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  1. Two hops on the deep ball doesn’t usually play so well in the nfl, but it sure resulted in a great toss.
  2. I suspect there is a bunch we don’t know about DH and his relationship with Ron and the team. If the relationship is not beyond repair and they see any potential for improvement they might as well keep him and see what develops since he has no apparent trade value. If the damage is irreparable I expect, barring injury, he will remain inactive through the season and be released this offseason. I was hopeful when we drafted him that he would mature and come in with the right attitude and would help the team down the road (not a big fan of drafting him), but this doesn’t appear to be the case.
  3. Pretty bad state of affairs when we are arguing over which of our QB’s suck the most.
  4. I’ve watched a lot of Lawrence’s games and there is no doubt he is a great prospect. A couple of slight concerns: (1) He very often throws to his first read (not his fault because his guys are always open), but you haven’t seen him do a lot of reading and finding third or fourth option. (2). He works almost exclusively in the middle of the field (once again if it’s open take it, rarely if ever see him throw outside. (3). He feeds on weak DB’s, target rich environment in the ACC, he doesn’t look as good against quality DBs. All that said, I’d take him without hesitation. He will be the fir
  5. I do and I think I would also. Cam has taken a ton of hits over the past several years and isn’t what he was, but I still think he’s better than what we have. Cam as a bridge to a developing QB works for me. Gives us a few years to try to increase the talent around him and give a young guy some time to develop. I think we kinda tried that with Alex but he got broke. When what your doing isn’t working you have to try something different; we have proven what doesn’t work.
  6. I can tell you what doesn’t work; going into every draft needing a QB. Hit on one and the next 5 years you can pick talent to put around them. Miss and start all over. We just can’t seem to pick the right one. Is it lousy scouting, horrible talent evaluation, owner meddling, desperation or maybe a bit of all of that. I like Lawrence and Fields, but I don’t know if either of their games translates to the pros. Haskins had a great year behind an offensive line that was better than about every defensive line they played and receivers that were 3 steps open on every route. See how well that
  7. If Lawrence is there you have to take him. If not I say we go OT and pick a veteran QB up. Maybe Alex will be 100% and carry us for a couple years.
  8. Haskins situation has most certainly not been ideal, but he hasn’t shown many/if any signs that he will be a quality NFL QB in his admittedly limited time. If he flashed special talent occasionally amongst the chaos of this team then I could be more optimistic. Watching Herbert last night just helped reinforce my thoughts. Add an apparent attitude problem and work ethic concerns he is on a very short leash. Add a agent like his and you have succeeded in working your way off team (maybe not immediately), but before next season. Haskins had a great year at Ohio State, but that clearly didn
  9. I fully expect they will have a top 5 pick and , like previously mentioned, strategy will depend on free agency. I think the starting QB is not on the team now so if they don’t pick up a veteran they will draft one with the first pick.
  10. I don’t know any of the facts about this “illness”, but the timing is really ugly. Just me, but I would have to be in the hospital before I didn’t show up and at least act like I gave a hoot. Haskins reaction will not go unnoticed by teammates and coaches and just further cements his departure from this team.
  11. The beginning of what could be a horrible spiral. A kid drafted too high without the experience and awareness to be a starting QB pushed into service before he was ready. Plays terribly. Doesn’t seem to want to accept responsibility for his personal poor play, gets defensive when questioned, gets benched and pouts. Burns bridges with teammates and fails at social media and has worked his way off the team at end of season if not sooner. He’ll get traded for a sixth round pick, spend a few years as a backup somewhere else and is out of the league in 5 years.
  12. There has got to be something more to Haskin’s benching than we know. A week ago he played horrible and the coach says we are sticking with him. Last week we get beat by a better football team and Haskins plays a little better (at least he didn’t throw 3 interceptions) and now we need to move on? What’s the rest of the story? i think Haskin’s is a project; has been since we drafted him. Within the right system with solid instruction and most importantly time he could become better than average. I’m not sure Washington is the right fit. I think Ron and Scott want a mobile QB i
  13. Defense keeps us in almost all the games, offense will do enough to win 8. I’m going with a solid 8-8. More than double our win total from last year. I think we go .500 in the NFC East. I think we break at least one NFC East QB. I think Chase is Defensive Player of the Year and Sweat gets double digit sacks. I think Haskins removes any doubt that he’s the guy and Alex Smith retires after the season and joins the coaching staff in some capacity next year.
  14. I think Gibson is the primary back on day one. I think McKissic is the change up back with a hand full of special plays. I think Barber will be rotational and I think Bryce Love will be the primary back by mid season when he is 100%.
  15. Who runs the team if Ron has to miss time? OC and DC have full time jobs, I’m guessing DC because of his experience.
  16. Seems like he has very relative experience and is a very highly thought of dude amongst those that know him. I am happy they hired somebody to be the face of the business side so Coach can concentrate on the football side. The more non Dan cronies around the better. Things are definitely changing.
  17. Bryce Love pick doesn't seem like quite the stretch now.
  18. Tolerance is acceptance and not knowing something you should know is no defense. That said, a slap on the wrist and a healthy fine and this will all be forgotten in a month. Back to the new name, I'm thinking RedTails is going to be the winner as soon as it clears the copyright hurdles.
  19. Wasn't a big fan of his game calls, but seemed like a nice enough guy. Clearly he is caught up in this mess because I can't believe he would leave like this under pleasant circumstances. Times they are a changing. HTT?
  20. You can delegate authority, but you can't delegate responsibility. If Dan was an employee he would most certainly be fired, but he's not. Unless this is truly just the tip of the proverbial ice burg, Dan will pay his fine and ride this wave out. Owners do not want to set precedents that make it easier to get rid of themselves. I'm still a little confused, what's changed since Bruce was fired? We had damn good culture back then.
  21. This is no problem for Ron. He's the new sheriff in town and he's just here to clean things up. Whatever the current crisis he can be the savior and certainly wasn't the cause of the problem. I think he is the right guy o the job. I expect nothing earth shattering from what ever this new announcement. Ron seems to have a big enough stick that if he wants day-to-day help handling the non football issues he could certainly get it. Maybe it's Kyle behind the scenes or maybe he doesn't want any other voices in he room. Only time will tell. HTT?
  22. Is there any indications on what would happen in the draft if the league year is cancelled? Same draft order, modified lottery, total lottery? Second round pick might be pretty valuable next year filling a big gap on the line. With our young team I think some football would be extremely beneficial, but I'm not seeing a clear safe path right now to play football.
  23. I don’t think referencing native Americans or Native American culture in a positive light is problematic. Redskin is a derogatory name and is offensive. I’m in favor of continuing to honor Native Americans (as was intended when the name Redskin was selected years ago). With some inclusion from the Native American counsel that opposed the current name they can spin this as a very positive event. There is something special in the Cowboy-Indian rivalry. HTTR!
  24. I believe I remember the Dan and staff spent a bunch of money in public relations on several reservations. Don't remember details but it was tied into the copyright issues. Initially the Native American Group that sued wasn't asking for removal of the name; they lawsuit was for a piece of the copyright (money). I'm not Native American but I have seen a bunch of cowboy movies and the term Redskin is at the least disparaging, if not down right derogatory, and I can fully understand why they would be offended. I also realize that it was never meant to be offensive in this application, but per
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