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  1. In this doom porn scenario 75% of state legislatures (38 states) are going to ratify a Constitutional amendment making Donald Trump president for life. Clearly some Democrat incumbents are going to switch parties as well. Wake up!
  2. Okay, maybe you WILL need your wife's pallet.
  3. I understand the pandemic has been stressful but I don't think most wineries actually sell it by the pallet.
  4. Here's one reference to both aspects of this from a few years ago https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/nov/22/free-throws-foul-shots-science-of-sports "Too big to fail might not be accurate in the NBA. Big men seem to struggle more from the line than shorter players and size is often implicated as a factor in poor free throw shooting. The data seems to validate this theory, as one analysis found that as height increases, free throw percentage decreases. But an evolving game might be shifting that trend says Green, “I think big men have historically struggled shooting free throws,
  5. Obviously talent and practice can overcome a relative disadvantage of being tall. That doesn't mean it isn't naturally easier for shorter people.
  6. That's actually an advantage. Being shorter makes it easier to get a good arc on the ball. Taller players have a harder time because their natural shooting path to the basket is more flat, which reduces the effective area the ball can go in. This is one big reason Shaq had so many problems with free throws, and "Hack a Shaq" was a thing. Our Physics classes actually take the students to the gym each year to shoot free throws, and that's one of the things we have the students track, although it's mostly designed to be an exercise to show how vertical and horizontal movement are inde
  7. You can use the calculators here to help make a decision: https://www.mtgprofessor.com/calculators.htm I'd shop around a bit, and if nothing else it might be worth applying at Better and seeing if they'll match an offer sheet from Lenderfi or elsewhere. I don't know if a Farm loan would be outside their parameters, but that $2000 statement credit offer would certainly cut down the closing costs quite a bit.
  8. The ruling is extremely complicated, as one might expect by noting that it was a 9-0 decision with a really weird secondary 6-3 subsplit (and the three liberals were in the 6 with Roberts and two Trump appointees). I thought this article was interesting:https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/06/john-roberts-philadelphia-adoption-supreme-court.amp Here's the lead: "Chief Justice John Roberts’ skills as a judicial magician are well known, but his performance in Thursday’s Fulton v. Philadelphia may be his finest trick yet. Somehow, Roberts was able to create
  9. He quit the board when the team changed its name. He had made a dramatic pronouncement when they were considering it, and it looks like he followed through.
  10. This comment surprises me a bit, because I've seen every Barcelona match Griezmann has played, and while he's struggled to fit in at times (though he was a monster in the Copa del Rey and seemed to be rounding into form in the second half of the club season), one thing he has ALWAYS brought is intensity tracking back. It's actually an argument sometimes made by Barca supporters... "We can't pay that much just for his defense". I'd have to think he'd have been the same for France.
  11. I didn't post it because rates vary wildly based on exact location, loan size, etc, so the information is almost useless, but if you're interested I moved down to 2.75 for 30 years and it's my primary residence. Some will probably do better... My loan is relatively small which can make it less attractive.
  12. Heads up: rates seem to be down again and there's a screaming deal available as well... I'm refinancing again (which I figured would never happen after last time). Here's the trick: Better.com doesn't generally have better rates, somewhat ironically, but they DO usually match offers from other lenders, so it's pretty easy to get them to the best rate available. That's important because right now they also have THIS offer: https://better.com/with/amex which on top of everything else, gives a $2000 statement credit on any personal American Express card ($6000 for jumbo).
  13. I actually just came across an article that suggests the explanation is that pitchers are cheating: https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/06/04/sticky-stuff-is-the-new-steroids-daily-cover Interesting stuff, including the side trip via link to the story about the secret mud this one guy supplies to MLB to rub on new baseballs, and which apparently only comes from one small section of a tributary of the Delaware river. I don't follow baseball that closely... Seems like it's an open secret.
  14. I actually have been (pleasantly) shocked at how few masking issues we seem to have had at my high school. There are a few students that want to wear it with their noses uncovered and have to be continually reminded to pull it back up, but I've encountered zero pushback on the topic and I haven't heard of anyone else having problems. Well, except the adults in the stands at sports events. As one would expect (sadly). I was honestly expecting said adults to lead at least some of the kids to make a stink about it, but as far as I know, it hasn't happened.
  15. Oh no... @visionaryjust used the term "young lady". I feel so old.
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