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ES Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread: Redskins vs Rams


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ES Coverage & Interactive Game Day Thread: Redskins vs Rams




Happy Pearl Harbor Day. I hope the St. Louis Rams aren't appearing as the Emperor's Air force to bomb the hell out of the Washington Redskins.


Hello everybody! My name is JimmiJo and I am joined by my partner, Spaceman Spiff. Together we will bring you the sights and sounds of today's game. 


Expectations? Another loss. I want to hurry up and get that on the record. Could they win? Absolutely. But with the continued dysfunction surrounding the team and the number of injuries, I just don't see it. 


So it's another lost season. And the question is where we go from here?


My upcoming column in Warpath Magazine (and if you don't subscribe you should) is entitled "The Lost Generation" and highlights the fact that an entire generation of fans have never seen what a successful Redskins team, year-in and year-out, looks like. What a shame. The piece also points out the fact that this team has had only six winning seasons since they last won the Super Bowl 22-years ago. And that season (1991) was the last time this team won more than 10-games.


There is something wrong with this team and another coach is not the answer if you ask me. Nor should they go get another quarterback. Nor should they keep Robert Griffin III. Instead, I hope they get a real personnel expert in the front office then focus on rebuilding the offensive and defensive lines. 


And since I am fixing things let's move Redskins Park and not tell the owner where. Like you, I am sick to death of reports suggesting ownership is telling the head coach whom to play behind center. If this persists, this team will never win no matter who coaches or plays quarterback.


Inactives are out:


DeSean Jackson

Kirk Cousins

Brandon Meriweather

Keenan Robinson

Kedric Golston

Josh LeRibeus

Tyler Polumbus


Talk soon...






Halftime Report


About what we expected, a muddling, ugly affair. The only reason this is close is due to the ineptitude of the Rams in general and their kicker specifically. He's missed an extra-point, a chipshot field goal, and a very makable effort from the 20.


On the other side are the Redskins who can't seem to wait to shoot themselves in the rear end.


Whatever this is, it aint pretty...




So what can we say about today's game that hasn't been said about afterbirth and roadkill? That was an ugly game in an ugly season.


Following that debacle, the questions aren't about X's and O's, but rather whether the team has quit or the coach and each other. Now we want to know if the coach survives the off-season. 


Then there's London Fletcher's comments regarding defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. With the way this defense has played the end of his tenure has got to be a consideration. 


And how about the level of talent on this roster? Doesn't the lack of it indict team president/GM Bruce Allen?


Like I wrote earlier - there are things broken that a new coach and quarterback won't fix.


Got into quite a twitter war with some folks today over quarterback play. For my money I would not start Griffin again in life. Said as much earlier. Saying it again.


I asked players such as Trent Williams, Alfred Morris and Santana Moss about unity in the locker room and whether head coach Jay Gruden has lost this team. To a man they said the locker room is united and they support Gruden. 


Speaking of Fletcher's comments; players like Ryan Kerrigan and Jarvis Jenkins voiced full support for their coordinator. Jenkins and others said they were shocked to hear what their former teammate had said. In Jenkins' case he did seem genuinely surprised.


It's off to New York to face the lowly New York Giants. And they just might be able to turn some things around up north. I hope so. 


If there was ever a team in need of a win, it's this one.



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I'm going to watch, I'm not going to be mad if they lose and I'm not going to be happy if they win.

It's almost as if this game doesn't even matter.

Same here.  At this point, all I care to do is watch the new guys and see how they play.  Long (if playing), Phillip Thomas, etc. Just want to see how they look with their few opportunities. 

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Good to see you JimmiJo, bet the press room is buzzing over London Fletcher's rant against Haz.


First it was Jay Gruden's unusual candor regarding Robert Griffin. Now this. We are living in interesting times my friend.

So Spencer Long is finally active huh? Interesting.


With the number of injuries this team has, someone has got to be active...

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