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  1. @hail2skinsExplanations* aside, your comments read like a Trump supporter that realizes he can get in more trolling if he kind of pretends he doesn't like Trump. If you keep doing it, you'll likely keep getting pushback. *Weak explanations, in my view, that in no way adequately explain your incessant repetition.
  2. Yep, Republican for sure. Such a shame.
  3. The other thing that has clearly happened (and to be fair, I've heard authors complain about this in many outlets) is that some editor added a sensationalistic title. "Immune responses may not be as robust as we hope" is not at all the same thing as "so long to herd immunity hopes".
  4. This was before Trump complained that the CDC guidelines were too tough. They might have been changed by now... I haven't looked.
  5. Fairfax delayed the start by two weeks for students. Officially this is to give time to train staff on new procedures. I think it's probably to give more time to see how things go, more than anything. I think there's a pretty good chance we don't physically open at all.
  6. Story shared with us is that CDC says 6 but WHO says 3. Reality is that 6 is not practical.
  7. At a faculty meeting last week, my principal shared that Fairfax is not going to do 6 feet... We're doing 3.
  8. @visionaryposted a tweet in one of the other threads that runs parallel to my thought process today, which went something like this 1. Clearly, someone with some sense (maybe just by comparison) realized that especially given the bounty scandal, running around maskless near wounded and ill soldiers would be catastrophic PR. 2. It's possible his minions realize that his wearing a mask is a good thing, politically, and the best way to get him to keep doing it is over the top syncophantic praise. I doubt they all actually think wearing a mask once destroys Biden's chances (but who knows, I guess), but that IS the kind of thing Trump laps up. 3. As one of the tweets noted, if Trump DOES start wearing a mask and encouraging others, it will probably save lives, and so this silliness is probably a good thing, and it might be better if the rest of us restrain the eye rolling as much as possible, because even if one takes the position "let the idiots die", said "idiots" often take others down with them.
  9. I lucked out... My wife and I started watching the show, and it was pretty good, but somewhere in season 2 I realized, having read the books, that she's an animal lover and was going to be horrified by a certain wedding, and not for the reasons most are. I don't normally watch TV without her, so I was spared that particular fate, though I got to watch with fascination as others experienced it. Honestly, I had kind of lost interest in the story somewhere during book 5 anyway. I do like the Dunk and Egg prequels though.
  10. Brace yourselves could also be a reference to Game of Thrones, which is connected to wolves.
  11. Or you could change "skins" and one line to "wolves in a war pack" (or similar), maybe remove the pseudo war chant music that's sometimes mixed in, and the rest is fine.
  12. You can get a no closing cost loan just about anywhere... You just have them apply lender credits (basically reverse points) in exchange for a slightly higher interest rate. Of course, this makes it a little trickier to compare the cost of loans... Got to make sure it's apples to apples, not just looking at the APR.
  13. What you're missing is that more of the new 900 is ALSO principal, not interest, because you've lowered your interest rate. The easiest thing to do is play around with a mortgage calculator (try googling the mortgage professor... Don't have the link handy and I have to go soon) and test out the scenarios for yourself so you can see it in black and white numbers.
  14. Let's say you're paying 1000 dollars per month right now, to make it easy. If you refinance and your payment becomes 900, you're saving 100 per month. If the mortgage costs 2000 for taxes and fees, it would take you 2000รท100 or 20 months to see savings. You could then keep paying the 1000, if you wish, and save even more by paying it off even faster, as you've been doing. Extra payments go to principal, and it's paid off, the loan stops, so the additional years don't matter if you don't want them to. You always pay off the loan faster if you keep making your original payments because ALL of the extra goes to principal. I'd go into investing, but I'm on my phone. You can probably find one of my treatises on indexing here with a search, or if there is interest, I can come back later and expand.