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US Soccer thread.


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Two nice goals by the girls, as England is intent on playing a high pressing line, and leaving their back line a bit exposed. Midfield is getting bossed by England again, just like France. Ertz IS NOT a midfielder. She adds nothing in the build up, or linking the lines. She gives it away more than she completes passes. She needs to be moved back to CB. Lavalle is the only one keeping pace again, and she is having a huge game. Horan needs to move to the 6 when Ertz gets moved back to CB. Then they could move Heath more central to link up with Lavalle, and put Pugh on the wing. IMO, that would be a deadly lineup.


US is very spread out, and that is posing problems trying to play out of the back against England’s pressing. They need to adjust, and get a little more compact, and run some triangles to move the ball forward, and get a bit more possession.


One more goal ices this game IMO.

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Just now, Hersh said:


What happened?? Watched the first half only. 

England scored but VAR ruled it was offside.


Of course now we have VAR again.

I don't think there is enough contact there and the England gal straight up whiffed on the ball which doesn't help her cause.

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