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Can't go 50 days without doing what you described, I'd be like Kramer

Seriously! 50 days of no moo shoo or handyman and I'd be like oscar the grouch out here.

Damn Huey, "keep it up!" no pun..

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Yeah, I'd watch it at midnight or late, but it costs more, and there are long lines on Friday nights. If you watch on Saturday morning at the earliest showing, it's like 8 dollars. I remember, Rockville used to charge for parking at Regal. :ols:

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In the last episode of Web Therapy, Rosie O Donnell is the guest star, playing a religious nut/exec asst. After she and Fiona (star--Kudrow) discuss a Saint whose statue you bury to facilitate real estate deals (this after Rosie already told how St. Jude--the Saint of Lost Causes--helps her find her keys all the time) makes the comment "yes, God's ways are mysterious" and keeps talking.

Fiona, who is the Bruce Lee of smarmy sarcasm, says in a moderate voice (but still talking over Rosie) "yes, it's funny how 'mysterious' and 'ridiculous' can sometimes be interchangeable there." :ols::ols::ols::ols:

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