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Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

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21 hours ago, PleaseBlitz said:


The thing with gerrymandering is you draw the districts up so you are very likely to win them, but just barely.  You try to jam all of the opposing party's voters into a small number of districts (so their votes are largely wasted) and spread your own out over a large number of districts.  But when the math changes (like where the suburbs turn completely against you), the whole thing fails and you end up losing a lot of those districts you tried to draw to win by a smallish margin.  This is why, in 2018, Texas Dems picked up 12 seats even though they lost the popular vote by 5% statewide.  This year, if the popular vote is close to 50/50, it could be enough to flip it.  

I took a look at the results of the 2018 election. There were a bunch of GOP +50 seats, a bunch of Dem +50 seats, a bunch unopposed, but notably there were also a solid chunk that the GOP incumbent won narrowly. I’m not sure if it’s going to be enough to actually flip the legislature, but it could be close. 

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On 11/1/2020 at 6:39 AM, Larry said:

Sorry. But I'm willing to bet that around 95% of the people in "the Midwest" have never started the engine in a tractor. 

I'd bet that Iowa has more WalMart employees than it has soybean farmers. 

Granted, I'm NOT an expert on Iowa. Just an opinion. But I'm pretty sure that it's not Green Acres. 

There might be more Walmart employees than farmers but those Walmart employees know what brings in money to the state

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16 hours ago, TryTheBeal! said:

Really hope the Anti-Gerrymandering initiative passes in VA.  Was a pleasure to cast that vote.

I voted against it because I think it will help the Republicans gerrymander from their minority position.

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3 hours ago, stoshuaj said:

Worthless piece of **** and charlatan Bob ****ing Good won in Va D5......


This damn place


Yeah my folks are super disappointed Webb didn't win.


Dudes a freaking doctor and Good well he's a wrestling coach. Whats up with Republicans electing wrestling coaches? Denny Hastert, Gym Jordan, and now this goober.

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