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  1. Remaing silent, and therby enabling speculation and leaks is yet another example of what makes Snyder a bad owner! And that will never change!
  2. People are going nuts over Riverboat but it's all speculation until and if he inks a contract. Fans and Media alike are falling into Snyder's brilliant marketing scheme to excite everyone gloss over the fact that Snyder is deeply embedded in the day-to-day at Redskins Park.
  3. Not as a HC but as a DC. He couldn't do much with the aging underachieving team Gibss left him with.
  4. Going to a Defensive minded head coach brings the team back to it's glory days- Richie Pettibon!
  5. celticsalmon

    Full wipe is necessary

    Yes - but this is Dan (little Big man) Synder. If this is the best he can do so be it. Sad thing is this will happen again. Snyder = instability and failure! Groundhog Day Deux!
  6. We know nothing of the specifics as this =is all speculation at this point but this we know- Unlike Shanny Riverboat Ron is a defenesive coach and he will return us from Shanny's 3-4 to a basic 4-3!
  7. celticsalmon

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Greg Maunusky is to NFL DC's what Bruce Allen is to NFL GM's
  8. celticsalmon

    Next Coach?

    Allen MUST go! Period
  9. celticsalmon

    Next Coach?

    Well-respected and super smart are of the difference makers!
  10. celticsalmon

    Next Coach?

    Alex Smith is very well respected by teammates and coaches who in KC called him super intelligent. I think he would be a wonderful option as GM. Look at what John Lynch is doing in San Fran and what Mark Muphy has been doing for years in Green Bay. Both, former players
  11. celticsalmon

    A Look Back at where the current fiasco began

    The downfall began when Jack Kent Cooke died and the NFL awarded the team to little big man!
  12. celticsalmon

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Snyder pobably finds justification for his own ineptitude by comparing himself to his idol Jerry Jones. Both of them and their teams suck! But the big difference is JerryWorld versus FedUp field!
  13. celticsalmon

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    It is shocking wow so many forget or ignore how great a "Redskin" Trent Williams was! He is the not villian here, Bruce Allen is!