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  2. Please do not. They are an arch rival of ours -- they used to continuously beat us and abuse during the 80s when they were very good. Root for someone harmless like the Blue Jackets or Colorado.
  3. Rocky21

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    Nice to get the first home series win of the season. For the players and the fans.
  4. I disrespecting the head of the party planning committee...skinsfan1311 is one person I'd love to meet at an es event...not being sarcastic either..
  5. TryTheBeal!

    ***2018-19 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Clips in 7?
  6. (Googling cassowary recipes.....)
  7. Yes ..same here..except it was the IT lady where I worked...I got called in to the office and everything..."uhhh Jared we are concerned your using company time spending time on the computer going to extremeskins"?..."are you really using company time to watch pornography"?...the manager of the branch was a cowpukes was fun.
  8. StillUnknown

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Its borderline criminal to keep sending Rosenthal out there right now. I'd be terrified in the batters box, he's throwing a 100mph and has no idea where its going
  9. This was the first year i really got into hockey, but I still consider myself just a casual fan. Don’t know much about the other teams. With that being said, i think I’ll cheer for the islanders and hope Trotz goes back to back. Real question, has any coach gone back to back with two different teams in the history of the nhl? Or would this be the first time?
  10. Yes, this was originally posted in the Florida thread:
  11. It’s fine. I don’t consider the Islanders or the Canes a rival
  12. Holy smokes. Velociraptor's cousin.
  13. goskins10

    2019 ES GMs Mock Draft - Final!

    2019 ES Mock Draft Summary – Minnesota Vikings – The biggest needs going into the draft were Oline and Dline. While there are other positions of some need, these were clearly the two needs and we feel very good about how we filled them. We also added some talent with some mid to late rd picks that we were honestly surprised were still on the board when we picked them. 1st Rd - Pick #18 overall - Clelin Ferrell – EDGE – Clemson – A prototypical 4-3 DE with incredible get off at the snap. He has amazing timing. He also has the length and speed to use that get off to his advantage. In addition, while he did not use them very much in college, he has several very good moves to both go inside and outside the blockers. He has great hands. He will need to work on consistency and how to develop a game plan. He relied on ability and getting an initial jump a bit too much but this can be coached. While Danielle Hunter had a breakout season, Everson Griffith took a big step back last year and is getting older, missing five games. There is adequate back up in Stephon Weatherly but the Vikings Defense revolves around the Dline. So when Ferrell was available at #18, he was not only the best player left on our board, he filled a major need. We did consider going Oline here, but felt that after Williams and Taylor, who were already gone, we could get similar talent later and Ferrell has too much talent and upside to pass. 2nd Rd pick #50 overall - Elgton Jenkins, OL Miss State – After addressing Dline in the 1st, we really wanted to look Oline here and found a top target available in Jenkins. His versatility is the first thing that sticks out in that he has played virtually every position on the line. Having said that we expect him to man the LG position after signing Josh Kline for the RG job. He has great quickness for an interior lineman with good body control. He has great hand placement and leg drive. Good a creating leverage with his hands. Will need to work on driving his blocks and operating in space. After releasing Remmers this became a priority position. Jenkins should also be able to provide a back-up at C for Pat Eflien considering his injuries at C to lock down the inside of the Oline (at the time of the ES draft Brent Jones had not been resigned and it was not a sure thing he would be). Keeping one Mr. Kurt Cousins upright is a main priority after he took 40 sacks last yr – this after taking 41 the yr before which led to 22 fumbles – 12 lost over the two years. Cousins needs better protection and Jenkins should be a big part of doing that. 3rd Rd Pick #81 overall - Gerald Willis III – OL – Miami (Fl) – We went back to the Dline, this time addressing the interior of the line. Sheldon Richardson left via free agency leaving a hole we thought we filled last year. After struggling with some maturity issues, Willis found his stride in 2018 finishing with 59 tackles, 18 tackles for loss and 4 sacks in 18 gms. His hand injury that caused him to miss the bowl game is not expected to be an issue. He has better athletic ability than people realize, he already has a good swim move and can be a disruptive interior blocker. He needs to work on getting lower more consistently. His pad level is too high sometimes and can be run over. 4th Rd Pick #120 – Devin Singletary – RB – FAU – This was as much a BPA pick as anything. We had Singletary as one of the top 3 back in this draft and low 2nd to high 3rd rd grade on him. When has was still available in the middle of the 4th rd we had to take him. He rushed for over 1000 yds every season and led the nation in rushing TDs in 2017 with 32. All the guy does is produce. He is a little undersized at 5’ 7”, but is strong and patient runner displaying a toughness of bigger backs. He is also already very good at pass blocking making him a solid 3 down back. Dalvin Cook has struggled with injuries (2017 knee injury and lingering hamstring issues in 2018) and not much in terms of depth after losing Latavius Murray to free agency, Singletary should step right and provide quality snaps further supporting Cousins and the offense. 5th rd – Pick #165 - Darius Slayton – WR – Auburn – We were due to set through the 5th round without any picks going 70 picks total without stepping to the podium. We were willing to do so and had a plan but as Darius began to drop we started to feel like the value was too great to pass. Therefore, we trade our two 6th rd picks to get into the 5th rd to select Slayton and we could not be happier. Many will undervalue Slayton if they look mostly at 2018. However, the entire Auburn offense was horrible in 2018 moistly due to an atrocious oline that had Jerrod Stidham running for his life on most every play (this will likely lead to him sliding also.) Still, Slayton produced when he was thrown to catching 35 passes for 670 yds (19.1/catch) and 5 TDs. The old saying of speed kills comes to mind here. Slayton is definitely a high speed later but is more than just a speedster. He can run a full route tree and has very good eyes to track the ball. He also uses his hands well to fend off CBs and get past press coverage. He will need to work on concentration at the next level. He had a few more drops than you would like but getting him in the 5th rd just made his upside too enticing. 7th rd – Pick #247 - Marvell Tell III – S – USC – This may be our steal of the draft. The only reason we think he may have fallen this far is it’s such a deep safety draft. We had a solid 4th rd grade on him. He is a very good cover S with good speed and burst to close on receivers. He will need to show a bit more physicality at the next level but we believe he can. In addition, you can never have enough cover guys on D. He could be a S/CB hybrid. If he can put on a few pounds without losing speed, he could at least provide solid depth with a very good chance on becoming a starter. 7th rd – Pick #250 - Mitch Hyatt – OL Clemson – We went back to Oline, providing some depth with a developmental player in Hyatt. Displays good technique and quickness. Very smart player who understands the position and the game very well. Was a leader for the Clemson Oline. He lacks some of the size you like to see at the NFL level but that could be addressed by the trainers. He should at least provide Oline depth.
  14. Elessar78

    Random Thought Thread

    Watching live sports is gambling.
  15. Master Blaster

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Thank you. I was just discussing this with someone the other day. If you read through the thread, there is no way 20 different players will fall to #15. Simple math says that’s wrong. This doesn’t take into account runs on positions or players that teams have fallen in love with.
  16. I've said for a long time here, we are going to pay the costs one way or another. You can pay it in the context of energy efficiency/costs or you can pay it in the context of moving, replacing, and rebuilding infrastructure. And the 1st case comes without the issue of things like possible changes in precipitation, increase areas subject to what historically have been tropical diseases, etc.
  17. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I don’t truly think he’s a fraud, I was enjoying the interaction because Steve was more adamant last night than he is typically & he was dismissive which he’s typically not &, I’ve been in that mindset, it’s all a phenomenal time, like talking with family... stick to your guns & let your bullets fly, have conviction, as you said. I don’t think Haskins will be good, but he absolutely has some elite traits, makes some unbelievable throws, & has a great understanding of what he wants to do. I worry that he loses a lot post snap, but time will tell. I’ve been very complimentary of sir Steve, he’s phenomenal, last night he was in GM mode ready to pound the table for his guy & it was glorious. That means we’ll go DK Metcalf.
  18. bakedtater1

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    It's draft day folks... butterflies done did kicked in!!
  19. I enjoy hockey but I'm not the die hard some of you are and am not as familiar with how heated the rivalries are, except Pitt, I know rooting for Crosby is bad in all circumstances. I liked Trotz and would probably root for the Islanders from here on out. Is this permissable or are they too much of a hated rival?
  20. Skinsinparadise

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    They've both written killer content on this thread. Entertaining debates, I respect both of their takes a lot. On Haskins I am on team Volsmet though and by a mile. But Steve has swayed me on some prospects including Hakeem Butler and Deebo Samuel. And I don't mind one of his fav prospects here, Clelin Ferrell. I like Murphy too but not at 15. As for Qbs if I recall we all agree on Kyler Murray. We all like Drew Lock but to different degrees. If I recall Steve likes Daniel Jones a little more than most here. I don't love Grier but like him better than Steve and Volsmet. Sounds like i am more a Finley guy than they are. Should be fun tonight to see what happens. Right now my top desires at 15 that have some realism to it. 1. TJ Hockenson (he's been my #1 for months and before he started flying up the mocks but I doubt he's there) 2. M. Sweat if he's healthy otherwise Brian Burns (I think both will be there 3. Devin Bush (doubt he's there) 4. Marquise Brown (if his medicals check out) 5. Drew Lock 6. Clelin Ferrell I'd be happy with any one of them. if they trade down the first 1. Anyone from my prior list who is still there 2. Cody Ford 3. N'Keal Harry 4. Bryon Murphy 5. Dalton Risner 6. Got a bunch of guys real close to each other who I like. If none of these guys are on the board, I'd trade down again. Who I don't want at #15 Daniel Jones Dwayne Haskins Greedy Williams
  21. bedlamVR

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    If it makes the Giants blink then its worth the phone call - Not because it will necessarily affect the Redskins but miiiiight affect the Giants. I think right now the Giants think they can address the pass rush at 6 and the QB at 17 - but now if they think the skins will go QB they either have to go QB at 6 or drop back a couple of slots (i don't think anyone is blown away by the current QB prospects) and still pick a QB up before either the Dolphins or the Skins but they will end up missing out potentially on the premium talent that can help the pass rush.. If they really think the Skins will (and have shown the willingness in the past to pay the price to move up) will move into the top 5 to select their guy (I am guessing Jones at this point - given the Manning connection) then they might be considering packaging their two first round picks to leapfrog the potential skins landing point ... either way i think it is kind of all smoke an mirrors at this point
  22. volsmet

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Less of an arm than Haskins, so that’s probably not it.
  23. Backstrom was also huge and he’s under contract for only one more season. The Caps have no ability to rebuild for at least 4 seasons
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