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  1. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    That's part of the fury... They loaned out Carles Perez during this mess, who IS an attacker from La Masia, and just told reporters that he's sad because the board didn't communicate with him and he feels like young players don't get a chance any more. I will say, Braithwaite did look really good today and I was also proud that he got a really nice ovation coming in despite the fact that one of the things socis are pissed about is that he, as you say, doesn't seem to fit Barca's quality and the board easily could have gotten someone in the winter planning window that would seemingly be a better fit. They rightly recognized that it's not HIS fault. The only positive in this situation is that Barca IS a true club, no owner, so the socis are able to force a change in management if things get bad enough, and it sounds like that may be on the horizon.
  2. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    It won't affect Champions League at all... Braithwaite isn't eligible to play, because the registration window for CL closed when the transfer window did. The disgusting aspect of the rule is that Barca plucked the top scorer from a team fighting relegation (he has like 8 of their 14 goals or something like that) by triggering his release clause, and Leganes isn't even allowed to sign someone in turn to replace him. The board really screwed this one up... they sold two attackers to raise money for a replacement attacker, then didn't sign one, relying on Dembele, who of course got hurt again. This is on top of the ugly way they fired Valverde (sending representatives to ask Xavi if he wanted the job while Valverde was still the manager), their very odd acquisitions in general, and now the story has broken that the board secretly hired a social media team which has been attacking current and former players including Xavi and Messi in an attempt to push blame away from themselves. The supporters at the stadium before the match today whistled and waved white handkerchiefs (a pretty strong statement in Spain) as the executives left the field, and sources are now reporting that there is an emergency meeting this week and there might be early elections.
  3. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Jurgen Klopp tells young Man Utd fan 'I can't make Liverpool lose' The whole story's pretty cool. Hard not to love Klopp.
  4. I actually had a response to this, and then I glanced into my possible future, where counterfactual me spends pages getting deeper and deeper into arguing about why counterfactual Mike Bloomberg would be willing to spend his money in this way (because I totally would do that). Crisis averted.
  5. Obviously the "theory" about Bloomberg isn't true, and wasn't intended to be so, but to the people who are saying it isn't because he's spent "so much money", I suspect you're thinking like a normal person. Bloomberg's net worth according to a quick Google search is on the order of 62 billion dollars. He could literally spend 61 BILLION dollars on this and still be a billionaire. The few hundred million he's spent so far is a rounding error. He tosses money around like that all the time... and did in 2018 when he helped get a lot of Democrats elected without being on the ballot himself.
  6. techboy

    The Brexit Thread

    That's true of a lot of museums. We've booked several private tours with an archaeologist in Naples who is furious at the Italian government because they keep repatriating items that are their cultural heritage from foreign museums, but because it's Italy and there's so much heritage people trip over it and they can't even finish s subway line, combined with poor funding, they end up tossing the stuff in a basement somewhere. Her position is that they should leave the items out on loan, for a fee, which would keep them preserved and raise money for other preservation work. Apparently it's a matter of national pride or something, though. This case is different. The Greeks have a recently built museum with a spot ready to go for the marbles, right under the Parthenon.
  7. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    I don't normally watch matches outside of Barca, and certainly not Champions League because I don't have Cable so I have to pay per match. That being noted, I happen to have TNT this month because Sling was running a deal, and I watched roughly the last 20 minutes of the match. Not going to lie... It was fun watching another team have to try to break down the "get a set piece and grind it out with Oblak plus 10 behind the ball" show. That being noted, I have a lot of respect for Simeone. It's not pretty, but he's kept his team competitive with squads like Barca and Madrid, while working with a fraction of their budget (exemplified by Barca stealing Griezmann from them). It's not a formula that's likely to win out over 38 matches (though they're rarely far behind), but over two games, I suspect they're the most likely to take down one of the very top clubs. I'd be at least healthily nervous if I were a Liverpool supporter... Scoring at least two (no away goal) is not going to be easy. Not as nervous as being an Atleti supporter PROBABLY ALL THE TIME though... How do their fans deal with the "up one goal and holding on" nerves that much? Geez. Also... Totally agreed about the Madrid ticket... The 10 ride pass is a screaming good deal, and it's shareable. I have the one my wife and I use right here for our next trip. You can actually get a similar deal in Barcelona too, for what that's worth.
  8. I heard on WTOP this morning that his spokesman said he was looking forward to it, so I think yes.
  9. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    If this is a response to me, I don't find Liverpool fans unbearable (though I've seen passing reference to people that do in Barca groups). I don't follow or watch any team but Barca, and I live in the US, so I have no exposure except this thread. I love Klopp, and the only thing that has been vaguely annoying is that this thread has apparently convinced Google's spy algorithm that I AM a Liverpool supporter, because I keep getting Liverpool news in my Google News feed. I was just teasing a bit about your level of gushing, and the fact that this is not really the ES Soccer thread... It's maybe the Premier League thread at best. I follow Barca so I read elsewhere about La Liga, but it would be nice to hear occasionally about France, Italy, or Germany. Not really your fault, but still... In other news, following Barca is taking less time than ever these days, as the Board has sold every healthy player under the age of 50. Word is they're looking into the rules for Wheelchair Football...
  10. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    We interrupt @Gibbs Hog Heaven's Liverpool Blog, "Soz Abar Us For Being Klopptastic" with breaking news... Man City has been banned from UEFA competitions for two years. Now back to an analysis of LFC's in house hair stylist, already in progress...
  11. techboy

    The Impeachment Thread

    Then you had unrealistic expectations, because that wasn't his job. The Constitution doesn't even give him the power explicitly to break ties. Even if he HAD ruled on something, the Senate could have overruled him with a simple majority. That trial was a failure of the Senate, not the Chief Justice.
  12. techboy

    The Impeachment Thread

    I understand your cynicism, but I think you're wrong about this, for a few reasons. 1. People think of the court as partisan and divided, and it is on certain issues like abortion, but the vast majority of cases, from what I've read are 9-0 or similar decisions. This isn't a hotbutton politcal issue like abortion or campaign finance where judges were carefully chosen for their views... this is a straight separation of powers case. I could see the fear that someone like Kavanaugh was selected for his views on Presidential power, but that wouldn't apply to someone like say, Roberts. And really the justices are usually pretty independent minded. I remember reading recently about a couple of decisions where Gorsuch and Ginsburg, of all people, teamed up in majority opinions against similarly odd minority opinions. 2. Speaking of Justice Roberts, my understanding is that he's pretty well known for wanting to protect the dignity, impartiality, and image of the Court. I have a hard time seeing him ruling like that. 3. The justices, unlike office-holding Republicans, have nothing to fear from Trump. They're appointed for life and don't have to run again. 4. I don't think this is just theoretical. The Court has made rulings on other issues, like Obamacare and gay marriage, that someone with a more cynical view probably didn't expect. I know I certainly didn't think Roberts would vote to uphold Obamacare.
  13. Old is 20 years older than I am. Rich is about $500,000 more than I have.
  14. Originally it was largely a fluke based on the availability of hotel rooms, for Iowa at least. Now it's because those two states' legislatures have realized the outsized importance it gives them, and have laws saying that they will be first. I guess the parties and the other states don't want to play chicken with them, because if another state tried to go first those two would just move theirs even more ridiculously early. Of course, I understand the frustration that Iowa and New Hampshire aren't representative, particularly of Democratic voters, but I do think there's a value to a small state (or states) going first... it allows candidates to canvas most/all of the state, and theoretically at least, for that state's voters to really get to know them in a way that just would not happen for a state like California. It could be argued that this allows them to vet candidates for the rest of us. What I DO know is it's a good reason not to live there... the ad bombardment must be insane, and some candidates start running the day after the last election, so it's also probably almost constant. I was trying to think of a state which is small enough to do this but diverse enough to be better suited to the modern Democratic party... maybe Deleware?