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#PrayforRadyn - Derrius Guice related


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Couldn't figure out where to post this, so figured I'd start a thread and we can modify the title if anyone has any knowledge of what's happening. 


But Guice started tweeting this out yesterday and I can't figure out the story behind it, but it seems like some kind of illness or accident happened and this little guy is in dire condition.  




UPDATED - link to the story:  https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/3-year-old-cousin-of-NFL-athlete-dies-after-14032099.php

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Heartbreaking. :( 



Mod directive:


Please keep this as a thread dedicated to Radyn and offering condolences to his family, nothing political as can occur considering the cause of death. Take that to the Tailgate if you’d like to speak on that, thanks. 

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Just reading this news today, this is honestly extremely ****ed up, RIP to the little guy. He probably thought it was a toy or something, which makes it even more horrifying. Having a 3 year old myself my eyes watered up and I immediately got the chills when I read it.

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