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  1. So My 18th birthday party is all Redskins I got a redskins cake already planned I just need more ideas got any?
  2. Wow I haven't been on here in forever I'm back That's if anyone remembers me
  3. Heyyyyy I know what youre thinking "Oh My Gosh shes back GREATT!!!" Whats goin on I havent been on here in forever
  4. Hopefully SoW finds a ride for friday night I might go with him
  5. I'm Backk I havent been on here in forever
  6. I get to make sandwhiches for my cousins graduation party yay
  7. My aunts birth brother just became a Ohio State football player:D
  8. I'm sorry I dont have perfect grammar like you Dusty.
  9. well first i was in regular high school for half a year finished that year out homeschooled then started this year out homeschool then moved to my current highschool and didnt do anywork i was too busy trying to becom friends with people and show off my Redskins pride First day i started ther me and my cousin wore our Cooley jerseys lol people told him they saw some girl with a skins jersey on too
  10. i didnt do any school work and my mom thinks im going to mess up my high school life since im probably going to be a freshman for the third time next year im supposing to be going into 11th grade ok im getting off byeee eveyone P.S. SoW graduates tomorrow and me and his mom are bringing air horns Its going to be sweet
  11. lol im not obsessed with him he is my role model and i look up to him he is the person in my family that im the closest too no i wanna drive but my mom wont let me i walked into my parents bedroom this morning and asked them where my car was lol it was funny
  12. lol thanks apple juices makes me sick how about MOUNTAIN DEW lol im just like my cousin
  13. :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical: lol make up some more This was one of the best birthdays ever my cousin was the first person to post Happy Birthday on my wall which surprised me because whenever i mentioned that my birthday was coming up he acted like he forgot each time lol
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