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  1. Win or lose, the experience this young team is gaining in the first year under Ron Rivera is invaluable and will go a long way in establishing a winning culture in Washington.
  2. just now Most NFL prognosticators had the WTF winning 3-4 games- RR said at the start this was a learning year- they won the NFC East and a culture of winning is being established- crybabies and prognosticators - try a Quija board next season!
  3. Haskins is not and NFL starting QB- (CFL - Spring League?) BUT since DH was Snyder's pick at 15 - Rivera has to play the hand he was dealt! Although I pin this loss on the Riverboat- perhaps he was making his point- to Snynder that Number 7 is NOT our qb
  4. Same old same old - Ron - where the f is the culture change>?
  5. Chase Young = Juan Soto! Great skill set - plays with PASSION and LOVE of their game!
  6. When I lived in Alaska in the 70's-early 80s - we were 5 hours behind-EST - so it was scrambled eggs, bloodies and beers for an 8 am kickoff!
  7. Kevin O'Connell, Sean McVey, Kyle Shannahan...were in the house and they left because of Little big man- Snyder! Our beloved franchise will always be losers as long as Danny owns the team.
  8. After Haskins dropped to the 15th spot in the NFL Draft he wrote: “To be honest, I'm more motivated than ever before. I’ve got a chip on my shoulder… the league done messed up.” Thne he takes Joe Thiesman's Number 7. Attitude!
  9. Sadly, this will continue as long as Little big man owns the team. RGIII, Haskins, McNabb, Jeff Geroge all forced upon head coaches by the the crossed owner - all busts in DC!
  10. They are - to those of us who didn't ddrink the kool-aid - who we thought they were
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