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The (only!) official ES all things Kirk Cousins should we shouldn't we off-season thread.


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Everyone clean up the damn mess and straight to bed! Leave the house for one damn second and the entire school is in our house!


Check the twitter thread soon gonna try and get as many of the 8,000 tweets that just happened in, lol.  



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I got to hear Jerry Brewer for the first time on radio with B. Jones. 

Haha. What a ****ing joke. This guy gets paid money?


Either he was drinking or he's a slackjawed mofo. Dude literally said that "the Redskins FO was not sophisticated enough" to get a deal done with Cousins. Ha. OMG. I about pulled the car over looking for a pay phone to call bull**** on that dumbass.


The genius cap stuff we've seen from Schaffer and the wizardry of contracts we've seen from Allen are not sophisticated enough? 



Knee slapper stuff by Brewer. I could name about 10 ES posters in 5 seconds who deserve to be employed as journalists before this Brewer character.

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Been a Redskins season ticket holder for 39 years.  Seen Cousins up close.  Seen up close the good and the bad, in all its inglorious

and glorious natures.


I want to recognize the Redskins for designing an offense that is perfect for Cousins.  He embraced it.  He studied.  He performed.


The Redskins have done everything for Cousins to make him successful, to make him wealthy, to set his family and him up financially for life, and to set him up for a great future in the NFL.


I want to recognize the fans who have never booed Cousins, not even after that season ending pick last year.  And, for those of you who don't know, the fans at the stadium did not boo Cousins, at least not anywhere near us, ever.  Although, I will say there has been a lot of grumbling about Cousins, more than a lot of people may know.  This in the Redskins sections.


I want to recognize Kirk Cousins for all he has done for the Redskins.  And now, the drama begins.


Tag.  He's it.  



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5 hours ago, Tsailand said:


Exclusive or non-exclusive?


Me, I'd go with exclusive, because nobody is going to give up two first round picks, so letting Kirk talk to people is just undermining our efforts to keep him.


Well with benefit of hindsight (now it's happened) I'd have gone exclusive for the reasons you mention. I want to get some level of control back.

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6 minutes ago, Warhead36 said:

I still think its more likely he gets traded to San Fran then sign a long term deal here.

Stop thinking. :)


Kyle & the 9ers have been having talks with Kaperdoof about him staying there. 

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