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  1. Defense keeps us in almost all the games, offense will do enough to win 8. I’m going with a solid 8-8. More than double our win total from last year. I think we go .500 in the NFC East. I think we break at least one NFC East QB. I think Chase is Defensive Player of the Year and Sweat gets double digit sacks. I think Haskins removes any doubt that he’s the guy and Alex Smith retires after the season and joins the coaching staff in some capacity next year.
  2. I think Gibson is the primary back on day one. I think McKissic is the change up back with a hand full of special plays. I think Barber will be rotational and I think Bryce Love will be the primary back by mid season when he is 100%.
  3. Who runs the team if Ron has to miss time? OC and DC have full time jobs, I’m guessing DC because of his experience.
  4. Seems like he has very relative experience and is a very highly thought of dude amongst those that know him. I am happy they hired somebody to be the face of the business side so Coach can concentrate on the football side. The more non Dan cronies around the better. Things are definitely changing.
  5. Bryce Love pick doesn't seem like quite the stretch now.
  6. Tolerance is acceptance and not knowing something you should know is no defense. That said, a slap on the wrist and a healthy fine and this will all be forgotten in a month. Back to the new name, I'm thinking RedTails is going to be the winner as soon as it clears the copyright hurdles.
  7. Wasn't a big fan of his game calls, but seemed like a nice enough guy. Clearly he is caught up in this mess because I can't believe he would leave like this under pleasant circumstances. Times they are a changing. HTT?
  8. You can delegate authority, but you can't delegate responsibility. If Dan was an employee he would most certainly be fired, but he's not. Unless this is truly just the tip of the proverbial ice burg, Dan will pay his fine and ride this wave out. Owners do not want to set precedents that make it easier to get rid of themselves. I'm still a little confused, what's changed since Bruce was fired? We had damn good culture back then.
  9. This is no problem for Ron. He's the new sheriff in town and he's just here to clean things up. Whatever the current crisis he can be the savior and certainly wasn't the cause of the problem. I think he is the right guy o the job. I expect nothing earth shattering from what ever this new announcement. Ron seems to have a big enough stick that if he wants day-to-day help handling the non football issues he could certainly get it. Maybe it's Kyle behind the scenes or maybe he doesn't want any other voices in he room. Only time will tell. HTT?
  10. Is there any indications on what would happen in the draft if the league year is cancelled? Same draft order, modified lottery, total lottery? Second round pick might be pretty valuable next year filling a big gap on the line. With our young team I think some football would be extremely beneficial, but I'm not seeing a clear safe path right now to play football.
  11. I don’t think referencing native Americans or Native American culture in a positive light is problematic. Redskin is a derogatory name and is offensive. I’m in favor of continuing to honor Native Americans (as was intended when the name Redskin was selected years ago). With some inclusion from the Native American counsel that opposed the current name they can spin this as a very positive event. There is something special in the Cowboy-Indian rivalry. HTTR!
  12. I believe I remember the Dan and staff spent a bunch of money in public relations on several reservations. Don't remember details but it was tied into the copyright issues. Initially the Native American Group that sued wasn't asking for removal of the name; they lawsuit was for a piece of the copyright (money). I'm not Native American but I have seen a bunch of cowboy movies and the term Redskin is at the least disparaging, if not down right derogatory, and I can fully understand why they would be offended. I also realize that it was never meant to be offensive in this application, but per
  13. As long as Dan owns 60% of the team, the sale of minority shares has little to no impact. Unless he has decided to back out of majority ownership (which he apparently has not) we are stuck wih Dan. Maybe if someone with deep pockets buys all 40% they could leverage control if we hit hard financial times. Meantime, we got Dan and a new name coming.
  14. Any update on a potential deal for Scherff? I’d really like to lock him up for at least 4 years on a cap friendly deal. I think he is a foundation player and we need to get him signed now.
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