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The job is......

*sigh* At a company that.....I can't even say it.....OK.....um......

The company decorates wine bottles for vineyards. :doh:

Hopefully this is just a hold-over until that other gig we talked about comes through.

Congratulations, man!

Even if it isn't your ideal job.

Things sound like they're looking up.

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wish I had that problem....we need 24 hr liquor stores

I want to open a delivery liquor and beer (and if you need them and are already getting alcohol....ciggs) service. they call, tell you what they want,I deliver with a mark up. 10 dollar delivery fee. 5 dollar mark up on bottles over a litre. 3 dollar mark up on bottles less then a litre. (makes it more economical to buy the litre)2.50 mark up on beer of any size. An additional fee if you wanted me to stop and get you ciggs or some fast food. May seem like price gouging, but yo uwould be getting the liquor delivered! Hadnt figured out a way to get the half drunk females with lowered standards and inhabitions from the bar into the car though.

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