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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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this. The best part of the weekend, is being able to watch the Caps pwn on Saturdays. :D

Anyone see Ovie's shootout goal tonight?!??! Made Ellis look like a middle school rec goalie. So nasty.

Ovie's on fire. Varlamov looks to be in the game too, thank god! lets go caps!!!

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even if we lose to the chiefs, and although the season would be lost before it ever begun, I'd say we finish no worst than 5-11. Our defense alone should keep us in every game, and I think our offense should accidently make enough plays to get us to at least 5-11.

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Give gramps 2 Viagra and take him to a nice titty bar that has TV's.

Also don't pick that day to be cheap with the Lap dances either.

Be sure to take a picture of him shoving 2 Redskins Tickets into some Hotties G-String.

And report back here.

LOL...now thats the plan...I would love to see that pic

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What a nice thread! Glad it didn't get buried somewhere else.

I'm a grandparent and just went out to get the newspaper. It was cold and damp. I'd freeze to death in this crappy weather, not to mention, how heart-attack-disgusted I'd get if we play the way we have so far this year.

I guess the answer depends on what kind of health your grandfather is in and whether or not he has the correct gear to wear to the game.

Taking him to a sports' bar/hotel might be the safest thing to do but it's hard to say no to actually being in the stadium. What's his opinion or would he just say, "Let's go," without regard to his health?

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Its not the same...

the caps, the wiz, the nats, Vtech, VA, not even Mason winning a title can compare to the redskins winning.

The skins are literally a drug, they are the heroin of D.C. sports. I can trick myself into liking the other sports teams more than the skins but its a lie. its just not the same feeling.

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you guys should be glad you can buy Skins gear. In this part of the world it's all d*ll*s denver and KC

I hear ya! All I get out here is Cincy, Titans, Patriots, and Dallas crap, I'm lucky to stumble across a Thiesman jersey with plastic letters which look like the authentics right up to the point when you want to look at the stitching and find out that its gold ink that makes the layerd look. And don't even try to buy a hat, you might get one and if you're lucky two styles to choose from.

I know it would go into Danny's pocket but I'd love to live in the 'Skins market area.

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C-c-c-c-combo Breaker!!!

Come on. Do you secretly go by Jago? B. Orchid? Cinder?

I miss being able to score 30 points a game.

I'm thinking Glacius


I miss the fact that my dog was too freakin lazy to do his business outside and decided to take a monster poo on my new carpet

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I started my boycott of games and merchandise last year. But every year, I huddle around the TV cheering on the team I grew up with. Like many of you, I sit and hope that we can turn it around-hope that JC has his pro bowl game, that the young receivers come to play, etc.. And despite the huge letdown that this year has been, I will be hoping again today. I am angered and frustrated with this team from top to bottom. But I am a Redskins fan and I will stand by them to the last hurrah.


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I began my boycott of games and merchandise last year. But every Sunday, I huddle around the TV with my "black" long sleeve Redskins tee cheering the team that I grew up with. Every Sunday, like of you, I hope that JC wil have his Pro Bowl game, that the young receivers will breakout and the CP take it to the house. I am angered by and frsturated with this team from top to bottom. But once again today, I will sit in front of the TV, hoping that the Skins right the ship and set sail for the playoffs. If this is Zorn's last hurrah, I will give him a hip, hip, hooray-because that's what it's like being a Washington Redskins fan.


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