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  1. techboy

    The Forthcoming Recession

    If you're going to peddle the Austrian school, I prefer the rap battle format:
  2. One flaw with this plan is that the House already passed a short term funding bill.
  3. It's the pennant on the tip of a lance or standard. Like this:
  4. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    This must have been a pretty special moment too: It's crazy watching him play... In the heat of the action he's cool, like he's just kicking it around on the street. Then they cut to his face other times and he's terrified/on the verge of tears/elated/whatever and you're like... okay... dude actually is 16. The funny thing is he's still technically a Juvenil A player... They haven't even called him up to Barca B yet!
  5. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Barcelona has a 16 year old starting in a Champions League match at Dortmund.
  6. techboy

    Rental Car Insurance

    I don't know if you went with this yet, but if you have an American Express card (and pay with it), you can get primary insurance through them for around 20 dollars (depends on the state). A lot of credit cards also offer additional coverage automatically (and for free), but it's usually secondary and can be a bit of a pain to actually use.
  7. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    The above is a cut up of all of his touches. There are a few moments Ray Hudson described as naive, which is apt, but the confidence, calm, and skill (apart from the goals at the beginning, 3:25, 4:25, and 5:40 stand out especially) is unbelievable for his age. By the end of the clip you see they started shading the right center back over to him every time. For a 16 year old. And that's not Ossasuna, that's Valencia, a team that won the Copa Del Rey and was in the Champions League. They're going to have to manage him carefully. I don't know how you keep this from getting to his head. Hopefully he has a strong support system.
  8. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    In other news, Neymar Jr made his return to PSG. He was apparently booed by the home crowd every time he touched the ball. So, he only landed a game winning left footed bicycle kick in stoppage time... They weren't booing that one.
  9. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    Confirmed... more than 4 times better.
  10. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    They SAY he's 16, but he sure looks 21 to me, and for that matter, Frenkie de Jong is a 27 year old who was brought into La Masia when he was 8. Barca is clearly exploiting their ridiculous amount of income to secretly develop time distortion devices or something. They each had a goal and an assist in the first seven minutes of the match: In each case I think the assist was better than the goal, and Fati barely missed two more. I actually felt bad for the poor right back every time he had to try to keep up. Poor guy was getting embarrassed by a kid. Normally I don't call players "kid", but in this case it's actually true. Unreal.
  11. techboy

    ES Soccer Thread

    As incredible as he's been, the comparison is still a stretch. That being noted, though, if you're going to do it, how is it not Mo-ssi? Come on man! It's staring you right in the face!
  12. techboy

    "No Zero" Policy at Maryland Schools

    Special Education provides accommodations and supports to students with documented learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, or other specifically designated and legally defined criteria. It is not a program for students that lack motivation. It is not, contrary to what many people think, even for people with low intelligence. I have seen students referred for special education who were denied services, even though they were low, because there was no identifiable disability.
  13. techboy

    "No Zero" Policy at Maryland Schools

    I define "working" as achieving the desired goals. If zeroes are intended to motivate students to complete their work, they don't, at least not more than a 50. As I already noted, grade motivated students are just as motivated by a 50 (they don't want bad grades), and students who are not grade motivated don't care. Zeroes in fact often reduce motivation. If zeroes are intended to accurately assess learning, they don't work. If a student doesn't do the assignment, I have no idea what he or she has learned. A zero does not accurately assess learning. A 50 might be inaccurate too, but it is no less inaccurate than a zero, and it does not come with the other baggage. If zeroes are intended to punish the behavior of not completing their assignments, that doesn't work, because again, the students you're aiming for don't care about grades. Moreover, there is a very strong argument to be made that grades should assess learning, not behavior. Moreover, the use of a 100 point scale, as natural as it feels because most people had one growing up, is totally arbitrary. It is equally valid for a teacher to give a letter grade from A to F, and average using the point scale. On that scale, an A (4) and an F (0), average to a 2, which is a C. Few would argue against a teacher that does this (it even gives the F a zero!). The same two assignments, with a 100 and a "given" 50, average to a 75. A C. EXACTLY the same grade. A zero, though, makes an A (100) and an F (0) average out to a 50. It takes THREE perfect scores to raise that F to a C. Zeroes on the 100 point scale are devastating, in a way that most people don't actually realize, but trust me, a student does when he sees that even getting an A on the next assignment makes little difference. Finally, a 50 IS failing. The only way a student earning 50s can pass is if he or she performs well on other assessments. If he or she is able to pass other assessments, that indicates learning. Why should a student who is learning fail? Maybe such a student gets a D or a C, but if grades are intended to assess learning, and not behavior, then a student who has demonstrated learning on other assessments SHOULDN'T fail. And really, a D or a C is what we're talking about. These are not Ivy bound students enjoying grade inflation. If these students go to college at all, they're going to an open acceptance community college. So where's the harm?
  14. techboy

    "No Zero" Policy at Maryland Schools

    It reminds me of the homelessness debate. Research and practice demonstrates that the best way to address homelessness is (surprise) to give people a home. Programs have had success giving each homeless person an apartment and access to a case manager. Most homelessness is temporary, so people move on, and of the ones that don't, it's still WAY cheaper than reacting to problems that arise. Malcolm Gladwell wrote a piece years ago about "Million Dollar Murray", a veteran with mental illness who had to be given medical services nearly daily, was costing his city over a million dollars a year, and sadly eventually died. It would have been WAY cheaper, and with a likely better outcome, to just buy the guy an apartment, even if he never could have moved on from it. This doesn't fly with people that think it's not "fair" that some would have to work and others get things for free. Too many people worry about "fair" (what about the kids doing their work!?!?), and not what actually works. Zeroes don't work.
  15. techboy

    "No Zero" Policy at Maryland Schools

    I've got news for some of you... In my experience, the kids that are motivated by grades don't want the 50 either, and will work to avoid it (exception being very bright students who know how to game their grade to get an A anyway, and these people are not the targets of this policy, nor do/can they do this very often). The students that are not motivated by grades don't suddenly work because of zeroes, but they DO stop working if they feel like they're in a hole they can't get out of. We have a similar policy where I teach (though we can give zeroes for completely missing work), and it just doesn't have the negative effect on work ethic some seem to expect.