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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?

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2 minutes ago, RedskinsFan44 said:

The Stone trial is going to be nauseating. What an attention whore.


If he's half as brash as Manafort he'll tie his own noose. (I think he's twice as brash as Manafort.)



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1 hour ago, NoCalMike said:

Tucker Carlson giving Roger Stone airtime to deny & spin? Shocking. I am sure Tucker will ask hard hitting questions that everyone outside of Trump's base wants to know.


I'm betting Tucker will spend 99% of the "interview" doing this:



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16 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

Doesn't the number of FBI agents used to arrest Stone seem like overkill?  Seems like all those agents is a waste of money (if they were actually being paid I mean).


Not like they got better things to do.

Does seem a bit excessive for someone released on bond within hours.

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5 hours ago, Larry said:


Maybe we can paint some tunnels on the sides of mountains. I bet Nancy would even pay for the paint. 

I never knew I could snort inward while LOL, ( but I know more now. )

It only took a swallow of iced tea, but I almost just drowned. 

I would've literally died laughing. 😎

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I read that they might have been worried about destruction of evidence. But that was still overkill. Like they were taking down Pablo Escobar or something. 


Maybe they just figured if they were doing it without getting paid they might as well go all out.

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Maybe it's just that a whole lotta FBI guys were tired of respected fellow agents being accused of being  Deep State operatives and leftist conspirators by that **** stain's ilk. 

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