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  1. Roger has dolls, jello molds and Dallas pennants. What an odd combination.
  2. I have a friend who's a cowboys fan and says the only satisfying part of their one win season was they beat the Skins.....
  3. Unlike Kerigan, if someone isn't doing their job it bothers me not to see them relieved of their duties.
  4. Not everything is on the QB. They get too much credit and too much blame.
  5. Unable to watch the game in Wyoming. Why did we not get the ball on downs the one time and why did we not get the INT just before their TD?
  6. Maybe it's time Dan Snyder tried his hand at it.
  7. We'll win the last game and screw that up too
  8. Now the penalties are going the other way
  9. Well dang, couldn't they just change the rules for us once in a while??
  10. And they almost pulled it out for a first
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