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  1. Here's more fun info: But here's the REALLY fun part: The original artist, Cattelan, SOLD IT THREE TIMES ALREADY TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.
  2. techboy

    The Impeachment Thread

    Even Hannity knows some measure of shame.
  3. There's an argument that smoking, obesity, etc actually SAVE money for socialized health care systems, because such people die a lot younger. Morbid, but plausible.
  4. techboy

    Election 2019 - D's take VA. Bevin takes L.

    What's funny is they're saying this stuff about making up points to stroke Trump's ego and avoid explaining the clear drag he's having on Republican fortunes, but they clearly don't consider* the impact if what they're saying is actually true... Imagine a world where the Republican IS down 20 points at the start in LA or KY, and they need special intervention to even come close. *Probably because they don't actually believe it, but still.
  5. techboy

    The Impeachment Thread

    Moreover, and this is easy to forget with everything going on, traditionally the Justice Department, while technically serving under the President (and having its leaders appointed by him), is independent. I think I saw somewhere that President Obama met with the head of the FBI like twice during his entire presidency. The way the system is SUPPOSED to work is that if there are shady dealings by a politician, career justice department officials investigate. Obviously nothing is ever that perfect and noble in reality, but it'd been working pretty well up until now. It's just another Trumpled* tradition/norm that will have to be re-established. *Get it? Trump trampled, so... Never mind.
  6. I think you may have clicked the wrong option on the poll.
  7. There were plenty of protests during the Great Depression, for example the Bonus Army:
  8. techboy

    Missing a Redskins' Game to Go to Paradise

    Missing a Redskins game IS paradise.
  9. I think so too. The "I wonder" was more of a rhetorical device. I'm betting that they were losing accounts/viewers/money in the Trumposphere, which is still at least 30% of the country, and they're trying to undo that. If this gets enough blowback, I'm sure they'll correct course again, or at least try to.
  10. techboy

    The Impeachment Thread

    That's how margin of error works, yes. The 51, for example, has to be read as anywhere between 47.5 and 54.5. The previous 53 falls in that range. Maybe it went down, maybe not. The data doesn't allow that kind of false precision. It's not the same people each week, after all. I normally let small errors slide, because who wants to defend Trump? I'd argue, though, that abandoning scientific literacy is not the path to undoing Trump's influence. *EDIT* On my phone, but look especially at #3. Even the way I've been explaining it is oversimplified.
  11. I actually wonder how much of this is truly political, and how much is cold calculation of what might make the most money. I talked to two big time Trump supporters last year who were CONVINCED that Facebook was liberally biased and filtering out conservatives. I don't follow right wing media, but I have to think that the idea's been making the rounds there. So, actually, just like Trump I guess.
  12. techboy

    The Impeachment Thread

    This, I agree with. I was just pointing out that this particular poll cannot support the idea that people are LESS supportive. It's statistically flat.
  13. techboy

    The Impeachment Thread

    I think there's a lack of fundamental understanding of how the polling process actually works. I wasn't joking before... The margin of error on this poll is 3.5%. You just can't draw any conclusion from a movement of 2%. It's statistical noise. Several of you are getting carried away here.