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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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This could have been placed in the random thought thread or the question thread.

The secret is rain pants. If you have a rain coat, rain pants, and you dress warmly, you'll be fine.

If you don't have rain pants, I'd stay home or in the hotel or whatever. Or better yet, buy some tix under cover. I bet you could find some cheap.

I bought tix 3 months ago... it is for his birthday but i never saw such bad weather coming.

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I don't know how old gramps is but I wouldn't take my die hard 82 year old mother to this game. Elderly's are fragile enough in 40* weather, let alone when it's raining. I'd sub in a younger friend and promise to take gramps to another game later in the season. There will be plenty of tix after the bye.

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Give gramps 2 Viagra and take him to a nice titty bar that has TV's.

Also don't pick that day to be cheap with the Lap dances either.

Be sure to take a picture of him shoving 2 Redskins Tickets into some Hotties G-String.

And report back here.

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they are not really good. they are in the car but i think its something like 416 row 23


I'm in 416 row 17, seats 17, 18, 19

say hi on your way up :)


I love my seats. You get to see the whole field, and how plays develop. Yeah you wont be the first to recognize a fumble at the line of scrimage, but you'll see the big pass plays developing before anyone else :) . There really aren't any bad seats in the stadium - except for the obstructed view ones.

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I am watching the Iowa-Wisconsin game and the announcer said his friend is a scout for the Redskins and is at the game. He asked him who he was looking at he said 2 TE's and a linebacker. LOL. Sad considering Iowa's left tackle is top prospect.

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Prices continue to plummet on stubhub.com...you might be able to score some under cover, but you will pretty much eat the ones you have. 200 level behind the opponent bench rows 5? - 12? are under cover and unobstucted.

As MTH said, rain pants are KEY! A poncho is next best and a giant trash bag will do in a pinch provided you can get it in past security. NO UMBRELLAS!! - They are not allowed in FedEX.

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