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  1. MontanaSkins

    Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

    Throw on 1st down one ****ing time.
  2. MontanaSkins

    I will quickly fix the Redskins

    I have a 3 point plan to fix the Redskins. 1. Keep Bruce Allen 2. Ask his opinion on all issues 3. Do the opposite.
  3. MontanaSkins

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    7 point deficit feels like 30. I am going to watch but I have issues.
  4. MontanaSkins

    2019 Redskins Schedule Rumors, Leaks, & Predictions

    I was told by my father-in-law (Packers Fan) that he is going to take my two boys and I to Lambeau in December against our Redskins. I am just praying they are not totally out of it by then.
  5. MontanaSkins

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    This is the most 3-13 feeling 7-9 season I have ever seen.
  6. MontanaSkins

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    Defense has played hard.
  7. MontanaSkins

    A Football Life: Doug Williams

    Doug talks about it in the show when the PA announcer says the Super Bowl XXII is quarterback Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins and the offensive line surrounds him gives me chills every time.
  8. MontanaSkins

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Because I am terrible at this stuff, I can’t post the tweet, but I saw a tweet by @SalaryCap101 that the Redskins have a 12M insurance policy against Alex’s signing bonus that can be used as a cap credit against any dead money.
  9. I don’t see our Redskins as any kind of real threat in the NFC but I think they have found a formula to be in every game. I think it will be a year where we as fans will be all in to the end. And that is something we don’t get very often.
  10. MontanaSkins

    Gameday Thread

    Have fun!!
  11. I think the way this team is currently constructed/playing every game the rest of the season is going to go like the last two. Drag out never putting the game away ugly games.
  12. Ealier in this marathon thread I suggested a system for this: Division Games-Gold Pants AFC Games-White Pants Non-Division NFC games-Burgundy Pants I thought you were allowed a 3rd but the last few years the throwbacks have taken up the 3rd spot.
  13. According to this article our Redskins will be wearing white at home against Dallas. I have not been able to find any other information on jersey combos for 2018.
  14. Keep everyone happy NFC East Games-Gold pants Other NFC games-Burgundy Pants AFC Games-White Pants
  15. I would like to see gold on gold one time and then make my decision if I like them.