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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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As bad as MD played at the start, if they did a better job rebounding on defense, they would be in control of this game. 8 offensive rebounds by Hawaii. They need to rebound as a team and not just let one guy fight for the ball.


Sulaimon has become an offensive ball stopper. When he catches the ball, he's jacking up a shot. He took a few bad shots early in the shot clock. It still amazes me that they can work the ball around, run set plays, and get easy baskets and open shots. Then they go back to 1 on 1 and taking bad shots.

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Defense and rebounding could have won them a lot of games.

Much easier said than done.

Defense and rebounding are accomplished through hustle and desire. THAT is what bothers me most about this team, they seem to lack those qualities.

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Need to execute! Trimble is missing shots by like an inch.

Loose balls...there's been like 4 plays where all Carter had to do is squeeze the ball.

Don't give up offensive rebounds for the love of God.


This is the 2nd time Hawaii got 3 offensive rebounds on one possession. Four shots in a possession is rare. They have had that twice this game. And these aren't size rebounds. These are hustle rebounds that Hawaii just seems to want more.

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