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  1. Warhawks is lame. Makes me think of Bush's dumb war in Iraq and Obama drone-striking the Middle East like it's Ender's Game. Redwolves is my favorite so far. If I were them, I would change the least amount of our motif as possible- same colors, font, keep "red" and a two syllable name. Washington Redwolves rolls off the tongue well. They should incorporate the feather in the logo!! (lol) First, it was get rid of the name, then it was the name and logo and now apparently no sports team should be affiliated with and form of Native American imagery. I'd be cool with the l
  2. Funny enough, I did a rough sketch a few days ago of the moniker of Red Wolves in trying to keep a graphic similar to our old logo. I'll post it when I put some color
  3. I'll continue to wear my Redskins hats from time to time because I love the colors and logo, more so than the name. I'm not someone who repped the Skins all the time anyways anymore. I try not to be associated with incompetence, if at all possible.
  4. I understand that and yes, I've seen countless instances of Skins fans not being respectful and dressing like jackasses, etc. That should be their call and not soap box Tweeters. But yeah, since you brought up white corporations and others capable of helping these communities, who really has that has denounced or rejected our name and imagery? Maybe they have but has Nike donated some of its extraordinary wealth to found charities (not referencing Snyder's farce) or infuse resources for tribes in the Pacific NW? Has FedEx? Has Pepsi? What has the NFL done to help these communities,
  5. and now, their uniforms and logo are absolute doo doo in comparison. Nike stinks at repurposing new looks for teams which makes their current political pandering even more frustrating. Tryna pay themselves lol
  6. Man, if we got negative blowback from changing the name to the Warriors and keeping a vague-looking spear (one that looks like the classic helmet but more ambiguous as to what group it represents) it's basically caving into the unreasonable crowd, who say they want to change the name and association but really just want to uproot anything that has "tradition," much like statues and history and all that other crap. The demands to get rid of the logo and colors and everything else associated with the team is a power-grab move to dismantle "white people" traditions. It's like a crude
  7. Yeah, I've been a fervent, vocal Skins fan growing up, taking **** from redneck Ravens fans in the boonies my whole life. Never once thought of abandoning our sinking and dry-rotted ship but I'll be out as a "fan" of the team if they drop everything, and replace it with some lame red, white and blue palette and have ties to the military/monuments, etc. It's so lazy and pandering, just like how the NFL panders to the military every game. That would be like me rooting for the NFL (outside of individual players) rather than our team which has been the redheaded stepchild of the division in which
  8. If not only the name, but the logo and colors are changed before the season, I hope there is no 2020 season due to concerns over Covid-19. Not that I would any way wish for any cases or outbreaks but I hope the concern is still there and nobody plays NFL football if that were to happen and blindside this into reality for our fans. Let's see all the slack-tivist football fans (who more than likely have never donated a dime to Native causes) be deprived of their luxury with the current reality of life and death we are still facing. Personally, I'm sure I would still watch
  9. I like Rivera but I really don't get why a guy in his first year with the organization has damn near top authority to rename an original NFL franchise from 1932, with generations and millions of people vested for probably their whole lives. Instead of a Cowher, Tomlin, Harbaugh, Coughlin, etc. type staying power figure, we have a guy who hasn't proven jack **** to the fanbase making a call like that and the momentum for this hit critical mass in like, what, a week? Geez. I understand why we need to change the name but the reasons for the actual move make me annoyed and angry- phony
  10. I think I'm finally ready to move on from the name even though I'd prefer we keep it. It's just not worth the sanctimonious segments on sports t.v. and the other rack of nonsense and baggage that comes with it. I understand that it is a racial pejorative and was used hatefully to massacre Natives in spots of U.S. History. I also understand that words, even racial slurs, can change in nomenclature and be "rebranded" in an entirely new context, which has been the case with the Redskins for many decades. Maybe it's just me, but I don't correlate genocide with football anyway. Above a
  11. Get rid of him, nothing personal. Find some tough-nosed DBs in the draft that won't get consistently get burned and let the front seven do it's thing to where we don't need elite corners but a capable committee. That would save us Dunbar's contract and sends a good message not to act emo within your contract desires
  12. Yeah, well that's some **** **** , honestly. Not wanting us to struggle but in epic fashion against our old guys. I understand the rationale, wanting to keep Dan and Bruce humiliated to the max. I hate Dan and Bruce too, about as much as anyone can I suppose. However, Redskins fans giddy to see Kyle and Kirk beat us by 50 are about as pathetic as Dan and Bruce themselves. There's other guys that are working hard that deserve support, if not for the win than to not be putting it on the line to be a national embarrassment. That's a pretty crappy culture that the fans do h
  13. It was obvious to me while he was here that Kyle was going to be a GREAT coach. I felt he was our strongest long term asset while he was here. Obviously, once Mike and Dan went belly up, nobody would realistically expect him to stay. That was a bummer because watching his offenses was a treat. We had all kinds of roster and matchup issues when we started being a joke again with the Shannys, post RG3. I will say that McVay had Kirk cookin in the red zone, an area Mike didn't fare well but it was really for only that one playoff year because the next year a remember a regression ther
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