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  1. Damn I’ve missed this thread! Glad we resurrected it for the paloffs... Cuz paloffs is now!
  2. Hell even the sports treasures stores here in SoCal have WFT and Redskins gear surprisingly (although I seem to purchase all the Redskins gear when it comes in lmao). Like bakedtater said, going into a store may help you.
  3. Oh my. What a difference a year makes now doesn’t it??? For all of you that supported the now former Washington Clown QB, over Alex Smith, i hope you’ve changed your tune a bit. He can’t win you games they said, yet 4-2 under Smith smells a lot like 6-3 under Smith a year ago doesn’t it? Good riddance Haskins, even Heinecke out played your sorry ass!
  4. I'm shocked this isn't a story out of Cali... Also, good luck with any 3PL's abiding by this. Can't see any way this is financially sound for any business model...
  5. I remember those posts all too well, even after the same damn near 18 years. I'm not someone who posts a ton, but man, it's been quite a ride so far. From starting out as MemphisSkinsFan, to my current moniker, it's truly been an experience! And here we all still are. One big kick-ass bunch!!! HAIL!
  6. Sober. Tool. Any of their videos.... That's what's up with it!
  7. And our record was 6-3 and leading the NFCE. Alex Smith, hobbled or not, is hands down better than DH7 at this point. The Kid needs to sit like Rodgers did, if Alex wins the starting QB job.
  8. I've tried every site I use on Droid as well, and they just won't work... I guess these smart phones don't use adobe flash, and that's why as best as I can figure...
  9. Bump, for those of us with "Old School TV"... Anybody got any links for tonight?
  10. Looks like the USTVNOW site is going to be showing Fecals vs. Squealers today... The 506 was showing yesterday that it would be playing on Fox43 but now their guide shows Fecals/Squealers on their regular website... !@#$%^& Lets hope I'm wrong... :-/
  11. I knew that face looked familiar!!!! ES representin! HTTR
  12. Oh, and I don't know what connection you're running, but that is awesome connectivity!
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