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  1. My guess is burg over gold. I cannot stand the white on white, but would like to see the white jerseys and maroon pants.
  2. Not sure why there would be a presser scheduled for this, but I know that there is a sweet Redskins Bus that honors this. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-sports-bog/post/the-redskins-80th-anniversary-bus/2012/05/08/gIQAxTbeAU_blog.html
  3. I would rather see a helmet change (will never happen). The R and spear and feather is still my favorite.
  4. Big drama for basically the same uniform....slight color change (hue). Hopefully we will see it in the endzone a lot this year
  5. the good news is Snyder will still let you pay to go and sit in an empty stadium and overcharge you for parking....
  6. on a side note....has anyone heard that RFK is better than Fed Ex.....:evilg:
  7. buy one of the "knock offs" on EBAY from overseas. I don't think the Lil General has found a way to make a profit off of those yet. Just make sure they spell Redskins correctly.
  8. As long as gramps is up for the walk...take him. (like one of those commercials..."priceless"). The walk to the stadium can be a long one, but they have guys in golf carts that will give folks a lift that may need some help. Have fun! (with a handicap pass can park really close)
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