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ES Coverage of the Redskins at the Bucaneers Preseason Game 4, Battle of the hopefulls







Welcome to ES's blog coverage of the final preseason game, I'm HapHaszard in the pressbox and TK will be on the sidelines.  Everyone says this isn't an important game but to the players on the bubble its a very important game.   Who will show up and grab one of the 53 or do well enough to make the practice squad.   Last year Fat Rob showed what he could do and made the 53, while Mac Brown made the practice squad.  Someone always surprises or at least validates what the coaches saw at training camp.  Will we see Matt Jones get enough on tape for another team to pick him up, or will he make the team keep him.  These questions and more will be answered tonight.  It is the final chance for many players.


This game belongs to Nate Sudfeld, plans are for him  to play the entire game.   Some of the local reporters are wondering if he will make the team this year.  From what I saw in training camp the few days I was there he still has a long way to go, and he gets limited chances to practice.  At training camp he seemed to be very streaky, one day he was really bad, the next day he seemed to have cleaned up some of the problems he had and threw some pretty balls.  The final day I was there I didn't get to see much of what he could do since I had to leave after walk-thru practice.  One thing I noticed was that he is so tall he has trouble getting down low to receive the snap, he looked really awkward the first day.  The second day he was bending his knees more and seemed a lot smoother and was throwing better.  He still isn't getting the ball out as fast as Cousins or McCoy.


From the 2017 media guide:  Nate Sudfeld played college football at Indiana from 2012-2015.  He appeared in 37 games, with 28 starts.  He exited Indiana ranked first in passing touchdowns (81), passing yards (7879), 350 yard games (6).  He was tied for first in 400 yard games (1).  So he does have potential, it just has to come out in these pre-season games.


I arrived at the team hotel around 12:30 and since I couldn't check in until 1pm I decided to have an adult beverage from the lobby bar,  I grabbed a table, happened to glance over to the next table and Clinton Portis was sitting there.  I had almost finished my refreshing beverage when I saw Sonny Jergenson sitting across the lobby in the lounge area, someone was sitting next to him, they looked familiar but I just couldn't place who he was.  All the Redskins media folks, Larry Michael and all were gathered around having their pictures taken with Sonny and the other person.  It wasn't until TK arrived that I found out it was Billy Killmer.  Boy has he changed, really gotten old, but then so have I.  I don't look much like me in the 60's and 70's.


Teams were on the field warming up but the Redskins have left for the locker room,  Tampa is now leaving also.  The stadium looks empty but it is still 20 minutes until kickoff.




TAMPA, Fla. – The following members of the Washington Redskins are not expected to play this evening:


-                      No. 8 QB Kirk Cousins

-                      No. 11 WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.

-                      No. 14 WR Ryan Grant

-                      No. 18 WR Josh Doctson

-                      No. 20 RB Rob Kelley

-                      No. 24 CB Josh Norman

-                      No. 25 RB Chris Thompson

-                      No. 26 CB Bashaud Breeland

-                      No. 29 CB Kendall Fuller

-                      No. 30 S Su’a Cravens

-                      No. 36 S D.J. Swearinger

-                      No. 51 LB Will Compton

-                      No. 52 LB Ryan Anderson

-                      No. 53 LB Zach Brown

-                      No. 54 LB Mason Foster

-                      No. 58 LB Junior Galette

-                      No. 61 C Spencer Long

-                      No. 71 T Trent Williams

-                      No. 73 C Chase Roullier

-                      No. 75 G Brandon Scherff

-                      No. 76 T Morgan Moses

-                      No. 77 G Shawn Lauvao

-                      No. 79 T Ty Nsekhe

-                      No. 80 WR Jamison Crowder

-                      No. 85 TE Vernon Davis

-                      No. 86 TE Jordan Reed

-                      No. 90 DL Ziggy Hood

-                      No. 91 LB Ryan Kerrigan

-                      No. 92 DL Stacy McGee

-                      No. 94 LB Preston Smith

-                      No. 95 DL Jonathan Allen

-                      No. 97 DL Terrell McClain

-                      No. 99 DL Phil Taylor Sr.


Sudfeld's first series,  passing 4-0 for 36 yards, one delay of game and one sack.  Running game 2 for 0 yards.


Defense first series, hard to tell how that went since TB had delay of game and holding, Redskins had trouble stopping the run.


Sudfeld's second series, 3-2 passes, 3 runs for 6 yards ending in a 53 yard FG  3-0 Redskins  Run game is not working at this point.


Looks like TB has figured out our defense can't stop the run, 4 downs and ran for 1st down on 4 and 1.  Defense came thru finally stopped the run for a loss and TB punted.


1st Quarter

Redskins time of Possession 9:57  Tampa Bay 5:03. 

Running 6 for 6 yards

Passing 7 of 9 for 54 yards


In the second quarter the Redskins got the run game going finally.  They are moving the ball well against TB they have been in Tampa's end 2 series, first series gave the ball up on a 4th and 1 that was an incomplete pass.  Now at 1st and goal at the 7 yard line.  Matt Jones 6 yard run to the 1 but holding call cost them 10 yards and had to settle for a 36 yard FG attempt that was missed.


Half time Redskins - 3;   TB - 0

First downs Redskins - 12,  TB  - 2

Total net yards  Redskins - 194,  TB - 40

Total offensive plays  Redskins - 41, TB - 17

Net yards rushing   Redskins - 64, TB - 34


After looking at the 1st half stats, my feeling that TB was running well against the Redskins was an illusion. Funny how watching you get an impression of how things are going and then find out when you see the stats that you were not as astute as you thought you were.  Actually after the first series or two the Defense has played a very good game.  Defense  is gang tackling, seems like 2 or 3 hit the runner at the same time.


Redskins are moving the ball well they just don't seem to be able to put it into the end zone. 


Hopkins 50 yard FG  Redskins 6,  TB 0


TB Field Goal  now Redskins 6, TB 3


As of the end of the 3rd Quarter Redskins have 16 first downs to Tampa's 5.  Redskins have 290 total net yards to Tampa's 75.  The Redskins have Rushed for 112 yards and Tampa has 71.


Redskins pick 6 for TD Redskins 13, TB 3


My take on the game, for the second year in a row we have outplayed TB in the preseason.  Nate Sudfeld played much better than I was expecting..  Mack Brown did about what I was expecting him to do.  Quick, Hazel,and Sprinkle had good games, over all guys making it hard for the coaches come cut down day. 


Defense got sloppy and allowed Tampa to score a TD.  Score now Redskins 13 -10.



Sudfeld 22 of 33 for 228 yards

Matt Brown 18 carries for 69 yards.

Hazel 4 receptions for 60 yards.

Total yards Redskins 360 to TB 242.









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