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US Soccer thread.

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Liked what I saw from Boyd and Arriola, McKennie and Pulisic both looked lively, and Lima did okay. That said, neither Zardes or Bradley should be anywhere near a USMNT ever again. And, if Berhalter plays Adams at RB (when he is healthy) and Trapp at 6, he should be fired as soon as the three whistles blow.

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But any sort of revenge prospects may be more important to supporters than the players, only a few of whom were at Ato Boldon Stadium that night in Couva.

“Totally different team,” said US midfielder Michael Bradley. “There’s like two or three guys here who were in Trinidad. So I’m not sure other than it being a nice narrative for you guys, I’m not sure inside of the group if it carries a whole lot of weight.”



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Much better performance from the men tonight. TBH, T&T’s defense is shambolic. 


Pulisic and McKennie showing exactly who they are, and add Tyler Adams, you’ve got a potent young midfield. Arriola turning into the player us fans had imagined a few years ago, and was nice to see Jordan Morris get some time, and a couple assists.


Probably MY biggest take from this match was during the altercation where McKennie came flying across the pitch to get in the face of the larger T&T defender, Cyrus I believe. That alone makes me want him to get that captains arm band. This team needs a young, take no prisoners captain to lead this new generation through 2022 qualifying, and McKennie is my pick. Love his heart and passion, and he’s a damn good player to boot.


Glad to see Zardes get a brace, and he finally got more involved second half. Altidore, on the other hand, looked completely lost. Those guys are just keeping Sargent’s seat warm.


Now, if they could ever develop solid fullbacks...

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14 minutes ago, FanboyOf91 said:

Very lucky to get out of there with a win, but Spain's lack of end-product hurt them again.

Ref let them get away with a defensive strategy to simply foul whenever they were in any danger.  It’s fitting that the lose to a pair of penalty kicks given that they set out to foul and foul often strategy.


Im impressed the US women kept their composure.  Most teams, men and women, would have become increasingly angry being repeatedly intentionally fouled like that.  


Speaking of composure, the media is really treating Cameroon with kid gloves.  What they did the other day was.... really something.  

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