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  1. In terms of the dread, I think the best comparison is the coronavirus. Yes, there's a 90%+ chance I'll be fine, but there's a small but real chance it'll do real damage to me, and even if I come out of it okay, it could spread to those around me and hurt them. Probably a little on the nose.
  2. You're missing that he doesn't care one whit about judges and they need to stroke his ego so he will continue to be a good useful idiot and nominate the people they tell him to.
  3. I'm pretty sure this was posted before, but anyone criticizing the Democrats for failing to stop this should read this article: https://www.justsecurity.org/72521/senate-procedures-offer-no-hope-for-dems-on-supreme-court-nominee/ The short summary is that there is literally NOTHING that would have stopped it. Anything they did would be entirely symbolic, so they had to weigh the benefit of being seen to fight (and drawing attention to the Republicans' open flouting of norms) vs. creating a circus that distracted from the election. Impeaching Barr
  4. "The buffoon lessons... The four years of clown college..." "I'll thank you NOT to refer to Princeton that way!"
  5. Bonus points for remembering the bullets. Everyone stockpiles gold, guns, and canned food, but a lot of people seem to forget the bullets. Also, David Swensen would appreciate it if you stopped referring to Yale's timber investments as "sticks". It's undignified.
  6. Whoa now.... The markets are down less than 1% on the day, and are actually up around 7% for the year, even including the drop in the Spring, which barely took us into Bear Market territory. This is just a blip. Note: This is not really a defense of Trump, so much as a reminder of how stick markets work, and that matters, because a lot of people panic when they read words like "tanking", and panic can lead to really bad (and expensive) decisions.
  7. By the way... Champions League in the US is shown by CBS now. This is good for cheapskates like me because CBS Allaccess seems to run a promo code for a free month (including existing and previous subscribers) nearly constantly. https://www.doctorofcredit.com/free-month-of-cbs-all-access-with-promo-code-giving-works-for-new-existing-previous-users/
  8. Did the sign say "Secreyary of State"? I might have some bad news for you...
  9. Not really, but I didn't actually pull it off, either. My spelling and grammar was too good. This was actually a problem several years ago. I'm a special education teacher, and back when the SOL writing test was done on paper, some sped kids got the accommodation of using a computer with spell check. So they didn't stand out, later teachers had to transcribe the typed essays exactly. This led to silly things like being forced to leave weird blanks if a kid hit the space bar a few times. The thing I struggled with the most, though, is that my brain's "auto-correct" kept
  10. I appreciate your attempt to defuse the situation with humor, but @goskins10's posts are the FINAL STRAW! I was going to vote for Biden, but now I have no choice. I'M VOTING FOR TRUMP. Don't blame me... @goskins10forced me to do this. Now to set up a Twitter account. I need to share this with the world!
  11. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt with my original statement. I really didn't want to suggest any of the alternatives. I still don't. You are correct that there is some element of dodging there. In truth, it reminded me most of NOW and other feminist groups doing backflips to support an ally, Bill Clinton, when he was credibly accused of things that would have had them howling with rage were it Newt Gingrich. People don't like to undercut their own causes. That's politics. If, however, you think that this: [Quote] In Regeneron's test
  12. You should probably read the article. The summary in the tweet is clickbait nonsense and completely misrepresents his own organization's reporting. Only one of the pro life groups they reached out to replied that way... Sort of.
  13. I like not this news. Bring me some other news! Ah! Good news!
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