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  1. It’s nice to see out players actually wanting to stay with the WFT. A foundation piece of our defense, leader in the locker room, and still in his prime. Pretty big #s but it won’t stop signing a couple more of our guys. See what happens when you don’t lock all your cap space chasing over priced free agents. Great news.
  2. Keep in mind these statistics are based on every body in camp. Half those guys won’t be on the roster week one.
  3. Not that it is particularly relevant to this conversation because I don’t have teammates depending on me, but I got my two shots several months ago at the earliest possible date. Two Pfizer shots, zero issues. I also get my flu shot annually.
  4. Getting the vaccine is an indivisible decision until it starts hurting the team. One positive test with contact tracing could cause a forfeit easily (I.e NC State at the College World Series). I suspect when it starts affecting pay checks players will have a change of heart concerning the vaccines. Maybe they are all just waiting to just prior to the season to gather all possible information.
  5. Barring injury, Fitz is the starting QB. His experience and temperament are what the young guys need. His aggressiveness to get the ball down field excites everybody. TH is the ideal back-up this year because his style is so similar. I believe TH will keep ready and perform well if the opportunity arises. If he can stay healthy he could hang around for a while. I like TH, but he isn’t the franchise QB the team is looking for.
  6. I think TH will always look good in shorts and no contact. He is a smart and confident young man and he knows the offense. His problem has always been durability. In both chances to play before he got to the WFT he played well until he got hurt. He got hurt in the first game he played in Washington, but was able to play hurt in the playoff game. He’s not a very big guy and puts everything he’s got into every game, not an equation for longevity. His style makes him the perfect backup to Fitz this year; I see similarities in their styles. Fitz will be the starter as long as he
  7. Watson apparently isn’t a model citizen when getting a massage, but it is noteworthy to me there have been Zero criminal allegations. I’m not sure, because of his talent, that he is as toxic as many think. Accusers have now accused NFL investigators of bias and are not cooperating with the investigation. He has stated he won’t play for Houston so this has some time to resolve itself. Some team is going to get a franchise QB at a discounted price, but it will not be the WFT.
  8. Regarding Scherff I think the next month will tell the tale. If he plays this year on the tag I believe it will be his last year with the WFT. If he really wants to stay he will sign a longer term contract. He’s a good football player with some injury issues. It will cost him this year but he can get more guaranteed. Somebody will surely pay him next year, but nothing near the tag money. If it all about money, get your tag money this year and sign your multi year deal next year somewhere else.
  9. I admit I don’t know much about Bobby McCain and I only saw him play against the WFT, but from the videos and highlight clips I watched he clearly looks (at least to me) as a safety, doesn’t move like a slot corner. He doesn’t look super fast, but he has very good instincts and reacts very well. He looked strong near the line blitzing and as a single deep safety. Doesn’t appear to shy away from contact and always seems to be near the ball. It’s interesting that we signed two team Captains from the Dolphins, true to RR’s stated objectives. It’s only the first day of rookie camp
  10. My two cents worth Aaron Rodgers is really good and would make the WFT better for a couple years. He’s arrogant and is now pouting. His game to me is one that could drop off quickly in the next couple years and I just wouldn’t mortgage the future for him. If a deal could be worked that didn’t cost the next three 1st round picks it’s worth looking at. Maybe a trade for Scherff and a couple picks. Word seems to be he wants to head to the other coast so I don’t think this is happening. Deshaun Watson is a little more interesting. I don’t know the legal implications o
  11. Evaluating and labeling draftees before they have played down in the nfl seems like a sincere waste of time and energy. Davis is almost assuredly a starting linebacker on a pretty good defense so how could he possibly be “a reach”. Let’s grade our draft after the season and we’ll have a much better idea of how we did. Heck, people on this very board are already talking about an undrafted free agent being the next Barry Sanders. Time will tell, but on paper I’m very satisfied with our draft and off-season thus far.
  12. We have two bad contracts right now, Scherff and Collins. Scherff could still be resolved with a long term contract this year, Collins is gone next year. We should be in pretty good shape going into next year unless we get stupid with either of our Monday visitors (which I do not suspect will happen). It’s nice to like a professional football team that actually acts like a professional football team.
  13. With the circus that we have had in PR over the last few years, I can live with someone who can consistently catch the ball. Any yards after a successful catch is just gravy.
  14. I really like the fact that we have a staff now that I trust will not over reach for a player. If the right opportunity arises at the right price they will be willing to jump but the won’t overpay chasing anyone. I think I’m on the pick a QB on day 2 team. The more I research and watch some videos the more I like Davis Mills from Stanford. Not a lot of collegiate experience but highly touted and has all the tangibles for a very high upside. A year of the Stanford guy learning behind the Harvard guy could result in a franchise QB for the next ten years. I also like the upside of Kellen Mo
  15. Call me old school, but I still believe that football is a game of big men imposing their will on other big men and decided within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage. Control the line of scrimmage and everything else is easier. A strong line on both sides let’s all the fast shiny pieces work much better. Our OL wasn’t horrible but can certainly use some improvement, but a dominant ILB is a necessity. This draft seems to set up pretty well for us to fill both needs in the first couple rounds and still add some fast shiny pieces in day 2. Only monkey wrench to this plan
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