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  1. This team is more painful than the Redskins.
  2. Oh for goodness sakes. Difo? Noll? EDIT: Suzuki is one tough gamer.
  3. Stras has been stellar this year.
  4. Max deserves so much better.
  5. I wanted that so bad for max.
  6. Some very impressive pitching by Corbin there.
  7. This ump is calling balls and strikes like he has dinner reservations at 9.
  8. From Jayson Stark's column on the Athletic - https://theathletic.com/959684/2019/05/03/stark-useless-info-dept-vlad-all-over-edition/: THE YOUNG AND THE TROTLESS – The Nationals had three players aged 21 or younger homer in the same game Sunday. As the Elias Sports Bureau was there to inform us, no team had ever had three teammates under age 22 homer in the same game before. So that was cool. But now let’s put that feat in a different light: The Diamondbacks have had one player 21 or younger – Justin Upton – hit a home run in the history of their team. They’ve been around since 1998. The Rockies have had two players 21 or younger – Troy Tulowitzki and Roberto Mejia – hit a home run in the history of their team. They’ve been around since 1993. The Angels have had one player 21 or younger – some guy named Mike Trout – hit a home run in the last 34 years. We’re talking all the way back through 1985. And then there are the Phillies. They’ve had two players 21 or younger, hit a home run at any point in the last 44 seasons – back through 1976. Those two? Scott Rolen and (of course) Luis Aguayo! But the Nationals just had three guys that young homer in one game. Wow.
  9. bcl05

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    96 for 112 and 131.
  10. That little juke and the absolutely deadly shot. The man is amazing.
  11. Beautiful play all around. Need more of that from Bura.
  12. This is some Orwellian banana republic BS. Up is down, 2+2=5, etc. Crazy.
  13. bcl05

    What was the best vacation of your life

    1. Safari in Uganda/Kenya/Tanzania. Especially climbing the mountains in the cloud forest on the Uganda/Rwanda border to see a family of mountain gorillas up close. 2. Ecuador - Galapagos, choco forest, high mountains, amazon. 4 fascinating, hugely different ecosystems very close to one another with wildly different flora/fauna.
  14. bcl05

    Massive fire engulfs Paris Notre Dame Cathedral

    This is so heartbreaking. What an irreplaceable loss.