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  1. This is not like other 8th innings this year. Victor better be OK...
  2. The vast majority of health care costs do not go to the doctors. Most go to hospitals, facilities, administrators, etc. There are countless middlemen between health care providers and patients. When insurance pays for knee surgery, that cost can be astronomical, even if the actual physician payment is rather small. So I can definitely imagine a situation where one could triple the payment to the physician but still cut overall costs in half by reducing all that overhead/logistical/facility fee type cost. Now, not all the infrastructure of our health care system is wasteful (though it is multiplicatively redundant) so I am not sure that cancun is a reasonable solution...
  3. Wow, that's gotta hurt. Welp. Now its a ballgame.
  4. Ross pre-Tommy John looked like a potential star in the making. He's got greatness in him, I think. As long as his arm holds up... That Ross/Turner trade looks like more of a steal every day.
  5. Pirate's pitcher apparently can't throw, but that crow tattoo is pretty great. I'm a birder, and always on the lookout for good avian ink...
  6. 37 runs in 24 innings? Wow. This is silly. And fun.
  7. Matt Grace??? Matt Grace?!? Brewers have us right where they want us.
  8. How early can we declare clown pounding? I think baby shark pitches at least 2 innings... I’m watching on my phone from the local dog park. I think I have to stay here the rest of the game now. At least the dogs will be exhausted...
  9. We’re going to see multiple position players pitch today.
  10. bcl05


    I took these last week in Maine...
  11. Holy. Cow. But.... I thought baseball was boring? my heart rate is through the roof...
  12. This game... microcosm of the season. Pain, joy, pain, joy, more pain.
  13. That win would feel so good, if it weren't for Soto...
  14. I'd consider leaving Suero in...