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The Random Thought Thread (Stadium Edition)

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There might be a thread on this somewhere, but just decided to put it here. Lewis to Smith to Campbell who then has to check his wristband....wow, I fear we will see a lot of delay of game penalties tonight.

Doesn't it go through Zorn too?

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sometimes I really can't stand the fans around here. I mean I can understand being upset with the production of the team. But all this the team should do this the team should do that... sure I have players I'd like to see on the team, but I have no idea if they're going to produce. It's not like I'm ready to guarentee this player will be the key to success. Combine that with the number of fans who think the front office can't do anything right. So if we're going to suck either way then why change anything? Suck with the players we've already paid obscene bonuses to.

Glad to see Devin THomas produce last night. Wonder if it was working with Sherm Lewis?

Who on the Skins besides Randel El and Moss can return punts? Was Thomas a punt returner or just a kick returner? I think I heard Tryon returned punts?

As I understand it after a non capped year, assuming no strike or lockout and no new CBA, the cap comes back under previous rules until a new CBA is set up. So should the Skins move up some of the larger salaries to next year to have more modest costs under this proposed cap? Would they be able to?

I wonder if any UFL players will be in the NFL next year?

Why is everyone so eager to pick up someone like Garcia? He's ancient. If we do draft a QB and need a fill in starter why not sign someone like David Carr or Rex Grossman? Someone who could start for a while, then become the main backup for a few years instead of having to retire. Of course after Spurrier with Matthews and Wuerrful Snyder may never sign another player from Florida. WHich means we wouldn't draft Tebow, so good news there.

I want to see more backfields with two ball carriers in it, like last night with Betts and Cartwright.

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My random thought is....ENOUGH WITH THE NEGATIVITY!!!!!!!! As much as I agree about the whole FU Snyder and so forth we still have a team on the field and they are feeling the effects of us fans towards the FO on the field...a lot of player statements tell me that they dont realize the fans hatred is towards the FO, LETS LET THE PLAYERS KNOW WE LOVE AND SUPPORT THEM!!!!!

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Have fun.

I remember when I worked in the hospital all those years ago,I learned through practical experience,(as well as Dr.'s teaching me this),that people hear what they want to hear. Of course that works in many other things in life as well. People hear what they want to hear. Believe what they want to believe. Read what they want to read. Ect. E.S. has a wealth of examples of this. Interesting and sad at the same time.

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