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  1. We're supposed to call @AsburySkinsFanout if he gets too involved, actually. I guess this is a gentle call out...
  2. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    On one play this year, the goalkeeper let his elbow wide a bit and BOTH Suarez and Busquets fell down like they'd been shot, and as I recall, neither one was even touched. It was hilarious and sad. On that, though, it's a simple matter of the rules of the game not properly aligning incentives. There's too much to gain by diving and not enough to lose. They all seem to do it, except maybe Messi, and I don't think his refusal to go down is necessarily because he's unusually honest. I think it's because he's so ridiculously talented and focused that in the moment he thinks he can score anyway. He's right more often than he should be, too. That's not what I meant by "dirty", though. I'm referring more to the hacking, pushing, spiking, pulling people down. Dangerous stuff. The kind of plays American Football fans might call dirty. Gouging the eyes, not getting away with holding on a touchdown pass. Maybe an EPL fan sees it differently, though. Barca players get away with plenty (noted in my original comment), but I haven't noticed anyone particularly dirty in that way, probably because Barca's identity is more about finesse.
  3. To clarify, that's not really what happened. When I first started here, this board was about as right leaning as it now appears left leaning. Over the years, there have been some farther right types that have left or been asked to seek alternate message board arrangements, because they couldn't handle appropriate discourse (Sarge comes immediately to mind). However, until recently, there have been just as many, if not more, further left types that have met the same fate (Midnight Judges and chomerics would be two examples). What has happened gradually over the past 10 years or so is that many of the right wing types here are now what you would probably describe as part of the left mob. Bang and Mad Mike are two prominent examples. Mad Mike actually had a thread where he passionately defended W for invading Iraq over WMDs. I already noted that I don't really enjoy political arguments, so I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine the most likely reason these conservatives suddenly look like liberals.
  4. techboy

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    @LD0506, I think of you as a beloved relative, specifically the uncle that continually sends those FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD:FWD emails about politics*, but that 70% tax rate one doesn't even make sense. Is she upset? Isn't this supposed to support that idea? Am I missing something? *What's nice is my uncle doesn't actually do this, so you're really stepping up and filling a void here...
  5. What I meant by that is people might as well go to "Phase three", whatever that is, because it's simply unrealistic to expect the reasoned, non "drive by" response people seem to want (or say they do) with that many people piling on.
  6. Yeah... I mean, I hope you guys don't actually expect @Force1958 to actually respond to all of that. Geez. I guess the piranhas were hungry.
  7. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    So Sergio Ramos set a record today as Madrid lost to a team in the relegation zone: 20 career red cards in La Liga (most ever). 25 overall. Apparently the 20 is also a record for most in Europe's major leagues. In most sports leagues, that would give a player a reputation that would cause him to see MORE cards, not less. Think NFL safeties with headhunter reputations, and personal foul flags. Supporting Barca, though, I will sometimes watch Madrid matches (certainly their matches against Barca), and he could easily pick up four yellows a game. Easily. Obviously, there are different rules for Madrid players, and for that matter, Barca players, though I don't think Barca has anyone that dirty. I'm sure it's because of the money. It's the thing I hate the most about the sport as a new fan... There's just so much money. FIFA is, of course, laughably corrupt. I'm sure UEFA and La Liga are too, though I can't point immediately to a story like Blatter etc., but there's SO much money and I KNOW that UEFA and La Liga are scared to death that teams like Barca and Madrid and the big 6 Premier League sides will leave and join that proposed superleague, so they'll do anything to make them happy. It's just sick. I was watching a match recently and the announcer pointed out that Messi's wages were bigger than the other team's entire operating budget... Stadium, staff, players, uniforms, equipment, mortgage... Everything. I know there's no solution because the sport is a religion in most of the world and it spans multiple countries so it's not like you could have one league or even one government regulate it in any meaningful way (FFP is a joke), but it is depressing, even though I know my team ultimately benefits from it. It does still make me kind of sad that most clubs can't keep their young stars, and success is selling them on for a nice price. Heck, the idea of buying and selling players still seems off to me. Oh well. We'll get another test of this from UEFA, because apparently our friend Ramos ALSO intentionally picked up his third yellow against Ajax so he could clear the count before the quarters now that they're up, which is of course, against the rules and calls for an additional one game suspension. He made it harder for UEFA to ignore it, though, because he gave an interview afterwards where he flat out said that's what he did and why. Then someone must have gotten to him and he tweeted out a denial. Should be interesting.
  8. techboy

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    I haven't listened to the podcast but I've thought for a while that AI and automation in general are going to force a situation where universal basic income is necessary. The wealthy won't like the tax increases, but they probably wouldn't like being guillotined either.
  9. Maybe it's a typo, and they were using kilograms. I could believe 243 kg.
  10. techboy

    Tax Bill

    Oh, I know. On one of the personal finance boards I frequent there was a younger woman making 185k and asking about buying in the Bay Area. The consensus was she couldn't afford it. Still, a family making 117k in the Bay Area is very unlikely to have 24k in deductions, and almost certainly doesn't own, so probably no 10k in SALT either. You probably make at least $20,000 more a year than I do (I'm a teacher). That makes you rich. Those are the rules. 20 years older than whatever I am is old, $20,000 more than whatever I earn is rich. it's fair... I adjust for inflation every year.
  11. techboy

    Tax Bill

    Now go back and read the entire post that you apparently misunderstood. You might find that this point was addressed as well.
  12. techboy

    Tax Bill

    You are correct about my sloppy vocabulary. I have edited. The other point is also true, to an extent, but doesn't really impact the analysis because everybody lost the exemptions whether they itemize or not. It still takes $24,000 of deductions to reach the point where the SALT cap matters, and such a person is going to be, as I noted, pretty well off at the very least.
  13. This is such a great example of how bad humans are at comprehending large numbers. I KNOW how much that is, but it still doesn't sound like much to me. THIS has real visceral impact, though... (Warning... do not click if you don't want to be depressed/scared)
  14. Okay, since you asked... Preface: You shouldn't take my position as that of most of the people on this board... There are plenty of people that have expressed interest in a civil debate on political issues, and specifically have complained that there are no Trump supporters willing to engage in that fashion. However... 1. In my case, I don't actually enjoy arguing about politics. I follow the threads because I have been in this community for almost 15 years, and it's a way to keep up with the news, as many people of diverse outlooks post news articles and tweets here. I too credit @visionary there, but for example while I disagree with at least some of @BenningRoadSkin's positions, he does post a lot of things that I might not otherwise be exposed to, and I find that valuable. You will note, though, if you go back through these threads that I rarely post myself. I tend to limit my more deep interactions to topics I am passionate about, such as personal finance (taxes spills over here, so I am a little more active), travel, and Biblical history. So, I don't see value in that sense. But... 2. Donald Trump is an existential threat to our country and its place in the world. His policies are not just terrible, but he is actively attempting to erode the institutions that keep our representative democracy secure, apparently in concert with a hostile foreign power. To me, this is obvious on its face, and anyone that either can't see it or chooses to ignore it has issues of one kind or another that makes engagement, in my view at least, pointless, if for no other reason than the Backfire effect: Real change of this kind of opinion requires a personal relationship that I don't have with any Trump supporters on this board, so given that engagement is only likely to intensify an already toxic worldview, I don't see a point (and I probably just reinforced yours, even with this little amount of interaction). But hey, you asked.