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  1. Everyone should go have at least 4 beers and go Youtube Mitch Hedburg videos
  2. The radar looks like good news for the game. The low offshore is north of DC and there's not much trailing rain. Fingers crossed that it'll JUST be cloudy, breezy, and cool.
  3. I'm wondering if it's better than nothing or not. I'm getting tired of watching commercials interrupted by incoherrent bits and pieces of a game.
  4. White jerseys do look sharp. Way better than all the teams trying to be black, or nearly black. (Why do so many teams try that, do they think they look scary?) The burgundy jerseys are ugly. I guess we need to have them in the inventory, but the white ones look much better. I generally don't buy any Redskins gear with burgundy as the primary color.
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