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Name the missing seven states


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As we know, most Americans can't name all 50 states. Most of us can get into the 40's and then we blank out. It's true, but a few years ago, President Obama unveiled that there are in actuality 57 states (and there may be more). Now, I know the American education system has let me down, but I'm struggling to name all seven of the lost or missing states known only to Presidents.

Help me out. I've discovered the name of a few of them, but I need help.

The fifty-first state of the United States is actually its largest. Coming in at three times the size of Texas and with the highest population growth rate in the country ... the fifty first state of these United States is the State of Debt.

The fifty-second state lies hidden in the Bible belt and is one of the few states that seems to have a country in every region of the United States. They must have awesome vistas or incredible industry because more people seem to be moving to this state every year than any other state in the union. This amoeba like province is known as the State of Denial.

The fifty-third state is Washington D.C. No, that's not right. Sorry.

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According to my sources, as impossible as it seems, a majority of the citizens of the U.S. live in the state of Debt.

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Well 2 of them are Ball State and East Carolina. Thankfully I follow college sports just enough to have caught those 2. Oh, and recently I learned about San Diego State. So that's 3.

Another one somebody pointed out is Pennsyltucky, where I live.

Also the state of Shock.

That's it, I could only get 5. I can't geography.

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