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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?


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I had not heard the story of Roger Stone’s comments regarding the death of Beau Biden.


what a despicable human being .  As if we didn’t know that already. May his acorn-shaped head spend the rest of its slimy life in prison.


Is it any wonder that a ****-stain like that, devoid of humanity, is a longtime “close associate” of DonLd trump?

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So many people that know I follow politics always ask me why I don't watch shows like House of Cards or other political dramas, and I also reply by asking if the read the newspaper? Watch the news?  No fictional drama show is as wacky as what is actually going on in real life.  Granted, the Trump administration has ramped the craziness up, but for real, political dramas pale in comparison to everything that encompasses the legitimate stuff.

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16 hours ago, Chew said:

Roger Stone on Chris Cuomo live CNN in 4 minutes...




He's going to be in front of every camera he can find, probably, for a bit. He was already leaping at early morning opportunities with the media out in front of the house today. All the things I wish for roger, and all the britebart boys on his side, are best left unsaid, like my idea for a youtube torture channel which would feature them. Oh crap---I didn't even make it through this post. This is why i can't be trusted with secrets (not that it stopped me from getting top level government clearance).

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