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  1. I think naming this site Extremewolves.com will be badass!
  2. It was 403 forbidden. But nothing happened with it.
  3. Oh I looked into that last year. During that time between retiring of Redskins and introduction to (blecch!) WFT, I thought that website was a hint. But nothing came of it. And most likely won't be anything official.
  4. Copperheads was a team name finalist for Tennessee. But not taken as seriously as South Stars, Pioneers, and Rebels. FYI Copperheads was also the name of an Arena Football League 2 team in Texas.
  5. Yeah AND they can keep Football Team for those who refuse the new name and bring nostalgia to the two years we were just Football Team. Double the profits!!
  6. So if WSH were to announce the finalists for a new name, I am pretty sure it would be the following: 1. Wolves (or any variation, Redwolves, Wolfpack, etc) 2. Hogs (or any variation, Red Hogs, Wild Hogs, etc) 3. Football Team (or any variation, Football Club, etc) 4. Redtails (because it was popular last summer) 5. Warriors 6. *any wild card name from the survey* I don’t know how many names they will present, but I am 75% sure that it will most likely be the top 3 here. Snyder can’t surprise us with a name like Abe Pollin did for Capitals. And th
  7. One name stands out as a new moniker for the Washington Football Team By Robert McCartney, Washington Post -First, I must politely disagree with my talented Sports colleague, columnist Barry Svrluga, who wants to stick with Washington Football Team. -Football Team is different and dignified, but it just doesn’t work on many levels. It doesn’t fit in the song, and how do you refer to the players? Branding experts predict the team will drop WFT, partly because a new moniker would help create a memorable logo. “I don’t think they’ll keep it,” said Jimmy Lynn, who tea
  8. Yes they will. Whatever the loss they have to sell of their WFT crap, and whatever money spent rebranding everything again, will be made up for with the huge rush of consumers purchasing new name merch. That is a guarantee of ANY new name merch. Even a new logo with Football Team won’t make half as much as new name (and new logo) merch.
  9. Ah, using a list of names from a survey to confirm WFT. Everybody who was a season ticket holder got that survey and they there were a couple of different sets of names. Demon Cats was on one, Admirals was on one, Wild Hogs too, oh and they also included Warriors and Redwolves. if there is one thing American football fans don’t want, it is to be like Europe. MLS can copy them but when it comes to American football, we do it our way. And do it with way better marketing than with Football Team. How many of us have typed the slogan they made for WFT? “No Name But Team”? Anyone m
  10. I think it would be a nice idea to reflect on how our other Washington sports teams got their names. Nationals were always going to be called that but let's look back at Wizards and even Capitals Wizards: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2010/02/why_abe_pollin_went_from_bulle.html (for those who don't have a subscription) Owner wanted to change the name Bullets months before Israeli PM Yitzak Rabin was assassinated. Although that did make it easier to sell a name change. The ensuing contest was indeed run through Boston Market, and the restaurant reportedly received
  11. INDIANS RED WOLVES Gar-Field H.S. Loveland H.S. Arkansas State U REDSKINS RED WOLVES Clinton H.S. Paw Paw H.S. Capitol Hill H.S. Conrad H.S.
  12. @DC Lumber Co. Every response you give just makes me laugh. We are CLEARLY not the premiere team in the NFL. You cannot market Football Team ANY further than "we are THE team". Ohio State can call themselves THE because they keep winning National Championships. We haven't won a Championship in 20 years. We cannot claim to be the best team when lately we haven't been. You cannot rely on marketing to maintain a rivalry. When we had the Redskins name, our rivalry didn't just make sense football-wise, but also semantic-wise, Cowboys and Indians (Redskins) had real life battles with each
  13. Check. That's a no-brainer. "Legacy" fans have actually said that they don't want the fight song altered at all, even if it was a Red-name. And don't bother saying they could still use the Red logo for WFT, because they might as well call the team the Red-name. You are REALLY reaching it with this one. There is no pride with that name in a Dallas rivalry. If you can't even think of HOW to market "America's Team vs THE Football Team" what makes you think WSH can? Besides nobody shows pride when they see Cowboys vs Football Team. Wolves can maintain that r
  14. @DC Lumber Co. Just answer me this: what exactly is part of our tradition? Just tell me every tradition our team has that you think we HAVE to preserve.
  15. @DC Lumber Co. Does it have to be just Wolves? Because I have seen several articles that interview Fred Smoot talking about how the name should be Redwolves. And even more Podcasts from journalists (with or even without Fred Smoot) talking about how Redwolves or Wolves is a good choice. But again those are OPINIONS. The pro-WFT articles are opinions. They are not concrete evidence of what will be chosen by the name change team. Even quotes from Wright and Snyder are not as infallible as you think. They are lip service to quiet the “legacy” fans. And really your commitment to t
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