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  1. If we do resign Bryce, I wonder if the plan is to give him or Soto time at 1st, and ease Zimm into the sunset this year instead of play him too much. Or maybe they trade Eaton... I'd hate to lose Eaton. I think he's great, if he could only stay healthy...
  2. This might be the single stupidest, most inane, most ridiculous thing he's tweeted yet.
  3. bcl05

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I've made most of these: https://www.seriouseats.com/roundups/pressure-cooker-recipes and they're all great. The green chiles (the chicken or pork ones, towards the bottom) are both in heavy rotation in our household. It works well. I thought it was a gimmick too, at first, but its pretty useful.
  4. bcl05

    Anyone have experience with photo licensing fees?

    I've sold/licensed a handful of my bird photos, but never for more than $50, usually less. It turns out there are a lot of good photographers out there...
  5. I'm not sure how the culture and fanbase around this team could get any more depressing. The Eagles fan party at FedEx yesterday would be unthinkable almost anywhere else. I'm now in favor of a name change as a part of a whole-sale reboot of this franchise. Though, as long as Snyder is in charge, I have no optimism that it would work...
  6. bcl05

    Guy sets glitter bomb trap for package thieves.

    I'm disappointed that real thieves didn't get glittered. Still an awesome watch.
  7. bcl05

    Guy sets glitter bomb trap for package thieves.

    I love this so, so much. We get a monthly box from amazon of dog poop bags, paper towels, and my daughter's favorite oatmeal. Whole thing doesn't cost much, but its a big and impressive box. Had it stolen once. I wonder what those thieves thought...
  8. I would soften my stance. There are some extenuating circumstances in this particular case that were not clear in the initial reporting. But not completely. Fundamentally, as soon as a child is in custody of the US government, she is our responsibility. She was obviously sick, even if not reported as such by her family, and we should have professionals able to recognize signs of septic shock/dehydration. They are not subtle and every minute counts. These migrants are desperate people who are incredibly vulnerable. Food and safe water are hard to come by on the journey, so our teams should be primed to recognize people who are dehydrated and sick. I think it is clear that the health and safety of the migrants are not the priority of this administration or most of the agents on the front line. Full disclosure - I'm a doc who spent a good chunk of last friday reviewing our pediatric septic shock response protocols and reviewing the relevant literature. It is clear that every hour counts, and any delays in instituting appropriate therapy (defined as antibiotics and IV fluids - nothing complex) can mean the difference between life and death. I continue to believe that if her condition was recognized and prioritized, she would likely be alive right now. I think the efforts by the Trump administration to make life more difficult for migrants, and to make the US less welcoming and less safe, will undoubtedly lead to deaths, sometimes of children. I think that is shameful. I will note that this is not new, and not just a Trump issue. There is a video floating around of a border control agent from (I think) a few years ago intentionally pouring out water intended for thirsty people crossing the border. The lack of empathy and lack of humanity in that guy is absolutely gross.
  9. https://www.courant.com/breaking-news/hc-br-sandy-hook-school-evacuated-for-threat-20181214-etqofjqcmjfjrlvdqpxaulcqgy-story.html What the hell is wrong with people.
  10. 6 years. This thread from the daughter of the principal at Sandy Hook had me sobbing. I can still hardly believe that happened, and continues to happen. What an awful stain on our culture.
  11. This is murder. She needed IV fluids. Immediately. Any ambulance/EMT could have saved her life. Waiting 8 hours before calling for medical help? Shame on us. Disgraceful. I pray for accountability but have little hope.
  12. bcl05

    Who is the worst general manager in D.C? (poll)

    I think there is far, far more variation in standings year-to-year in the NFL than the NBA. In the NBA, one can pretty much predict the contenders at the beginning of the year. It is far more likely that a team will surprise in the NFL than the NBA. That suggests to me that even a middling NFL front office might luck into some playoff success once a decade or so. It takes a pretty putrid effort to be as consistently hopeless as the Skins have been. In the NBA, a team can go from terrible to great fast with the acquisition of one or two great players, but how often does that really happen? It's not very common - mainly because there are not enough great players out there. All that is to say, I think Bruce is more incompetent. Though I wouldn't want either to watch my houseplants.
  13. bcl05

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    His fracture was compound (with bone piercing skin). Those nearly always get infected, and those infections can be awful. This is unsurprising, but bad.