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  1. I think this game will be won in the trenches. I think we have the advantage with a younger stronger d-line. And **** the the Eagles WFT-27 Eagles- 24
  2. I hope when football starts, it will bring back some normalcy, but right now it seems like it’s going to be a circus. **** 2020!
  3. We could push the envelope and be the Washington Drag Queens. They are pretty intimidating.
  4. Red tails is just sounding a little to close to home. It represents collectively, on all fronts, what has been happening to this team. Some minor suggestions could be Red Warriors My personal favorite as kind of a “**** you” would be the Washington Militia with a musket for a for an emblem like the spear on our old uniforms. Not exactly paying tribute to Native Americans, but neither is trying to erase every name we have to remember them by. (Besides I can dream can’t I).
  5. Like to see someone without an injury history. Something the last regime did too often.
  6. Would be safe to say Gibson is like Brian Westbrook from iggles back in the McNabb days.
  7. He has the benefit of looking like Jaleel White without the Steve Urkel get up.
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