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  1. HapHaszard

    Reviewing The 49ers

    NIce write up TK. We had better win this one and not with field goals.
  2. Hopefully it gets the Skins dander up.
  3. Great job to the both of you, fantastic pictures Murf.
  4. Good to see the "team" back together.
  5. Good job TK, glad they finally put these articles where people can actually see it.
  6. Welcome to ES's blog coverage of the final preseason game, I'm HapHaszard in the pressbox and TK will be on the sidelines. Everyone says this isn't an important game but to the players on the bubble its a very important game. Who will show up and grab one of the 53 or do well enough to make the practice squad. Last year Fat Rob showed what he could do and made the 53, while Mac Brown made the practice squad. Someone always surprises or at least validates what the coaches saw at training camp. Will we see Matt Jones get enough on tape for another team to pick him up, or will he make the
  7. Actually before we merged with Redskins.com we did have a paypal account for Extremeskins donations.
  8. Richmond -- Overcast rainy day here in Richmond, sprinkling right now. 75 degrees at 8am. Today's schedule is a walkthru at 10:45 am, Jay Gruden Presser at 2:45 and practice at 3pm. This is subject to change with the possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon. (and me forgetting to bring my poncho) If the weather does as forcast with heavy rain and lightning the Redskins will conduct practice at an off-site location and it will be closed to media. It is just sprinkling right now so I suspect that the walk thru will be here at the Bon Secours facility. This will b
  9. Richmond -- Its a nice cool morning here in Richmond, 65 degrees at 7am, clear and sunny The doors open for the fans at 9:30am. There were already several fans waiting when I arrived at 7:30. One gentleman I spoke with said he had driven an hour and a half to get here, he was first in line. A walk thru is scheduled for 10:35 and practice starts at 3pm, 2pm will have NFL Officials discussing changes to the rules. At 2:45 Jay Gruden will have his daily presser. Crowd waiting to get into training camp The fans are now going thru security and into t
  10. Richmond Today is Fan Apprecaition day, a good day to collect autographs and selfies with the players and coaches, At 7:00 fans started arriving for a 11:30 am opening. At 1:15 Jay Gruden will have a press conference and practice will be at 1:30. You can follow me on twitter @haphaszard. The media room is starting to fill up now so things should be starting soon. A very large crowd here today Something new in the Media room, free pepsi products as well as chips. Pepsi the new Redskins Partner. Jay Gruden's
  11. HapHaszard

    Bear Huntin'

    We need a win to go out on a high note. Not expecting to go to the playoffs, just want to see these final 2 games as wins.
  12. Escape is a good way to put it. We escaped with a win. The thing is though, in the past we would not have. Even though I am with SWFL on Chris Russell, he did bring up a point, that the Defense has not allowed a TD in the 2nd half in quite a while. A WP article by Tom Boswell you can read in BRBN puts it in perspective It was the kind of game bad teams lose, and the Redskins scratched out a win " PHILADELPHIA — Some games matter more. They don’t make a season, but they can redirect. One moment, altitude is being lost precipitously. Danger signals seem to flash. Then, suddenly, wit
  13. Good thing you didn't make the Tampa game, I can't even carry my own bags.
  14. Great job guys, can't wait for the conclusion. Did we win? Oh yeah, thank the Kerrigan we did.
  15. Stay warm Murf, its chilly here in FL so it must be brutal up there.
  16. HapHaszard

    Big Game Hunting

    Hail good info, here is hoping its a win.
  17. WoW what a game so far, heart attack time almost. Good Analysis TSO.
  18. Does that mean we are no longer the NFC Least?
  19. Hey man I'm back like that green stuff that grows between your toes and you never can get rid of. BRBN will update shortly
  20. This is one of those code red games as far as I'm concerned. Let Dallas go 0-2
  21. Almo scares me, he has the tools, and a good line in front of him. Hard dude to bring down. I hope they run Prescott, to be honest he didn't look all that good. That or the Giants have really upgraded for their $100 mil plus.
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