thing both sides agree with constantly behind the scenes without anyone knowing and minus all the big press conferences and finger pointing. Its always been a ruse and they obviously work together to make Fed Gov't bigger.
  8. This guy explains it so even i can understand: it was explained earlier: Over the last decade healthcare costs were going down steadily to 3%. and then rose to 9% last year.
  9. Mjah: Maybe i misunderstood because i thought the primary goal was to 'reduce costs' and cover people not covered. June 6, 2009 Obama's Weekly Address: Goals for Health Care Reform By Barack Obama This week, I conveyed to Congress my belief that any health care reform must be built around fundamental reforms that lower costs, improve quality and coverage, and also protect consumer choice. That means if you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. The only change you'll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold. I also made it very clear to Congress that we must develop a plan that doesn't add to our budget deficit. My budget included an historic down payment on reform, and we'll work with Congress to fully cover the costs through rigorous spending reductions and appropriate additional revenues. We'll eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in our health care system, but we'll also take on key causes of rising costs - saving billions while providing better care to the American people. -------------------------------------------------------- Nowhere could i find: 3% a year to 9% a year and a 30% increase in premiums for now and a decade from now it should be better?
  10. The fact didn't average in people that didn't have insurance. Thats a huge increase for something we were told would go down... I think we should have just given the 2trillion being spent given out Total Number of All U.S. Registered Hospitals: 6000, Total Number of Accredited Medical Schools: 129 Couldn't find Medical Clinics so lets 10x that amount 60,000 30 million dollars per institute to set everything back to zero: (go back to non-profit as before Reagan?) for that kind of money: Hospitals-clinic and enforced that items now cost what you can get them for at WalMart/Target: Aspirin will be a nickle, bedsheets will be free with the 90$ room fee for the night, an xray will be the cost of the machine over 5 years per click. then we can go in and get a checkup no different than a night in a hotel or a trip to Disneyworld if you stay a while... if it cost me 40$ for a checkup and or another 90$ if i want other things checked I would go often and everyone would actually make money. right now its 5000$ a night in 1/2 of a room with 90$ per Tylenol making it impossible for any procedure to be paid for by 98% of us so there is no way to catch up. This bill fixes quite a few ways people are treated, but doesn't seem to fix the fact nobody can sustain the huge cost. /end pre-coffee rant...
  11. The architect the health care bill said for 59% of currentl policyholders healthcare will rise 30+% as they are in plans that don't meet the minimum requirements of the government and will have to buy better plans. This is including the credits.
  12. Obamacare offers what? Theres a list somewhere that shows how close it is to becoming real in 2014??
  13. LSF: Youve mentioned the public option a good 30x, I am glad we all are getting closer to getting this right though i'd love to see a little Germany and France mixed in with this bill in a much simpler format. This will probably match Medicaid in its current size though by 2016. It seems as if we just want Medicaid increased to cover the other 84.1% of the people, (would be a LOT less struggle in increasing staff and working out the details) than from scratch. (especially fraud/waste/abuse section).
  14. Two points: If i pay 3600$ a year for insurance and now i can pay 99$ year one tax, then up to 2000$ in 2016? (now i can keep Game of Thrones on Hbo)Companies pay 10,000 this year and 10600 next year and they will have to pay a 600-2000$ fine (Corporate tax decrease by quite a lot). Prediction: 2016: Huge backlogs in the Administration of Healthcare: "We were staffed to handle 4-12million people and we have 30-50million" HHS secreatry for loss of documents/etc. Reviewing Canada during the 2009-2010 years on how they fixed a similar but much smaller incident.
  15. I'll take any ruling that doesn't expand the commerce clause..
  16. the average total health care premium per employee for large companies is projected to be $10,475 in 2012, up from $9,792 in 2011, and $9,111 in 2010. Source: PR Newswire (
  17. Chris Mathews Rant about the Scotus seems more like insanity today. The Administration said it would not be a tax as they would not "Tax" anyone below 250k, even argued in court its not a tax? (and now its a tax).
  18. The ObamaCare bill is just another funneling to big business' as always. Greedy business' cut their health care plan and force their people on a new version of Medicaid save 8k per person, but pay a fine of ? (700$)? While us little people have to foot the bill of a 5trillion dollar deal (If you remember they didn't include all people originally as the cost wasn't linear, it expanded rapidly with increased numbers.
  19. If it fails President Obama will decree that Medicaid will no longer require proof of income/residence. problem solved the new way.
  20. last couple days: The Avengerss: Last 40 minutes is the whole Movie. Pirates of Mischief: Kids movie, not so good. Hunger Games = another hero that doesn't do much but slowly moves up in the ranks due to others better than her helping. See Harry Potter with bow. John Carter - watched the first 20mins and stopped.
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    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Another dead body in the front yard?
  22. Wow: someone who carries a sword: Whoda thunk how useful that can be. The butt of a handgun and a bowie knife not quite as cool. And again: 24hours a day with no tv/radio: but nobody can spend 1hour of debriefings. Much much better episodes though. Ricks wife is by far the MVP of the zombies and that one chick i call "burden" has guts to say we need better.
  23. I expect during the dawn of the dead tribute farmhouse attack They will tell the women and child to go upstairs and take the upper windows. 6 minutes later the awesome parents will look out and see the kid trapped on the barn roof. AND: be shocked about it.
  24. This show is like a King novel: Good, 200 pages of fluff, Good.