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  1. bcl05

    The Impeachment Thread

    Jim Jordan is so absurd and irritating. He's the most disingenuous, dishonest, and pathetic excuse for a representative. Launch him into the sun.
  2. bcl05

    The Impeachment Thread

    Fox "news" needs to burn. They are more responsible for the pathetic state of this country than any other entity.
  3. People who start cheating don't stop until they get caught. 100% they were trying this crap. Astros are so, so easy to hate.
  4. She's 18 now, but this has clearly been going on for "years" according to the article. Subjecting children to medically unnecessary, invasive, intrusive, and humiliating genital exams is child abuse. (doing it to adults is also criminal, just a different crime). He should be in jail, and the physician(s) involved should lose their license. At least. But in 2019 america, if you just admit your crimes loudly and proudly, nothing happens, I guess.
  5. I mean.... that's child abuse, right? Certainly should be, and he should be investigated and punished appropriately.
  6. I wish the Lerner's would offer Parra a lifetime contract to be the bench coach forever.
  7. I've watched that video of Max and Anibal hugging and crying approximately 452,400,521 times now and I get teary every single time.
  8. This got me right in the feels.
  9. There are so many wonderful stories on this team. I love every one of these guys. I think of all the non-stars who had key contributions and/or amazing stories to get here... MAT, Parra, Aaron Barrett, Rodney, etc. This has been the most fun sports has ever given me. What a glorious ride.
  10. I have a problem with my DVR. Currently, there are 85 hours of Nats 2019 games on there, including every pitch of the playoffs. This does not leave enough room for the rest of my family, who apparently watch other TV. They want me to delete something. Obviously, that can't happen. Does anyone know how to transfer data from a DVR? Or maybe I'll just buy a new one for them. Will be a drop in the financial bucket after I wrecked mlbshop.com this morning...
  11. Rendon, Stras, Eaton, Soto... lots of guys deserving of MVP.
  12. Tears. Happiest of tears. I've never loved any team as much as this one. What a ride this year has been. I love every one of these guys.