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  1. from Samoas vs. Thin Mints LOL beat by 3 minutes...
  2. from the Redskins trading up for for the first pick?
  3. Who will be the first person to post "Jim Zorn Fired" Bonus points if you can name who will be the second through fifth person to post the same article. EDIT*** Winner, ofcourse, was Bubba the King- with a LINK at 0623... :hysterical:
  4. Hate to be that guy but I think it's time to retire this thread.
  5. bubba... all I can say is thank you , love your posts
  6. Every game will be close and could go either way...
  7. ok, I get all that from the trash talking over last few MONTHS, but now that it is all over, this was a serious thought. I think a UFL career is a very big possiblity for either Colt or Chase. Why rot in the 3rd spot? the reason i went with colt, is that automatically gives some some UFL team significant interest as he is a bigger name than chase.
  8. No, not the NFL. ... most rational people know Colt can't sart in the NFL... buuut how about the New UFL? They need some new guys, he brings alot of :cough: fans, a gunslinger mentality. I could seriously see him doing some good stuff. thoughts ?
  9. My sincere condolences, can an apology in advance buy me one stupid post? Nah, seriously, I'm excited, but at this point just most initerested in the RBs. I see it being Portis, Betts, Rock... I'd be fine with Mason though.
  10. Seriously, what does this have to do with Colt? I'd personally like to know whether it was an accident or not.
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