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Best action movie of all time?

Spaceman Spiff

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I would say Raiders of the Lost Ark, especially since it's my second favorite film of all time, but it's obviously an adventure movie. But then there is the Action/Adventure genre at video stores...at least it used to be, you know, back when there were video stores, and back when they were commonly referred to as videos because that was the format they were made with. Anyway if we're not accepting Raiders then I'm going to go with Robocop. Mainly, this is because of the scene where the robot shoots that guy like 50,000 times. They just don't put stuff like that in movies these days...at least not as frequently.

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Are we calling anything with a fight scene or people shooting guns "Action" films now? I'm being honest, I always thought action films were defined as...well...as Die Hard. The plot is: here's a guy who is going to fight and get beat up by bad guys all movie. He's not going to really go anywhere, do anything, or solve a puzzle. He's going to find a way to kill the bad guys and save the day.

I'm serious, as I said my vote is for Raiders but I can't help but notice how the original Raiders poster said this at the top:


"The Return of the Great Adventure."

Makes me think it isn't an action film. Discuss.

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Bullitt is my all time favorite.

A lot of good choices named in here. I'll also put in votes for Aliens and Raiders. First Blood and Die Hard are awesome. I like T1 a little better than T2 but they've each got to be in the pantheon.

Enter the Dragon is a good one. Mad Max and Road Warrior are both awesome.

Dr. No, Goldeneye, A View To A Kill, and Casino Royale are both up there for me as far as the Bond movies go.

Ong Bak and Rush Hour. Hero and Crouching Tiger. I agree with those who suggested Matrix. It was an important movie.

I suppose Apocalypse Now is an Action movie although that wouldn't be my choice. Maybe War movies are their own category. You could probably separate out Superhero movies too like Dark Knight.

I love Cliff Hanger and I love Point Break even though I know they aren't necessarily good movies. But speaking of Katherine Bigelow, the Hurt Locker was awesome. So was Avatar.

I really like Transporter, Lock Stock, and Snatch. I loved the Expendables movies though,again, I know they're not really "good." The action sequences were remarkably well done. Stallone is still a tank.

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No love for ...

Enter The Dragon ?

But lots for Raiders ? Pfft...

You guys are crazy.

You beat me to it.

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I'd also suggest some Clint Eastwood movies but most of his movies rightfully belong to the Crime Thriller & Suspense/War/Western genres.

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I think "action movie" needs to be defined. I wouldn't qualify some of the ones people are mentioning as just action films, like Heat, Matrix, Indiana Jones and Dark Knight, otherwise they blow almost everything else out of the water. I'd qualify those as action-drama, sci-fi, adventure types.

IMO, for actual action movies, it's a draw between Aliens, T:2, and Die Hard. Predator gets honorable mention, then Rambo.

If I absolutely had to choose one I'd probably go Die Hard as a pure action film. T2 is phenomenal, but has some plot and development behind it. Aliens and T2 could also qualify as sci-fi. Die Hard is pure action film, so it gets my vote.

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