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Summer colds suck balls.

And so do the pieces of human feces who make it necessary for me to get to a pharmacy and sign my life away to get sudafed, instead of stopping at Sheetz on my way home. I hope you all die....slowly.

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8 AM classes are the worst. I blame freshmen year when my first class used to be at 1 PM. Ever since, even a 9:30 AM class seems early to me.

That's what happened to me.

My freshmen year I had 8 and 9 AM classes every day. The next year it went to 11 AM classes. By my junior year I was doing MWF classes at noon. By my senior year, I only had classes 4 days a weeks and my earliest class was at noon, with most of them in the middle of the afternoon.

Now for grad school my classes are every day, from 8 AM until 5 PM. It's going to be so hard to switch over to that kind of schedule.

I should really just be a night security guy or something. I can stay up until 4 or 5 AM every night, no problem.

**** our Graduate Department at school....what a ****ing piece of ****. Also, **** the Criminal Justice undergraduate advisor. What a dumb *****.

Well I hope whatever is going on there gets worked out.

Bad advice from an academic adviser is tough to deal with. I had a few issues with advisers from different departments at FSU that really made me question why these people got into these jobs in the first place if they cared so little about honestly helping students out.

Are you trying to go to a grad program at FIU?

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It doesn't matter about the day

It's all about the time and I cannot take afternoon classes

Which is why classes were repeatedly scheduled at 8 AM 9 AM or 10 AM...that way I could park the car at 7:25 for premiere VT parking (because I'm not wasting my ****ing time driving around in loops for 10 or 20 minutes waiting for a spot) and browse the internet on laptop until class started. The funny days was when I would park at 7;25 AM with no class until 9 AM or 10. That's when the laptop is useful.

Besides I'm up at 6 AM every morning

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I always made it a point to try and not have classes Friday :)

My Wii set up; works fine :)

How the hell to I adjust the wrist strap? :mad:

There's a little plastic box that the wrist strap goes through. On one side you can see the strap, the other is solid. Flip that solid part up with your thumbnail, slide the little box to wherever you want it, then push that plastic piece back down.

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