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  1. We got above zero today for the first time in a week. Sunday here the high was -9. But our houses and power infrastructure stuff are made for winters like this. Still, the 11 degrees now feels downright toasty compared to the weekend. Oh, and Ted Cruz should be launched into the sun. It is warm there.
  2. My goodness, this new footage of Eugene Goodman. Hero.
  3. Vaccines provide excellent protection, not necessarily immunity. They likely do reduce, but definitely don't eliminate, asymptomatic spread. Here's an explanation I sent to my staff: I commonly get asked if we can stop wearing masks after we get the vaccine. Short answer is NO. The vaccines are quite effective at reducing the chances of severe COVID. They don’t do as much to reduce the spread. They produce a robust IgG response, which is highly protective against the sepsis and endothelial damage that is the key to the mortality/morbidity of COVID. The vaccines don’t produce
  4. Seriously. She is 22. Twenty two. It reminds me of watching Lin-Manuel Miranda's white house performance years before Hamilton. Just overwhelming talent and poise in someone you hadn't heard of previously but you know is going to go on to do incredible things.
  5. That Amanda Gorman performance was one of the most unexpectedly amazing things I've watched in a long, long time. She's incredible.
  6. They literally chanted "Hang Mike Pence" and brought a gallows. They brought bombs. They brought zip ties. They killed a cop. Anyone arguing that they didn't have a plan and a purpose (no matter how outrageous or deranged), isn't paying attention.
  7. It is amazing to me how many people STILL don't understand "free speech" and the 1st amendment.
  8. Man, now I really hope there's a DH in 2021. He ought to be able to hit better than 2020, but dude is lost in the field.
  9. My favorite team growing up was the 1980's dodgers (my grandparents lived in LA and would always take us to games when we visited). Favorite player was Fernando. Maybe my favorite sports memory is the Kirk Gibson homer (my grandparents were there!). Lasorda was the heart and soul of those teams, and was so much fun to watch and follow. RIP.
  10. Terrorists storming government buildings. Waving the confederate/treasonous flag. The GOP never deserves a single vote again from any American.
  11. It is bizarre to me that ~30,000 people appear to have voted for Warnock and Perdue. I can't imagine the mindset that makes that internally consistent.
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