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  1. I agree. I think you can see their true opinions of Trump by looking at what they said about him before he won the nomination. It's also why I was convinced the party powers that be would never let him win the nomination in the first place, but I think he caught them off guard because other candidates split the rest of the support in the primaries. Once he won, they made the political decision to go along with it and now they're trying desperately to figure out how to extract themselves from the mess they created for themselves, although I suspect McConnell would say it's worth it.
  2. It's not hard to understand... Trump doesn't care about anyone but himself and he was grasping at straws to try to convince people to overturn the election. Crossing him directly at the time would have been just as bad politically, if not worse, because he wouldn't have had any qualms about turning on anyone that did and causing a large chunk of his base to do the same. There's reporting, for example, that he told Kelly Loeffler that if she didn't pledge to support a challenge to the election results in Congress, he'd "do a number on" her. He's probably happy Republicans lost the S
  3. When I was in third grade, my teacher gave the class an assignment where we had to keep a daily journal. I decided I would just write "I got up, got dressed, and went to school" every day and that would be fine. It worked great... until the teacher gave me a D and my mother made me reconstruct each day and write 30 new acceptable entries. When I first saw Trump's schedule with that on it, I was immediately reminded of my "effort" on that assignment. I also immediately knew that it was Trump himself that wrote that, so I was not at all surprised when reporters confirmed that.
  4. If you have an American Express card, check your account's Amex offers. A lot of them have 4.99 off a 4.99 purchase for Pea**** up to 3 times, which is basically 3 months free. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/amex-offers-pea****-streaming-spend-4-99-get-4-99-statement-credit-3-months-free-premium/
  5. Rubio voting to cut me a check isn't going to change my view on Republicans and their behavior but I'm certainly willing to let him try.
  6. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sarahhansen/2021/01/13/gop-senator-marco-rubio-calls-for-2000-stimulus-checks-to-heal-divided-nation/?sh=71fcd9976c9c
  7. There are a lot of things that can be said about Dwight Eisenhower, not all of them complimentary, but I don't think the descriptor you're quoting is one of them. *EDIT* The story of the speech he wrote in case the D Day invasion failed has always made a powerful impression on me. https://www.npr.org/2013/06/08/189535104/the-speech-eisenhower-never-gave-on-the-normandy-invasion Read that, then as a thought experiment, imagine what Trump might have done.
  8. @mcsluggoneeds to take a screenshot and pass that along.
  9. This guy's actually really talented. "Elizabeth from Knoxville's Song: Mace at the Revolution" (one or two naughty words though)
  10. It is, it was, and it seems to be because the Fed has said they're going to let inflation run a little hotter than they normally would to try to juice the economy, and bond traders therefore want more yield in case inflation picks up, with the caveat that nobody REALLY knows why the markets are moving anyway, because it's not one decision, but the aggregate of millions of individual decisions, all of which might have a number of reasons. I haven't seen anything to indicate it's an outrageously large swing, though.
  11. It's not easy, and a lot of it is the aforementioned tribalism, which again, none of us are immune to. It's easy to fall into saying that "they" are stupid and get what they deserve because "they" hurt our tribe and the people and things we care about.
  12. For sure... being "weak minded" should carry a death sentence. I'm guessing you also support the repeal of the ADA right? Those people are "weak bodied" and if they can't get into the bank, tough. Find a workaround, weaklings. People with intellectual disabilities or the mentally ill on death row? Execute them. They're "weak minded" too, right? To be fair, you're far from the only person to express this kind of disturbing sentiment, and I've been bothered by it for a while. NOBODY chooses to be stupid or misled. NOBODY. Every person is the hero of his or her own story. That's not e
  13. It's all relative but FIOS has been running a 100/100 mbs deal around here for 39.99. Granted this isn't South Korea.
  14. I mean, I'd have to read them to disagree, so I guess I don't?
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