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  1. bcl05

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    It's back. For better or worse.
  2. bcl05

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Video just cut out on my cable?
  3. Early data (as of about a week ago) suggested that kids tend to have much milder symptoms than adults with this virus. Apparently there have been almost no severe illnesses among infected kids, and some who have remained completely asymptomatic (compared to an approximately 10% rate of severe illness with infected adults). I know our hospital is worried about severely affected adults a lot more than severely affected kids (while preparing for both).
  4. HIV is modern. Controlled is debatable, but in the time it’s taken to learn about it and figure out reasonably effective management, around 700,000 Americans and tens of millions of others have died.
  5. Even better. I think the Astros are the only team left. I've never refreshed twitter more...
  6. Who's butthurt? I'm still riding high from the world series victory. The fact that the astros continue to make themselves ever more unlikable just keeps adding to the joy of being champions. I wish I was above kicking a cheating team while they were down, but I'm not... (they deserve it). Its so, so fun to be a fan of the good guys who won. I've never experienced this before (well, not since I was a teenager in the Gibbs heyday), and it's great.
  7. This is my favorite. Nats twitter has been absolute gold today.
  8. At the recent presentation from the infectious disease experts at my hospital, one of their biggest concerns is the strong likelihood of cases in Africa. China has made huge investments in Africa in the last decade, and there were many travelers between Wuhan and various locations in Africa before the recognition of the outbreak. Africa generally does not have the reporting or testing infrastructure present in the US, Europe, etc, so the lack of "cases" really reflects an absence of data, not a true, confirmed absence of cases. There is a very real possibility that even if the outbreak can be contained in China a second wave of cases and spread could emerge from Africa. Testing for this virus is still being optimized, so discrepancies in data, even from places doing their very best to capture all potential cases, should be expected this early with a novel disease. The possibilities that could emerge from this virus are still extremely broad. It could fizzle out the way SARS and MERS did, or it could really become a significant worldwide problem the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time. No one really knows. The best experts in the field are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Likely we'll end up somewhere in between, but anyone who claims certainty is not dealing with reality. Our hospital has a long, complex, and detailed plan in place for various levels of disease burden here. I hope it remains theoretical.
  9. I have met with multiple experts in the field who have been actively developing therapies as well as accurate and fast testing for this virus. Nothing you said here is true. At all. This virus, while novel, is extremely similar to well-characterized known naturally occurring members of the corona virus family. There are plenty of real bad actors in the world, and China is a deeply problematic state, and this virus is scary enough as is, but lets not just make stuff up. Thanks.
  10. I think the current system is pretty ideal. Don't like the new idea. At all. Fully agree that diluting regular season any more would be a big step in the wrong direction.
  11. 68 pediatric deaths from flu this winter in the US. As of yesterday. More to come. I wish every anti-vaxxer would feel guilty, but I know they are just too stupid.
  12. I'm a physician (not in infectious disease) at a large academic medical center that caters to a largely international patient base. Lots of worry here about potential cases. We have a meeting today with the infectious disease team to get more info/plans re this virus. I'm very excited to hear from real experts - so hard to know what to make of varied media reports.
  13. This makes me sad. I find Dusty so very likable, and now I have to root against him.
  14. bcl05

    The Impeachment Thread

  15. bcl05


    I took the day off to chase some birds up in northern Minnesota. Got my lifer northern hawk owl.