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Why ‘game-wrecker’ Chase Young can instantly transform Giants


Urban Meyer has known Chase Young since his sophomore year of high school and coached him at Ohio State. So let’s start with him:

“I expect him to have a similar impact as the Bosas. He will become one of the best in the NFL.”

Meyer coached Joey Bosa and Nick Bosa:


“They’re very similar as far as being a hard worker and good person and teammate. Chase Young may be the most naturally gifted of all three. He has an incredible gift of size, speed and athleticism. Big men rarely can flip their hips as well as Chase. He can turn on a 90-degree angle.”

Dwayne Haskins played with Chase Young at Ohio State so let’s hear from him:

“He’s like one of those game-wrecker, game-breaker Khalil Mack-type of players where you’d have to be responsible for him in a game, if not he will disrupt the game.”

On and on it goes.


...“Just a game-wrecker,” ESPN “College GameDay” analyst Kirk Herbstreit told Serby Says. “He’s a complete player. For a big man, he’s as good of a pass rusher as I’ve seen. He not just looking for a knockout shot, he’s aware enough to try to get the ball dislodged and get a turnover. He’s as good as I’ve seen in a long time come out as a pass rusher.”


Here’s why:

“He’s a legitimate 6-5, 260 pounds, and yet he runs like a safety,” Herbstreit said. “Beyond his physical attributes, I just think his knowledge now, of knowing how to attack an offensive tackle, that’s the thing that I would say has taken him to kind of a different stratosphere in the last year. He’s a great example of why guys stick around and play college football. Whoever gets him, they’re getting a guy that can step right in, very similar to what Joey and Nick Bosa have done, step right in and they’re ready to contribute and be a dominant player.”

Hall of Fame NFL executive Gil Brandt has seen them all.

“He has great initial quickness,” Brandt said. “When they time him in the 40, he’ll probably run 1.50 10-yard, which is great quickness. I think he has great ability to change direction. I really don’t see any weakness in him that I know of. I think he’s a can’t-miss player, and potential Pro Bowler. Could possibly be a first-year Pro Bowler.”


Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum is similarly impressed. “He is a prototypical defensive end who has physical dominant traits similar to Jadeveon Clowney,” Tannenbaum said. “Really good lower-body flexibility, great motor and can immediately impact the game. He is incredibly disruptive.”


...NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger is convinced Young will make an immediate impact as a rookie.

“I think you can do a lot of things with him, I think you can play him on the right side, left side, stand him up, put him down,” Baldinger said. “I think he’s got a lot of flexibility like that, which is OK, it’s not necessary. But I just think that when he turns the corner, he looks like a real thoroughbred turning the corner. And that’s really what you need, because the sacks will come. But you need a guy that can just continually collapse the pocket, that can just make the quarterback nervous and can make him move his feet, and make you go chip him, to slide to him, to affect the way your protections get set up.”

Baldinger can see Young changing the culture of a defensive line and defense the way Nick Bosa has for the 49ers.

“I played with Reggie White, he just made the difference. … I played with Randy White, he just made the difference on the defensive line,” Baldinger said. “You could tell when they were there, when they weren’t there. And I just think the Giants need that guy on defense to turn this thing around.”


ESPN commentator Paul Finebaum sounded like Giants GM Dave Gettleman talking about Saquon Barkley.

“Easily the best player in college football,” Finebaum said. “Absolutely dynamic. Reminds me a lot of Khalil Mack. I believe he is a generational player.”

Herbstreit applauds Ohio State associate head coach/defensive line coach Larry Johnson for Young’s development. Asked to compare Young to the Bosa Bros., Herbstreit said, “You almost look at Chase as a combination of the two. He’s not that low center of gravity, but he still has amazing bend.”

Young’s stop of Penn State running back Miles Sanders last season with 82 seconds left at the Ohio State 43 still stands out to Haskins.

“Fourth-and-5 versus Penn State at Beaver Stadium to win the game,” Haskins said. “Penn State has the ball, driving to try to win the game and he seals the game on a fourth-and-5.

“Great dude,” Haskins said. “Very funny personality, has a great family, and football means a lot to him.”




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He’s really athletic,” Harbaugh said on his radio show this week. “He’s one of the best pass rushers I’ve seen in the college game in quite some time. Physical in the run. Can take on blocks, can also shrink the edge and athletic enough to get penetration, flow down the line of scrimmage.”


How Michigan will try to neutralize Young may be among the most interesting chess moves in the game. The tackles, Jon Runyan and Jalen Mayfield, will need help. The tight ends will be asked to assist and perhaps fullback Ben Mason plays a bigger role.


“That’s one thing I’ll probably emphasize this week in terms of preparing for this ball game,” tight end Nick Eubanks said earlier this week. “We’ll try to prevent him from getting back there.”


Giving Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson time to work will be critical against the Buckeyes defense, ranked No. 1 nationally, allowing an average 217.4 yards. They’re No. 1 in passing yards allowed (126.2) and scoring (10.5 points) and fifth against the run (91.2).


It all starts with Young.

“He’s a game-changer,” said Patterson, unbeaten the last two years at Michigan Stadium. “You’ve got to pay attention to him every single snap. Sometimes he’s capable of doing whatever he wants. A lot of respect for him and what he’s done.



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@SkinsinparadiseI think one of my favorite things about that article is how it says Young can "instantly transform the Giants."


Hahaha. Suckers. You won the game but lost the Chase Bowl. I have a buddy at work who is a Giants fan and he was cursing up a storm the day after they beat us because he knew that it meant there was almost no way they'd get Chase Young. He was practically screaming...it was hilarious. He's devastated that we're likely going to get him; he was hoping someone not in the NFCE would be at #2 but then we lost to Dallas and he was like "****, ****, ****, ****. We're going to have to deal with Chase Young now twice a year for god knows how long. ****".

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2 hours ago, skinsmania123 said:

Has he changed his mind and indicated he is going to enter the draft @Skinsinparadise?  Last I heard he was going to return for his senior year.


It’s amazing how quickly the narrative changes. 

Young had one quote that said he hadn’t decided on what he was doing next year (which was given while preparing for Clemson), and even backtracked on that statement. 

It has now morphed on this board to him saying he was going back to OSU. 

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12 minutes ago, Master Blaster said:


It’s amazing how quickly the narrative changes. 

Young had one quote that said he hadn’t decided on what he was doing next year (which was given while preparing for Clemson), and even backtracked on that statement. 

It has now morphed on this board to him saying he was going back to OSU. 

Come on man.  I read something online that said he was going to return.  Don't come at me like that, it was an innocent question. Geez. 

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8 minutes ago, skinsmania123 said:

Come on man.  I read something online that said he was going to return.  Don't come at me like that, it was an innocent question. Geez. 

Although quoted it wasn’t directly at you. You are not the first on this board to write this but it never happened. 

Young made the smart choice of saying he was undecided while preparing for the game. 

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14 hours ago, Skinsinparadise said:

Another mock I like 😀




2. Washington Redskins

2 OF 34


Paul Sancya/Associated Press

The Pick: EDGE Chase Young, Ohio State

Congratulations to whomever is running the Washington Redskins next season. You get to pair Chase Young with Montez Sweat at pass-rusher, already have a good young quarterback in Dwayne Haskins and boast a player who looks like a potentially dominant wide receiver in Terry McLaurin.

The rebuild isn’t done in Washington. A new head coach is still needed, and direction from ownership and the front office will determine many of the team’s decisions. But there’s promise here, and creating one of the NFL’s best young rushing duos is a great first step.

Young is an easy selection for owner Daniel Snyder and Co. given his athleticism and production, and you can even add that he’s a local guy as he played high school football in nearby Hyattsville, Maryland. 

The Redskins have made a lot of mistakes in the last 30 years. This won’t be one of them.

Image result for not so fast my friend gif

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Good succinct explanation of how he can potentially help everyone on the D line




The challenge of blocking a Bosa-Young pairing would involve a numbers game.


Perry thinks teams could only realistically double-team one of them, leaving the other in a 1-on-1 matchup against an offensive tackle.

If they double-teamed both, it likely meant their offense was using as many as seven of the 11 offensive players as blockers, with only three possible pass catchers.

“It’s a little bit of chess,” Perry said.

And a game that didn’t favor offensive coordinators.

“If you have one (elite) pass rusher, then you can do a lot of rollouts and (bootlegs) and get to the opposite side of the field, away from that pass rusher,” Brugler said. “You can scheme different things. But when you’ve got two of those guys, it just becomes much, much tougher.”

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Changes are coming to the Redskins, from the front office on down. What shouldn't change between now and the draft? Washington taking Chase Young with the second-overall pick. Young's college career ended on Saturday night and while he didn't fill up the stat sheet over his final three games, he still made an impact as offenses schemed to double-team and chip him on nearly every play. That strategy won't work at the next level



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9 minutes ago, evmiii said:

It is completely understandable why Mr. Young would have had concerns about joining this organization.  The hire of Ron Rivera and potentially Jack Del Rio as DC should make him feel a lot better about the opportunity.

It should make him downright giddy.

JDR just happened to coach the 2 most dominant edge rushers of the last decade in their first 2-3 seasons.. both Von Miller in Denver and Khalil Mack in Oakland.. both of them guys turned out pretty good under his watch.. If I were Young I'd be chomping at the bit to join a defensive line like this one with a guy like JDR coaching.

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Good article here about Young's upbringing




COLUMBUS, Ohio – The first overmatched victim of Ohio State defensive end Chase Young flashes on a projector screen in the Buckeyes football facility. Defensive coordinator Jeff Hafley hits pause to single out an offensive tackle from Florida Atlantic, frozen in game-film infamy amid an autopsy of Young’s sacks.

Hafley see-saws the film until it stops in the precise place that shows Young vaulting a half-step toward the quarterback an instant after the snap. There’s a tone of pity in Hafley’s voice, as the Florida Atlantic linemen are still lined up perfectly still like a row of folding chairs.

A half-step advantage for a defensive lineman is like a 10-yard cushion for a wide receiver, and Young appears poised to bull-rush past the line with the ease of fans flowing through a turnstile.


“Not one of the offensive linemen is moving,” Hafley said, shaking his head. “It’s. Over. Doesn’t it look like he’s running out of the blocks in a track meet?”

When the film resumes, Young proceeds to barrel around the edge virtually unimpeded for one of his 9.5 sacks, a total that’s tied for No. 1 in college football. The frozen moments of singular dominance have come in flourishes through seven games, as the image of Young’s blond dreadlocks splayed out behind him as he mauls helpless quarterbacks has seemingly played on a loop this season.

Young is a 6-foot-6, 270-pound freak who appears to be darting toward greatness like, well, a sprinter coming out of the blocks. Former Buckeye Nick Bosa compares Young’s skill set to elite NFL rush ends Khalil Mack and Von Miller, two generational pass-rush talents. “That type of get-off,” Bosa told Yahoo Sports recently. “He has that speed first, power second.”

Young’s potential invokes the hyperbole of an athlete that can change the paradigm of the position. Along with consistently mangling quarterbacks, he can also fluidly drop back into coverage, block kicks and has an imposing physique that one NFL scout likens to LeBron James.


The natural comparison for Young in Columbus remains the Bosa brothers, former Buckeyes who went No. 2 in the 2019 draft (Nick) and No. 3 overall in 2016 (Joey). Both Bosas have performed at a level that justify those lofty picks, but former OSU coach Urban Meyer says that Young “may be the most talented” of the three.

“The guy looks like the Predator,” said FAU coach Lane Kiffin, mimicking Young’s popular nickname. “There’s only 10 guys like him in the world.”

NFL scouts see him the same way, as he’s widely considered the most talented prospect in all college football. His draft position will be reflective of the quarterback desperation among the NFL’s most despondent franchises. “He’s what you want from a guy who is going to be the No. 1 pick,” said a veteran NFL scout. “He’s a super athlete, he’s massive and he’s been productive.”




"I’ve been trying to come up with a comp. He’s thicker in the lower body and longer than a Von Miller. He’s almost more like a Julius Peppers…He’s 6-foot-6 and he’s fast, but he’s got the base to withstand blocking…If you don’t need a QB, I would think you’re taking Chase Young first in the draft.”

Eisen went on to label Young as “Von Miller game in Julius Peppers’ body.” Peppers recently wrapped up a 17-year NFL career with 159.5 career sacks while Miller continues to be one of the most consistent pass rushers with 102.0 career sacks.



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