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  1. Henry

    **** the Cowboys

    I really really would like to beat those guys. That would be a hell of a win.
  2. Don't like the gold pants myself. When we wear them we look too much like Team Ronald McDonald.
  3. ... so 50% of Americans don't pay their taxes?
  4. Don't worry, the conservative elite will take up that mantle. I think every time someone calls him a RINO it should be a social.
  5. Henry

    All Things North Korea Thread

    So kinda like Jonestown, except it's an entire country ... with nukes?
  6. The Rum Diaries. Gads what a mess. I still can't figure out what people find interesting about Hunter S. Thompson.
  7. Henry

    All Things North Korea Thread

    Personally I'm more distraught that we lost the man who invented the sandwich. So simple, yet brilliant.
  8. roses are red, violets are blue, I hate the Cowboys
  9. Henry

    **** the Cowboys

    Happy 10:41 am, and **** the Cowboys!
  10. Henry

    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    Don't tell my wife I said that.
  11. Henry

    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    From the 'what movie character would you be' thread
  12. Henry

    The "Taken out of context" thread.

    From the 'why do we need to be constantly growing' thread.
  13. Henry

    Show Yourselves II

    Football, bringing world peace to a stadium near you.
  14. Henry

    Show Yourselves II

    PM me and I'll change it for ya.