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  1. Since we are now bringing up Francis Scott Key and pointing out a third verse which is being thrown out to try and justify these actions, how about pointing out the actions, the REAL actions behind the song! Point out how many Americans DIED WHILE KEEPING THE Flag on Ft Henry up. Point out the fact the ONLY thing keeping that flag standing were the bodies of those DEAD AMERICANS ensuring that flag NEVER touched the ground! How about the reality of why that flag should NEVER touch the ground! Our National Anthem and that Flag mean something, to many, it means EVERYTHING! For some of us (it is 8am where I am at, 13 miles from N Korea), it represents why we do what we do! For many of us, we have lost friends, family members fighting these "pointless wars" and defending this great Nation! I have lost enough friends in theses wars, but they aren't pointless, they are what we are asked to do from our Country! That National Anthem and the flag I and EVERY service member wear on our Right shoulder means everything to us, it is why we do what we do! Am I offended at the disrespect of our flag and National Anthem, HELL yes, and if it were up to me, you don't like the Anthem and the flag, let me know, I can pick you up from airport in Seoul and personally take you to another country just 13 miles North of me! Now, that being said, you have the right to protest, you have the right to disrespect that flag and even though I don't like it and it does offend me, it is your right to do so and I support it. Doesn't mean I like it. You can dislike, even hate this President, but that National Anthem and flag are bigger than him or any other President who has sat in that office! That is a sad thing to hear!
  2. That is a crap statement and you know it. A majority of those 20 million will voluntarily decide NOT to purchase insurance. The CBO is counting them as losses. No one is ripping care away from anyone. That is a BS talking point being pushed.
  3. Not everything about the ACA is bad. There are good things which need to remain (preexisting conditions, children staying on to 26,etc). The individual mandate is not one of them. Individuals should not be forced to buy insurance or be fined. The ACA does not allow cross state line competition, many counties now are limited to available insurance and many more are going to be without coverage.
  4. There is no easy answer to this healthcare mess. However, until both Republicans and Democrats put the American people first, this is not going to change. Right now, it isn't about the American people, it is about partisan BS and about themselves, not us. Republicans and Democrats are acting like a bunch of whiny ****es putting blame on the other side while trying to say they are perfect or innocent of any wrongdoing. Neither side is right about this mess and they are both at fault.
  5. Yes, hospitals write off millions every year. Also depends on what hospital, we have non profit hospitals who absolutely write it off as bad debt. We have hospitals who pass off to taxpayers. The fix is NOT to give everyone free healthcare. It is not free, we taxpayers are ultimately the ones who pay for it.
  6. Agreed, but like I said, Soldiers know what to say and how to manipulate the system. They seem to get better at it every year.
  7. It was the Republicans who put this amendment into the ACA to ensure congressional members were put on the same HC system.
  8. It isn't if I agree or disagree with any of this. I am a Soldier and if implemented, I will fully support. However, theses were questions and concerns brought up during training and most are valid. I have opinions, however, when it comes to leading my Soldiers, my opinions do not matter, my leadership and what Army policy dictates is what matters. Was this boob enhancement a medical necessity? Was there a medical requirement for it? I am willing to bet there was. Soldiers are not authorized to get plastic surgery unless it is medically necessary, it is not a voluntary service. However, Soldiers are smart, they know how to work the system to their benefit. That part will never change and believe we can both agree with that. When was the last time you went to the emergency room? Unfortunately, my wife has a medical condition which has brought us to the ER often, one of the issues with waiting times is the amount of people who use the ER as their own personal medical care, but have no insurance. Guess what? ZERO are turned away and all are seen and taken care of. If they need to be admitted, they are admitted. Annually, hospitals write off millions of dollars for people unable to pay.
  9. Did you read what I said? Yes, put it into the free market, HOWEVER, put regulations in it to ensure no one gets thrown off plan, anyone who has preexisting conditions are covered, people with chronic conditions and require extensive care are covered. If you are elderly or have a preexisting condition, you will be covered. If you are able bodied and you choose NOT to pay for insurance, you should not be penalized for it. If you are able bodied and can work, you should work and pay for your own coverage if desired.
  10. You can spin it if you want, however, most of the amendments included were technical. One included the provision that the house and senate members need to enroll in the care themselves. After 2009, this became an all democrat bill. So, yes, your statement about inclusion is technically true, not true if you are trying to say Democrats included republicans totally.
  11. No, not wrong. Yes, the democrats held hearings, however, they used maneuvers to ram it through with party line votes to get approved, hell, they didn't even know what was in the bill (Nancy Pelosi: " we have to pass this bill to see what is inside it") when approved. They held hearings to give the appearance, but had no real input and asked for no real support from republicans. Even remember Pelosi and Harry Reid announcing they won the election and can basically do what they want. NO ONE is without blame for this mess! Both Republicans and Democrats share this mess and instead of working together to fix for American people, they are more caught up with fighting against one another.
  12. People have already lost health insurance, whether it is because there is no carrier where they are or their premiums are so high they can't afford it or the deductibles are so high they can't visit a Dr. Can we please stop with the great ACA and lie about how good it is. Most democrats agree it is a problem, however, they are so tied up with winning or losing, they won't come to the table. They didn't include republicans when they passed ACA, now want to act like it is a travesty they aren't included in this process (they have refused). Republicans are not without blame either, they had 8 yrs to come up with something and claimed to have better ideas, but when given opportunity, they can't get out of their own way. For those who are on Medicaid or fortunate enough to be able to afford ACA, it may be good, however, for a lot, it is not good and has hurt people. The best thing to happen would be a full repeal, put healthcare back in the free market, increase competition to reduce costs. Put regulations into bill mandating preexisting coverage and make sure those people who need it (elderly, sick, etc) have access to care. If you are able bodied and can work, you should be and you should be paying for your own care, not others paying for you. Everyone should not be forced or mandated to pay for care, should be that individuals choice, not the government telling you what to do, that is not what a free society does. Yes, we care for the sick, the elderly and people with extensive medical needs, we always have. Yes, I am sure there are exceptions where people have been refused, look no further than the VA, but that is not the norm. who cares about the ****ing name, Obamacare, Trumpcare, does it matter! Just work together and fix this mess before more people are hurt.
  13. Man, as much as I love the President, I can't jump into his head sometimes and figure out why he said or tweeted anything. Can anyone? Yes, we were told Mattis wanted to delay implementation to get more information. Why? My best guess is the questions and concerns brought up during the training process. The training we received brought up A LOT of questions from Sr leaders about standards, policies and overall effectiveness. I believe this is the reason why it delayed. I dont think Pres Trump gives ANYONE a heads up on what he tweets, but I do not believe he did this without Sec of Def knowing as he absolutely respects and listens on our military leaders. I could be wrong.
  14. Below is a statement taken directly out of the training presentation (you asked me to back it up with instruction) and goes directly to the statement I made about the transition period. When asked to clarify this, the officer (LTC from Behavior Health) giving the class said it would happen away from place of duty, when asked to clarify more about "away from place of duty and off duty status", his statement was "think of this as the Soldier is on leave and away from unit for a period of time". What does that statement mean to you? How do you interpret that? Real life experience. The phase in the gender transition process when the individual commences living socially in the gender role consistent with their preferred gender. This will generally occur in an off-duty status and away from the Soldier’s place of duty prior to the change of the gender marker in DEERS Yes, the PT is a question about fairness, however not the way you may think, if you have an outstanding female Soldier (good PT scores, motivated, etc.) who decides to transition to a male, then when completed, now struggles to pass the PT test because according to DEERS she is now a male (even though still genetically female) and must be scored using the point values for males, you can't drop the standards for that Soldier. What does that do to a Soldiers morale? How is it fair to that Soldier? Those are valid questions and valid concerns. You don't agree? Comparing showering with homosexuals of the same sex, blacks, etc are not fair or valid to this conversation. We have all served and showered with openly homosexual Soldiers, even before repeal of don't ask, don't tell and never had issues. This is MUCH different, this (IMO) is probably the biggest hurdle if ever implemented and opens the door to more sexual Harassment charges and possible issues in some units. Would we get past it, yes, eventually without a doubt. Again, this is a valid question and concern. Has nothing to do with me getting over myself. Yes, this is my opinion, just as your statement is your opinion. We have differing opinions, doesn't make either of us wrong. Can you tell me 1 (just 1) incident where a female Soldier comes in to get a boob job (enhancement) then departs? I have seen cases where it is medically necessary and has caused back issues (breast reduction), never seen it done just because a female wants a boob job. Yes, we see females getting boob jobs, but they pay for it out of pocket and away from installation. These are valid questions and concerns, if they weren't, Sec of Defense wouldn't have put a halt to initial date of implementation. There were too many valid concerns and questions brought up during the training process to jump in and implement this. My guess, this happens when our President, Sec of Defense and others actually listen to our Military leaders on the ground. And, yes, that is again my opinion, which I am allowed to have, even if it differs from yours.
  15. That is pure BS and fake news! The Sec of Defense put a temporary halt to transgender issue in June BEFORE it was to take full effect (we were briefed on his decision when it happened). He wanted this studied more and asked for more input from his military leaders before full implementation. Everyone in the Military was being given training on what to expect, what policies were being put in place and how to handle this change once/if it was fully implemented. President Trump did not go around the Sec of Defense with this.