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  1. TB12 doesn’t like to be hit and doesn’t handle it exceptionally well; a couple of up close and personal introductions to Chase, Montez and the Alabama boys and he will get happy feet. I don’t expect to win, but it could be a very good game to watch (unlike last nights game).
  2. Heinicke reminds me a bit of a younger Colt McCoy. Smart guy on the field, good decision maker but a mediocre arm. He’s probably not the face of the franchise, but he can probably be a great backup rolling into next season. I’d rather role into Sunday night with Alex, but I definitely think we have a better chance with Taylor than we would with Dwayne if Alex can’t go.
  3. No doubt wisdom isn’t often wasted on the young and we have all done stupid things. Risking yourself is one thing, disregard for the ones around you is another issue. His circumstances force a brighter light on his actions, comes with the big check.
  4. As much as it pains me to say this off our 1st round pick a couple years ago, it’s time to move on. This is completely reckless and selfish and reinforces the fact he has not learned from his previous mistakes. His actions not only hurt him, but could endanger the whole team with the current COVID 19 protocols. Cut him now for cause, get one of those fellows spun up to back Alex and take our chances. Sign a vet in the off-season or draft a QB and don’t look back.
  5. His mom gave him a C+. I think she is a pretty tough grader. Chase is going to be everything we hoped he would be if he can stay healthy. I’m not convinced he is 100% right now and the offensive lines are still game planning to stop him. I’m optimistic that he and Sweat will get there groove on and be dominant for years to come.
  6. At some point in time it will be apparent to Ron that we have no chance of winning the division so it will be interesting to see if Haskins comes back in. If he truly is interested in developing Haskins it seems that would be the time. With little to no trade value already, it doesn’t seem to be to big a risk other than him getting injured and the team getting stuck with him. Despite what you saw yesterday, Alex gives us the best chance to win so how this plays out will tell you what Ron really thinks of DH. i don’t think DH is the answer so barring injury I think Alex starts th
  7. Sometimes it’s more about working smarter and not harder. Maybe DH needs to learn how to work more effectively and more productively. Sometimes you need to learn how to study before your studying is effective. If this is the case, watching Alex can be greatly beneficial. If it simply a case of unwillingness to put in the effort he is doomed to fail. Without being in the building we can’t know which and trying to cryptically decipher Ron speak will leave you chasing your tail. Time will tell.
  8. I’m not implying that it is easy or pouting. I fully understand in the NFC East it is particularly important to be able to stop the run. I’m simply stating our current OL is not very good. I sincerely hope that those responsible for such things acknowledges this and has a plan to address the problem.
  9. Been watching a lot of QB breakdowns of Haskins and Allen; I didn’t realize how bad our OL has really been. This is not a defense of Haskins because he did not play well at all, but the line didn’t help. We allow free runners way to often and any kind of delayed DL stunt seems to be beyond our OLs ability to adjust. Allen reads D’s a bit quicker and gets rid of the ball quicker so he looks better, but we need serious help. Between free agency and the draft if the OL doesn’t improve they will not win. Maybe Charles develops into a starting OT, maybe not but I still believe games are won wi
  10. Two hops on the deep ball doesn’t usually play so well in the nfl, but it sure resulted in a great toss.
  11. I suspect there is a bunch we don’t know about DH and his relationship with Ron and the team. If the relationship is not beyond repair and they see any potential for improvement they might as well keep him and see what develops since he has no apparent trade value. If the damage is irreparable I expect, barring injury, he will remain inactive through the season and be released this offseason. I was hopeful when we drafted him that he would mature and come in with the right attitude and would help the team down the road (not a big fan of drafting him), but this doesn’t appear to be the case.
  12. Pretty bad state of affairs when we are arguing over which of our QB’s suck the most.
  13. I’ve watched a lot of Lawrence’s games and there is no doubt he is a great prospect. A couple of slight concerns: (1) He very often throws to his first read (not his fault because his guys are always open), but you haven’t seen him do a lot of reading and finding third or fourth option. (2). He works almost exclusively in the middle of the field (once again if it’s open take it, rarely if ever see him throw outside. (3). He feeds on weak DB’s, target rich environment in the ACC, he doesn’t look as good against quality DBs. All that said, I’d take him without hesitation. He will be the fir
  14. I do and I think I would also. Cam has taken a ton of hits over the past several years and isn’t what he was, but I still think he’s better than what we have. Cam as a bridge to a developing QB works for me. Gives us a few years to try to increase the talent around him and give a young guy some time to develop. I think we kinda tried that with Alex but he got broke. When what your doing isn’t working you have to try something different; we have proven what doesn’t work.
  15. I can tell you what doesn’t work; going into every draft needing a QB. Hit on one and the next 5 years you can pick talent to put around them. Miss and start all over. We just can’t seem to pick the right one. Is it lousy scouting, horrible talent evaluation, owner meddling, desperation or maybe a bit of all of that. I like Lawrence and Fields, but I don’t know if either of their games translates to the pros. Haskins had a great year behind an offensive line that was better than about every defensive line they played and receivers that were 3 steps open on every route. See how well that
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