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  1. Eventually DC will become the 51st state and it cannot be called Washington. So maybe it's Columbia? In any event choosing a name is more difficult that we may think.
  2. I would love to know them as "Winners!"
  3. After all these inept years undar Snyder, I would finally like to calll them Winners!
  4. RR and all the postive moves on and off the field - Snyder as owner + a very tough schedule = wait and see.
  5. Washington Cicadas! Win a title every 17 years!
  6. DC will more than likely become a state by the time the lease is up in PG County. Perhaps they should use DC or District instead of Washington. Or Columbia! Point- take you time and do it right not half assed as is Snyder's preferred MO
  7. There is a very good chance that Alex didn't say say what he said to dis the team. It may have been blown into a big deal by hungry sportscasters/writers triyng to make news where there is none.
  8. Win or lose, the experience this young team is gaining in the first year under Ron Rivera is invaluable and will go a long way in establishing a winning culture in Washington.
  9. just now Most NFL prognosticators had the WTF winning 3-4 games- RR said at the start this was a learning year- they won the NFC East and a culture of winning is being established- crybabies and prognosticators - try a Quija board next season!
  10. Haskins is not and NFL starting QB- (CFL - Spring League?) BUT since DH was Snyder's pick at 15 - Rivera has to play the hand he was dealt! Although I pin this loss on the Riverboat- perhaps he was making his point- to Snynder that Number 7 is NOT our qb
  11. Same old same old - Ron - where the f is the culture change>?
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