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  1. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Cruyff's legacy rolls on.
  2. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Maybe irritating Messi wasn't the best idea... *Edit* Or, conversely, maybe United needs to hit him again...
  3. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    No, not one sided at all. United might even have looked a little better, though Pique shut everything down and United didn't even get a shot on target. The difference was that Messi made a ridiculous pass he probably shouldn't have seen (his back was turned when Suarez made his run to the post) let alone been able to execute. Which, I am a little sad to report, I have become less affected by. Messi is his own worst enemy when it comes to awards and such... He's competing against himself.
  4. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Is this still the case? Asking for a friend...
  5. techboy

    The Brexit Thread

    There are, as far as I can tell, three outcomes possible. 1. The UK leaves the EU with a deal, so they have some plan for borders, Ireland, trade, etc. 2. The UK leaves with no deal, and there is a self-inflicted disaster, not the least of which is a hard border in Northern Ireland which would effectively undo the Good Friday accords and possibly spark new violence. 3. The UK revokes Article 50 and stays in the EU. May negotiated a deal for #1, but a good number of Brexiteers don't like it because it's not drastic enough, especially in how Ireland is treated (because it would keep the border open and possibly allow a path in they're trying to shut down) so they've been voting down May's deal and demanding that she renegotiate it. The EU is saying "Nope... We have a deal". No renegotiation. I guess this makes either No Deal or reversal and Remain more likely.
  6. techboy

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    I've been thinking about it for a while, and I figure modern politics probably started in 1980 or so, or at least I'm going to use that time frame (40 years) because it's easy. In that time we've had four Republican Presidents (Reagan, HW Bush, W Bush, and Trump) and two Democrats (Clinton/Obama). The thing is, if you look at the Republicans, three of the four in terms of actually being politicians are blah to offensive. Trump is a dumpster fire who I thought was the worst candidate in history until he surprisingly became the second worst, W Bush was/is seen as a moron, and HW Bush is kind of like Hillary Clinton... boring but competent. Only Reagan was what you might consider inspiring (to the general populace.. I'm obviously leaving aside Trump's cult, which of course did help). For the Democrats, though, Clinton and Obama were both more like Reagan... they connect with people and make them dream of better things. I don't think that's a coincidence, either. The Electoral College tilts the playing field to the Republicans, so I suspect that you need a Reagan/(Bill) Clinton/ Obama type to win if you're a Democrat. The last "blah" Democrat was Carter, and he was a one termer who pretty much only got elected because of Watergate, back when the country as a whole could still feel and respond to shame. The sad thing is, that's not what you need to win a primary, and I'm afraid Democrats aren't pragmatic enough to realize that candidates like Hillary Clinton can't win in a stacked electoral college against even people like Donald Trump. I'm not sure who the next Obama/(Bill) Clinton is, but if Democrats want to win, they'd better find him/her, because Presidential elections are popularity contests, and the deck is already stacked against them. It's not fair, but that's the way life works.
  7. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Reflecting on the legacy of a man who transformed Barca (and Spanish football), first as a player, then as a manager.
  8. techboy

    I Know we just had Purim....

    Oh, I think you'd like Purim. The traditional way to observe it is to drink so much one "can't tell the difference between Haman and Mordecai". Lots of booze in the synagogue on that day. Seriously.
  9. techboy

    The Brexit Thread

    It's me, so yes, I'm going to do this. 1. The middle finger "salute" is way older than Agincourt, like Ancient Greece old. 2. What you seem to be referencing is the British two finger "salute", which one story says came about because the British (not the French) were defiantly showing off that THEY still had their fingers, despite the French doing the amputations. Thanks for attending my Ted Talk on vulgar gestures throughout the ages.
  10. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Oh, yeah... this was my other favorite part of the hat trick reaction... Pau Lopez' face kind of says it all... Very reminiscent of Ronaldo's Champions League bicycle kick from last year, where the defender just kind of shrugs like "eh... what can you do?" and the crowd can't help but applaud. Here's a picture of Lenglet's reaction I referred to earlier (the blurred guy in the back)...
  11. techboy

    Tax Bill

    I can't answer this question without some practical experience. I think the rest of you are going to need to help me do the lab. I promise to journal my findings.
  12. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    So, Messi just scored this golazo to finish off a hat trick: My favorite part of that is Clement Lenglet (15) throwing his hands to his head like "I train every day with the guy and I still can't... I just can't..." My second favorite part was the reaction from the Betis fans (the match was in Sevilla). Classy fans that love their football. Amazing atmosphere the whole match too. The Camp Nou only gets like that for the biggest matches, and maybe not even then.