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  1. Hockey, please remember to be careful and that 110 can and has killed people. Don't know how much experience you have and sorry if it sounds like I'm lecturing you. If you know what your doing, more power to you! Also, I don't know about your laws, but where I live [Maryland} it's a felony to even work on it.
  2. I'll be spending all my time here from now on....i don't think anyone reads the RTT, it's all good, though. I don't think I belong in the general population. Like the times I went to jail - maybe I just don't get it. to mingle with happenstance by POLY Saturday, September 3, 2011 my heart burdensome with the ponderousness of a giant star alas, there come a time when i shine too luminously needing the love that i nary found in my frozen and abondoned herth i set a fire to consume the wickidness an' the intrepid force that tugs at the edges of my mornful burdon i abide for thee
  3. This is a good room for me - I can be random...and it's "OK."
  4. Just put the cereal in a bowl with a lid - that way....no pregnant walrus AND roaches won't lay eggs in your Count Chocula. ---------- Post added September-1st-2011 at 04:55 PM ---------- I need to shave....I also need a bath....and I could use some booze. I will whore myself out for Buc's tickets...not kidding.
  5. My new shoes really make my feet stink.....
  6. This is a real scene.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Almighty kin to Frayer Creator of the twinklin' stars an neath them the wicked ert bend thine ear an' hearken I have spied thy spoils from thy horrid gnashing of teeth Thou hast lain thine icy shaker upon my withered mortal form an in the wet hour I lay siege unto thy mighty bulwark alas I have no steadiness to desolve it In my failing breath I curse thy dismal soul as it were in the days of Ægir when I drank the garnet of youthful vigor and slaughtered the fatted calf of fortuity Mine is the dark orb of pestilence my volition the blackened stonework of the bottomless pit
  8. I feel ya man. Us down-trodden, destitute, victims of "da man" need to stick together!!!
  9. Apparently, according to my wife- I am a whack-job. I had no idea! I guess after graduating high school from a mental institution, taking medication for the last twenty five years and being so paranoid that I can no longer work, I just still could not see this. Maybe I can get a job as a pan-handler or a male prostitute. :pfft: Or better yet I can make a living doing studies for John Hopkins Hospital! Being out of my mind is not so bad after all! Thanks sweety! Thanks for having faith! :point2sky
  10. Nothing like a five hour temper-tantrum from my kid to start the day. Great day in the morning! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!
  11. Next....a bunny rabbit. hipity hop. Not yet son. Daddy wants another one so this one doesn't get lonely.... Look daddy! Good job son!
  12. My son and I went out looking for kitty-cats. Thank god we only had to make one stop....
  13. You should, but not 20% It should be more like 10%
  14. Grrrrrrr....asked my wife this morning to not talk my ear off, she yelled "happy anniversary". I said "why did you have to yell at me like that, I just asked you to not talk so much, I just woke up...." she screamed "@#$% you!" Happy 9 year anniversary to me.....
  15. What the hell is the deal with the bed-wetter poll???? LMFAO!
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