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  1. This is a real good site, and you can watch any game you want. I have adblock plus running also. Their streams are Standard and HD. You can also plug an HDMI cable in your computer if it has a port for one of course and run it to your bigass tv. https://www.reddit.com/r/nflstreams/
  2. found one http://www.vipboxam.co/american-football/242667/2/washington-redskins-vs-cleveland-browns-live-stream-online.html
  3. Any good streams for tonight game against the Browns
  4. yes thats a good stream , i just turn down the volume
  5. Im getting kinda sick of the blame shanahan for leaving griffin in talk ...its done and over. IMHO i dont blame shanahan at all just my two cents worth
  6. I wished the whole team would wear black shoes, it looks more blue collar we;re gonna stomp the crap out of you kinda look. Gold pants and Burgundy jersey at home and Gold pants and white jerseys away. Make those black kick butt shoes hightops also
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