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    RIP Neil Peart

    Very nice tribute.

    RIP Neil Peart

    For those that may have an interest go to facebook and search for "neil peart fans" Lots and lots of good stuff there. peart fans&epa=SEARCH_BOX

    RIP Neil Peart

    Unbelievable loss for the music community. One of my first live concert experiences was seeing RUSH on the 2112 tour at Lisner auditorium GW university circa 76/77. Been with them ever since. Consummate professionals that really resonated with those who appreciated music & lyrics that actually tried and did convey real meaning and thought. Saw & enjoyed them countless times at cap center and other venues throughout the years. They were certainly beyond their years in their craftsmanship. One of the very few that I saw live actually sounded the same live as they did on vinyl. We RUSH fans are certainly extremely lucky to have been able to see, listen, experience the absolute GENIUS that is RUSH. RIP Neil.

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"
  5. Police have arrested two students – one 'of Moroccan origin' - over the murder of six people shot dead in the Quebec City mosque carnage a day after Canada's Prime Minister condemned Donald Trump's immigration ban. Read more:

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Of course they shouldn't. Hasn't this been the common denominator of all these mass shootings? A mental health issue? Clearly a mental health background check should be mandatory for gun purchase and or ownership. The ownership issue may be tricky in case a mental health issue should manifest itself after a legal purchase.

    Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"

    The fox/CBS affiliate here in j'ville is having an issuue with Dtv and uverse. So they are streaming their content on the web. Enjoy.
  8. Pretty ill inform post imo. The Dems and in particlular Obama really screwed the pooch with thier "brand" of "governing" "In 2007, I could have sworn President Barack Obama was supposed to be the savior of the Democrat Party. The smooth talking, suave Illinois senator had everything to bring the party together and end any GOP dominance. Well, it turns out, the Democrats have lost 1,030 seats across the board since Obama took office in January 2008. This includes seats in state’s houses and senates, governorships, and Congress." I can't vouch for the link but there are many articles like this explaing how the Dems have just had their asses hand to them countrywide since BO was elected. A pretty devastating outcome fno matter how you look at or rationalize it

    The Conspiracy Thread

    There really should be a thread for this type of behavior. Still think the NFL isn't rigged? Conspiracy-minded fans always complain about how great players get deference from the referees. Odell Beckham Jr. is undoubtedly a great player, but this is ridiculous. Referees called this a CATCH:
  10. Umm, perhaps ones needs to look no further than one own self to........nevermind not worth the effort. Political muckraking is in the soil of this nation. Both sides have made a career of it. it's part and parcel of the political discourse of this nation. To in any way try to deny or mitigate that is beyond ignorant.
  11. It's SOP for the political game. It's been a staple of our "democratic" process since inception. All advesaries do it. It's part of the "job".
  12. aREDSKIN

    The Conspiracy Thread

    For the Giants and WalkieTalkieGate, it appears that a wrist slap is in order. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league is planning just a fine as punishment Ever day that goes by the NFL "product" is being exposed for what a corrupt predeterminned WWE lite this product actually is. Mara is a POS. He's no Wellington.
  13. The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the Redskins, who hoped to reverse an earlier U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruling that canceled the team’s trademarks based on a policy that “prohibits registration of marks that may disparage persons or bring them into contempt or disrepute.” In their appeal, the Redskins cited a list of ridiculously offensive trademarks, including DUMB BLONDE beer, CRACKA AZZ SKATEBOARDS, WHITE GIRL WITH A BOOTY apparel and OH! MY NAPPY HAIR shampoo. The team argued the nickname was not offensive to Native Americans, even though the PTO canceled the team’s six trademarks at the request of Native American activists who found the term offensive and, by definition, “a ‘redskin’ is the scalped head of a Native American, sold, like a pelt, for cash.”
  14. The justices agreed Thursday to hear a dispute involving an Asian-American rock band called the Slants, but they did not act on a separate request to hear the higher-profile Redskins case at the same time. Still, a high court ruling in favor of the Slants could bolster the football team’s legal fight. Both groups argue that it is unconstitutional for the government to reject trademark rights for offensive speech.
  15. LOL, As an Obama apologist and sycophant I understand your zeal for dismissiveness of anything negative regarding your emperor but time will tell regarding this episode. Willing to wager anything regarding the accuracy of our differing POV's?
  16. Really?? I would. Pretty much everday SOP for this admin. Pathetic.
  17. Or perhaps, the 20% or so that took offense is because they interpeted term "Redskin" to be a reference to the football team since in all probability that's the only contex they've ever heard the term used. Damm Cowboys fans. I'd be willing to be no one from this survey has ever been call 'A REDSKIN" AS A PERJORATIVE. NO ONE.
  18. Well then, there's no hope for you. "Redskin(s)" is a native term first used by Native Americans long long ago. Just because the term has/had been co-opted and distorted by some to be used a a porjarative does not make it so. And the logo? I don't think anyone with an open and lucid mind ever questioned that. I'd suggest the only contex you've ever used the term "Redskins" is with the football team. But it's just my opinion.
  19. Well the "browns" were named after Joe Luis because of his......... The name of the team was at first left up to Paul Brown, who rejected calls for it to be christened the Browns.[12][13] The franchise then held a naming contest to publicize the team, promising a $1,000 war bond to the winner. In June 1945, a committee selected "Panthers" as the new team's name.[14] McBride, however, changed it to the Browns two months later, the result of another naming contest that suggested Browns, not after Paul Brown himself, but as a shortened version of Brown Bombers, a reference to the nickname of boxer Joe Louis
  20. IMO a good perspective
  21. Here a dictionary definition too- JMS's flacid arguments just are just less than cogent. Word Origin & History redskin "American Indian," 1699. Red as the skin color of Native Americans is from 1587; red man is from 1587. Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas HarperCite This Source
  22. with 57pages of POV's the only real questions that matter IMO with this brobrohaha is the PTO's interpetation of this- ( IMO Harjo et al cannot successfully prove) Disparagement, in United States trademark law, is a statutory cause of action that permits a party to petition the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) of the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) to cancel a trademark registration that "may disparage or falsely suggest a connection with persons, living or dead, institutions, beliefs, or national symbols, or bring them into contempt or disrepute."[1] Unlike claims regarding the validity of the mark, a disparagement claim can be brought "at any time," subject to equitable defenses such as laches. The PTO uses a two-step test to determine whether a mark is disparaging to a group of people:[2] Would the mark be understood, in its context, as referring to an identifiable group of people? May that reference be perceived as disparaging to a substantial composite of that group? Whether a mark involves an identifiable group involves consideration of:[2] The dictionary definition of the term; The relationship of the term and other elements of the mark; The type of product upon which the mark appears; and How the mark will appear in the marketplace. Registration of terms that are historically considered disparaging has been allowed in some circumstances. Self-disparaging trademarks have been allowed where the applicant has shown that the mark as-used is not considered by the relevant group to be disparaging.[4] One example of a registered mark with a self-disparaging term is Dykes on Bikes.[4]
  23. I hope snyder addresses the issue by giving goodell the ol middle finger and sings HTTR all meeting long. It's a PR issue for Goddell nothing more.
  24. Define sizeable. I can't find anything that supports that assertion.To be perfectly frank just the opposite is more reasonable & accurate. And BO position is just like any other politician advocating a constituency position.
  25. The difficulty with you assertion here is that the only contex the word "Redskins" is used today is NON-PERJORATIVE. Sure at some point in time some may have used it as a perjorative and some used it as a self identifier. The FACT remains that only the Federal Trademark commission will decide this. Not any fringe group complete with feigned outrage and false narratives. The meaning of words change as your "archaic" assertion demonstrates above. Only the people who wish to score "political" points try to present false narratives to bamboozle the less inclined to care.