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  1. Tough crowd is right, it seems no one has anything to say about the few plot builders that happened tonight
  2. Interesting how Tyrese and his group ended up being charmed by the Governor, especially since the other guy with Tyrese wanted to initially kill Rick's group once they entered the prison during last season. The build up will be when Tyrese gives the Governor the layout of the prison.
  3. I think I hate her more than the hate I had for Shane ---------- Post added March-18th-2012 at 09:57 PM ---------- Wtf????.............
  4. I'd much rather have gun(s) with loads of ammo as i could always find a vehicle until it runs out of fuel before going to the next one. As far as location, the boat idea is good but if that was not an option somewhere fortified that's easily protected not not too remote that I would be too far from gaining supplies if/when needed. You also need to take into account that you would need to have more than one designated safe location in case one or the other get's compromised just like Herschel` farm.
  5. It's not just Shane see the above posts that mention Jenner's secret to Rick.
  6. Remember when Shane took the boy out to the woods and broke his neck? Well he reanimated when Daryl and the other guy were tracking Shane's steps
  7. I understood dale's point but Shane refuted that when he told Dale how that guy's group attempted to kill them at the bar.
  8. Seriously, Dale's character is out of touch with reality.