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August 6th Coverage of Redskins Training Camp






Richmond -- Its a nice cool morning here in Richmond, 65 degrees at 7am, clear and sunny  The doors open for the fans at 9:30am.   There were already several fans waiting when I arrived at 7:30.  One gentleman I spoke with said he had driven an hour and a half to get here, he was first in line.


A walk thru is scheduled for 10:35 and practice starts at 3pm,  2pm will have NFL Officials discussing changes to the rules.  At 2:45 Jay Gruden will have his daily presser.


Crowd waiting to get into training camp



The fans are now going thru security and  into the Bon Secours training camp.  Not as big a crowd as yesterday but it was lined up around the block, with people still coming from the parking areas.


Walk thru is completed, Brandon Scherff walked by me coming off the field, I had to look up to see the top of his shoulders, I didn't realize how big he was. Morgan Moses is even bigger.  We are not allowed to take pictures during walk-thru's and also during practice other than warmups and drills. We also can not discuss formations etc, but there were some interesting things to see, hopefully it translates to some great plays during the season. It really seems odd to me since the media is tied, but fans can post pics and videos during practices.


Su'a Cravens at the podium.

He is happy to be back at safety, it aids his skill set, allows him to play the open field, to make decisions on balls in the air, ultimately to be a play-maker.


When asked if he did any special conditioning for safety, he stated that he conditioned hard during the off-season, his biggest thing was to change his diet.


On the difference between Joe Berry and Greg Manusky he said that they both were great defenses but with Manusky, we are going to be a bit more aggressive.  On 3rd and short we are going to send more pressure, before we would sit in a cover 2 or 3.


He feels that the college and pro games are different in a lot of ways but they are starting to get similar when it comes to the passing game.  Its all match-ups. He feels the tweener role is exactly what is needed in the NFL, and guys like him are what the NFL is looking for.


He said Swearinger reminds him of Dion Bailey who he played with at USC always loud, always communicating.   You could rely on him to get an energy boost.


Playing linebacker last year helped him to learn every ones responsibility, knowing run fits and where everyone is going to be. 


On getting off the the field on 3rd down, he feels this is why they are getting more aggressive on defense.  They are not going to sit back and allow the offense to take their shot.



NFL Official Presser


Josh Norman's Bow and Arrow celebration is illegal.  Concidered a weapon.  Group celebrations and using the ball as a prop is now legal,  other props are illegal.  Lambeau Leap is now legal.


No hurdling O linemen at all.


Ball on the 25 yard on touchback is extended for this year.


Attention to Low hits on the QB, no longer allowed to wrap QB below the waist.  Can grab a leg or swipe arm to bring him down, but if you wrap and shoulder gets to the leg it is a foul



Gruden's Presser


Gruden was asked about roughing the passer penalties and how to keep them from instinctively grabbing the QB.  Basically he said its difficult, but if your down low and crawling to the QB then you have to swipe his leg and pull it. 


Does game week change teams plans for practice?  No we are still in training camp and we will handle today and tomorrow as training camp.


How long will starters play on Thursday?  We will see how we get thru the next two practices and see where we are.


Does injuries around the league play a role in determining how many reps starters get?  You have to get them ready,  No substitute for playing in some preseason games, it is a risk involved in Football.


Areas he has told Chris Thompson to improve and if Thompson has done so.

I have seen him get better.  Chris is a pro, when you talk about Chris your talking about taking care of your body in the offseason, getting stronger and continue to work at your craft.  Which he has


Gruden was asked about Josh Norman's work ethic and what he brings to the defense.  Josh is finding his niche as a leader and his work ethic is rubbing off on  everybody.


On the steadying presence of Ryan Kerrigan.  Not a lot of people talk about Ryan anymore, he is just always there a mainstay and very productive player.  Excellent player against the run, hard to run on his side, and his pass rush is still pretty darn effective.


Asked about our secondary against the receivers in NFCE, Gruden said we are going to need the pass rush going effectively. How they mesh together is going to be how our defense plays.


A question on Robert Davis brought this response.  Robert has done some good things, not just catching the ball but blocking.  I'm impressed with him, a good physical receiver who can block, Robert has proven he can do that.


What kind of camp has Bashaud Breeland having?

He is doing good... He is a competitive guy, he gets in trouble sometimes he is so overly competitive, but for the most part I like what he is doing.


Asked about Trent Williams hosting the O line for workouts and chemistry of the line, Gruden answered, They have great chemistry.  Its getting better and better. 



Practice Notes:

Practice started with stretching excercises, once those were complete, Field #1 was devoted to Special Teams practice.  Field #2 wind sprints.

Breeland took one kick off hit a rather large hole and was gone.  Blackmon also took a Kickoff and made a good run.


Field #1 Running Backs drilling taking the ball and running, or faking having the ball then slipping out for a catch. 


Quaterbacks practicing catching bad snaps, ball to their left, right high and really low.


Running Backs do drill where they block, slip the block and cross for a catch.


Field #2 Defensive Backs doing interception Drills.


At the far end of the field it looks like the WR's are practicing (wait for it) fades.......


11 on 11

First Team

Nice run by Chris Thompson for about 20 yards.  Hard to tell if he would have gotten 20 or not since they are not tackling but never the less it was a nice fast run.


Cousins to Pryor on what looked like a broken play for a touchdown in the left corner, it wasn't a fade route though.


2nd Team 11 on 11

Pass McCoy to Derek Carrier for a first down.


Matt Jones stopped in the backfield for a loss of about 5 yards


TD pass McCoy to Robert Davis, from the 25.


One more TD for 2nd team, they were looking very good against the 2nd D.


First Team

one min 40 sec on 50 yard line

Cousins long run to around the 25 yard line on a broken play.

Pass to Vernon Davis to the 20. 

2 seconds left after Cousins spiked the ball.

Field Goal


2nd Team

1min 40 Sec ball on 50.

Some players blocked my view but somehow they got to the 23 before I could move.

TD pass McCoy to Robert Davis.

Extra Point Good.


This ends the practice session for today.










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