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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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Huge. Very happy. First time in 13 years we are in the Sweet 16. That is an accomplishment.

Now let's go ahead and beat Kansas. Keep this train rolling.

Do I call out sick on Thursday? I'm supposed to work 10:30- 7 pm pacific. Ummm....yes calling out sick.

Let's go!

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Was out earlier. Just finished watching. Sluggish start but finished strong. Can't have periods where they disappear like they did these last two games. Kansas will eat their lunch if they have periods of lull.

With that said, glad to be in the sweet 16. I said all along we were too talented not to get there. The real tests start now. Have to bring it for 40 minutes or they're done.

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That KG, is a prediction. Yet, an honest position to take regarding both teams.

Kansas will be favored and rightfully so. Can we beat them? Sure. Do we have the talent? Sure. But if we take minutes off, Kansas is too good not to take advantage of that. More than SD St or Hawaii can.

I don't like that Turgeon has shortened the bench at the end of the season. Part of what makes them good is their depth.

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