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  1. I work every weekend and I'll try the new sites posted but for me I've been using an app called tune in radio. I then just listen to the game from 980 the fan. I have to use headphones but I don't miss a play this way.
  2. I can vouch for the firstrow sports. I watched all the Playoff games on my HTC phone at work. I just had to be carefull of the Ads and the fact that my phone opened each page I clicked on to get to the game link as a new window,thus slowing my connection down. Once I went and closed all the non-used windows things were good,I cant say perfect because of the connection being though a phone,(sometimes it lagged)but the picture was very,very nice. IGNORE all ADS that say you can't view the game,Need a plugin etc,etc,it will start. Shame to see it may be going away if the previous post is cor
  3. Change your jerseys to win? Patriots did it. Buccaneers did it. Lions did it.
  4. While I appreciate the redskins trying to bring back the Gold pants and Burgundy jerseys I cant help but to compare them to looking like 11 Ronald McDonald's out on the field. Time for a change.
  5. It would be funny. But seriously, Take Gramps to the game,dress in layers and Purchase rain gear,having ones lap soak and wet sucks,if it's allowed bring a small fanny pack to cram the rain gear in if needed.
  6. Give gramps 2 Viagra and take him to a nice titty bar that has TV's. Also don't pick that day to be cheap with the Lap dances either. Be sure to take a picture of him shoving 2 Redskins Tickets into some Hotties G-String. And report back here.
  7. Got the link Thank-You Very Much. Does it require a download to work though? It says I might but I dont know yet and hate installing too much on my computer. (shes my Baby I got to take of her,you know? )
  8. Im sorry, I need a free link to watch tonights game please.
  9. Anyone got a link for the Pre-game / post game shows?
  10. Try the NFL Sunday Ticket It now sends the games to your computer and belive it or not you phone. P.S. Shes not the girl of your dreams if you cant make a simple switch to DirectTV
  11. Does anyone know when/if the Redskins will wear there throwback uni's again this year? If so how/where does one find that out? P.S. Where does one also find those half nude photos of the Cheerleaders.
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