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  1. While I agree that you will need to cut him, I don't think you can or should cut him before it plays out. As much as you want to send a message, you don't want to send the message that you don't support your players. Let it play out, then cut him. Maybe fine and suspend him (if you're allowed to during the offseason)
  2. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    Hopefully one day George Weah will be know as the father of World Cup champion and American soccer Superstar Timothy Weah...
  3. That was the whole reason for the counseling. She agreed to stay if her parents saw a counselor. They mention it briefly, but they do mention it. BlackAF is a good watch. I definitely recommend it.
  4. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    Hey guys! I havent been on in a long time. I thought I'd stop in and say hi. I was wondering if some of our overseas posters have any info about the leagues. I say that Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 were both cancelled. Last I saw, the EPL may finish behind closed doors. Any word on Champion's League? I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!
  5. jobaga

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Is it too early to start the Suck for Sewell campaign? Lose for Leatherwood? Cash Out for Cosmi? Asking for a friend....
  6. It finally feels like the rebuild this organization has desperately needed. I am sick and tired of the 6-10 to 10-6 range every year. They will suck this year. They will be in a position to attack next year's draft with I'm guessing a top 7 pick in every round. They will have plenty of money for free agents next year. I love this approach. They cleared out the malcontents and replaced them with workers. This team doesn't have divas. There will be a blue collar, hard working feel to this team. This season will allow the coaching staff to identify their core guys and move forward. I love it. I give them An A
  7. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    If that's the case, GHH will never lose another argument on this board again....Hell, I'm pretty sure he will never be wrong again
  8. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    Long time in-between posts!! Has anyone checked on GHH? Is he still drunk? Is he in the parade? Is he in a Madrid jail? I'm concerned for our scouse friend... Either way, great game by the Reds! It wasn't beautiful, but what do you expect when the boys haven't played in nearly a month. I feel bad for Firmino as he didn't look sharp at all, but I was really happy for Origi! After his performance against Barca, he definitely deserved to have a meaningful contribution in the final. Potch should have never started Kane. It should have been Moura and Son leading the line with Kane coming on late to chase the game. Son looked dangerous when the Spurs finally opened up. Either way Allison was superb, Mane was always a threat, VVD was immense, Salah got his goal, Fabinho was solid in the midfield, Klopp got it right, and Liverpool got it's sixth!!!
  9. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    Does anyone have the access to the video of the penalty? I just saw a picture on Facebook that shows Lamela was in an offsides position before the alleged penalty occurred. I would like to be able to confirm....
  10. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    Bottom line: Lamella just ran in front in front of VvD grabbed his leg and fell down. he never played the ball, never had possession of the ball. If thats a penalty I don't know what soccer is anymore...
  11. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    Agreed! I think City and Chelsea will continue to dominate the BPL as long as they continue to spend ridiculous amounts of money year in and year out...
  12. jobaga

    US Soccer thread.

    Let's qualify first...
  13. jobaga

    US Soccer thread.

    I thought Trapp was a potential future starter...
  14. jobaga

    ES Soccer Thread

    I’m talking long term...not just this season.
  15. jobaga

    US Soccer thread.

    I dvr’d it. I don’t think I’ll ever watch it.