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  1. Dont drop V. Davis! J. Reed has been injured and hasn't been productive in two years. I'll take my chance with Davis.
  2. Senior Offensive Assistant? Sounds like he is going up in the nosebleed room reading a playbook to Kevin through a mic.
  3. DCdangerous

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    I compiled scenarios for WAS to make it to the playoffs by showing what our competitors, Carolina, Atlanta, and Detroit (Seattle ends up 10-6 in all of these scenarios) need to win/lose in wks 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17. Of course for any of these to work, WAS needs to win out. #5 DET #6 WAS (10-6) CAR LLWWL LLWWL ATL LWLLW OR WLWLW DET LWWWW LWWWW #5 ATL #6 WAS (10-6) CAR LLWWL WLWLL ATL LWWLW OR WLWLW DET LLWWW LLWWW #5 CAR #6 WAS (10-6) CAR WLWWW WLWWL ATL WLWLL OR WLLLW DET LLWWW LLWWW (UNLIKELY) #5 WAS (10-6) #6 SEA CAR LLWWL LLWWL ATL LWLLW OR WLWLW DET LLWWW LLWWW So for my prediction: The only likely loss for DET in the next few weeks is wk 13 vs BAL. I do not really see them losing to TB or anyone else afterwards. So if DET defeats BAL, WAS will rely heavily on CAR and ATL to eliminate each other. We would need: CAR to lose in wk 13, and 14 ATL to lose in wk 13, 15, and 16 (or in wk 14 and 16) ATL beat CAR in wk 17.