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  1. Where the heck do you see two more wins?
  2. evmiii

    Next Coach?

    i sincerely hope Urban Meyer is the next Dallas head coach. He could do for them what "the ole ball coach" did for the Redskins. I would love seeing him continually near death every time things weren't going well, but miraculously healed to take credit when things were going well.
  3. Our next coach will be a Haskins guy and he will start on opening day next year. It isn't surprising that he is not as fluid in the pre snap process as guys that have been in the league for years or that a coach that knew he was about to get fired and a coach that just wants a QB to manage the game don't want to play a rookie. In my completely untrained eye, I watched Haskins continually get better every game at Ohio State. He improved from game to game in this pre season this year. I still believe if coached effectively and played he will be a very good NFL QB. I hope our "outstanding culture" doesn't stunt his progression.
  4. Callahan was his Oline Coach; maybe he can be the Trent whisperer. New 'interim' head coach wants to make a statement; this would be a great start.
  5. Maybe we can have a fullback now. Every good team needs a full back.
  6. Callahan is definitely old school and that's probably what out "culture" needs. At least he seemed competent during his first press conference as the interim head coach. I never got a feeling of competence when listening to Jay. We got better before he does anything just because Jay is not calling plays. Running the ball more sounds great if you can do it when everybody on the field doesn't know you are going to run. He is not going to fire any other position coaches in his first eight hours, that doesn't mean he doesn't see the glaring problem in front of him. it seemed interesting to me the one change in practice he chose to mention was preparing for the team that they are playing, both offensively and defensively. Did this not happen on Gruden's watch? No wonder they always look unprepared; they were. I would have have liked to ask him one question, Do you believe in or have any experience in making in game adjustments when things aren't working? If he can answer this positively we are already better than we were yesterday. i consider this a tryout for our new play caller for the head coaching position at the end of the year. At this point I don't think the Redskins and even tank correctly so they probably beat Miami.
  7. evmiii

    Poll: When will Gruden be fired

    When will Jay Gruden get fired? Three seasons too late.
  8. evmiii

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    Any chance Jay gets fired before the end of the season? He and Bruce and most everybody else should get fired at halftime. Let the QB Coach and Alex Smith coach the second half. Get a head start on the GM and head coach search. Let the new guys decide on what to do with Trent and any highly paid poor perfomers (I.e Norman). Watching this team makes me sick. Im out. As long as Bruce Allen remains in the decision making process I will not be posting or even watching Redskin games. If I outlive Bruce's tenure I'll see you guys around.
  9. evmiii

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    The Redskins win the first half 10-6, lose the second half 21-3. Final 27-13.
  10. evmiii

    Tank for Tua

    How about we trade Trent and tank for Wisconsin's offensive line. I'd take their two starting tackles in the first round.
  11. evmiii

    Guice Injury and Med staff

    I'm not sure why the level of surprise when we draft often injured players and they get hurt. Maybe Bryce Love will be the exception coming off a bad knee, but with the Guice injury the skins will probably rush him back before he is ready and break him too. At some point the only ability that matters is availability and we seem to accumulate a bunch of guys that struggle with that. I sincerely hope Guice heals and returns better than ever, but history tells me this isn't likely. Even with a healthy Guice, a healthy scratch of AP just doesn't seem like the act of a competent staff. I don't think we are as bad as some have prognosticaded, another middle of the pack non competitive year. Maybe we clean house this offseason and start the long process of recovering from "Synders Synergy of Suck" or maybe we keep doing the same thing with the same results. Without some change I am struggling with staying positive. All that said, I think we have a chance to compete against Dallas on Sunday, Beat Dallas and everything is ok for a minute. HTTR.
  12. evmiii

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Gruden, and most of the coaching staffs, first game of their last season. A predictable offense and a soft defense looks like another 3 or 4 win season. Maybe our next coaching staff will be able to actually make an adjustment at half time.
  13. evmiii

    Running back depth chart

    AP may start at the top, but Guice will evolve into the bell cow. If he can stay healthy he is going to be the man.
  14. evmiii

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Report said he felt concussion like symptoms in the locker room at halftime and was placed in the protocol. This could be a simple as a headache (completely understandable after a shot to the head) so let's not start retiring him until we hear a little more. With a couple weeks to recover I will be very surprised if he is not ready for game one.
  15. evmiii


    Exactly why he needs all the snaps he can get in preseason. Physical talent is there, but lacks the experience. Keep learning DH, by mid season you will be the man.