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  1. evmiii


    Exactly why he needs all the snaps he can get in preseason. Physical talent is there, but lacks the experience. Keep learning DH, by mid season you will be the man.
  2. The Redskins run game is based on play action; without a threat down field it just doesn't work. Unfortunately Colt just doesn't instill fear on the secondary. He can be successful in the short term living underneath, but this is not a sustainable winning solution. He and Case can be the bridge to Haskins, but the offense will open up with Haskins just because of his arm. I'm sure he will make rookie mistakes, but I think the upside out ways the risk. As soon as Haskins feels comfortable with the offense (play calling to execution) I say put him him in and start the future. Don't rush him, as previously mentioned I don't think we are a QB away from the Super Bowl this year, but get him in as soon as possible and let him learn. I think, for the first time in a long time, we are actually moving in the right direction.
  3. evmiii

    Running back depth chart

    Gotta be Guice, with AP as the relief. I think they wii keep Perine and he will get some carries. Number of carries for all should be based on performance, stick with the hot hand theory. Definitely see a RB by committee unless Guice just goes crazy. Should be a strong backfield; with a couple blocks good things could happen. HTTR!
  4. There are a few exceptions, but overall college coaches are paid to win games not groom pro's. In many cases these are not mutually exclusive, but the QB position seems to be the biggest transition. Also, the games started in college are often not sufficient to adequately prepare QBs for the complexity and speed of the pro game. Haskins has so few starts it is not surprising that it might take some time to be proficient enough in the offense to be effective. That's why McCoy has such an advantage coming into camp with his multiple years in the system. I believe Keenum is a better overall QB than McCoy, but his lack of experience in this system will take him a while to catch up. I also believe Haskins skill set exceeds both of theirs and once he becomes proficient in the offense will clearly be the starter. I guess my overall thought is don't be disappointed in Haskins performance thus far, he is going to be alright.
  5. College does not prepare QB's for pro football. Every QB evolves at their own pace. By all accounts Haskins is progressing well; getting better everyday. I think it is great that he may have the opportunity to continue to prepare behind Keenum or McCoy. I read your reigning league MVP couldn't call a complete play in the huddle when his rookie season started. This years #1 pick got the luxury of going to a pro team that runs his college program. I still expect him to struggle because of the lack of talent around him. Haskins is going to be the man when his time comes, the more time he has this season to get ready the better he will be when called. HTTR!
  6. Football is a business. It's by no means a perfect business but its employees are paid excessively well for their efforts. Employees become disgruntled all the time with valid and invalid complaints; employees have the option of living with it and getting paid, doing your job while lobbying for change and getting paid, or leaving and not getting paid. Based on all I have read, Trent is not a dumb guy. I expect he will use whatever leverage he has to effect whatever change he desires, but he will not pass up the income available to prove his point. The only way I see Trent not our LT on opening day (if physically able) is if he is traded, but I find it highly unlikely an equitable trade will be available. I suspect the Redskins will increase the guaranteed funds and waive all the fines so both sides can save face.
  7. He most likely has several legitimate issues with this organization (from top to bottom), but money is the only thing that will resolve the issue. I believe he will be back at left tackle when he is physically able with a little more guaranteed jingle in his pocket. He has been a great Redskin, often a bright spot in a heaping pile of poo, and I hope he retires a Redskin.
  8. Everything is ultimately about money. Money may not have been the primary motivater, but money will be the only thing that resolves the issue. I am confident he could find a way to overcome all his other objections if the cash is right.
  9. Assuming our new left tackle is telling the truth, Trent recommended he sign. Leads me to a couple questions: 1. If Trent was really unhappy and distrustful of the organization would he really recommend it to his friend? 2. If Trent was thinking he would ever return would he recommend his friend come in with the impression he will be the starting LT? I thought Penn handled his press conference extremely well. He said if Trent came back he could be the swing tackle. That sounds like a great outcome. It was pretty clear he preferred to stay on the left side.
  10. evmiii

    Hey introducing myself

    Mike, Recommend you don't scream about the Gmen very loudly in the big easy, Gmen been known to end up in the swamp in them parts. By the way, I'm just over in Biloxi which is also a very Saints heavy crowd.
  11. Why you wanna poo poo on my happy thought?
  12. I'm with Trent. Fire Bruce and replace the entire medical staff. Get Trent in camp, hire a General Manager to handle only business decisions. It's a win-win for the organization.
  13. If Robinson and Flowers are starting on opening day we are in serious trouble. I'll include Penn in this list if he gets desperate and drops his salary demands and signs later.
  14. Trents level of participation at camp would be extremely limited at best. If he is quasi staying in shape it will all be OK. RELAX, the sky is not falling.
  15. Last year is not a very good sample to evaluate our WR's. We started with Alex who is super conservative and is the king of check down. Once he was injured and the Oline fell one by one, the parade of QB's behind a makeshift OL hadn't the skill or time to throw downfield. Colt actually looked OK until he got broke and then it went down hill fast (we actually started the butt fumbler). I expect with Case or Dwight the ball will fly around a bunch more and we'll get a chance to see if any of our WRs can produce. I think camp and preseason will sort them out.