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Who's your top candidates for the Coordinator spots?


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We have a great thread running about Head Coaching candidates, but I thought it’d be useful to have a discussion about the two spots just below that; Offensive and Defensive Coordinator. Depending on what side of the ball the head coach comes from it’s going to be important that we get a solid guy in the coordinator spot opposite him. Or, if it’s a Special Teams coach, we’ll be looking for a top flight OC AND DC.


Now right off, let me say this thread is in no way suggesting anyone wants to go grab an OC or DC right this instance. I imagine that no one wants another Jim Zorn situation. This is more for discussing who we’d possibly want to see the new HC bring in for these positions once they are here.


The one thing I’ll ask is that we avoid naming people who would be lateral transfers if their current coaching staff seems pretty stable. So no “Mike Zimmer for DC!” or “Ken Wisenhunt for OC!” type of talk.


Beyond that, let fly who you think would be a good fit. You can also point out if you’d feel they’d be a good fit regardless, or only if the HC is their opposite focus. I’ll start it off with a bit of quick info I can find of some possibilities that recently are out of a job…


Offensive Coordinators


Bill Musgrave – The Vikings OC since 2011 and was previously OC of Jacksonville and Carolina. He also called plays in college at UVA where he tutored Matt Schaub. Was a QB coach for us in 2005, and was Mike Vick’s QB coach in 2006 and Matt Ryan’s for his first 3 years


Rod Chudzinski – Previously an OC for the Panthers and Browns, as well as the University of Miami. Credited for helping Cam Newton and the Panther’s garner a top 10 offense.


Norv Turner – Thought of as a great offensive mind. OC with Dallas, San Diego, Miami, San Francisco, and Cleveland. A few HC stops (that we’d like to forget). While with 49er’s he was the first to seemingly get some promise out of Alex Smith. Likes using Tight Ends so may be useful with Reed (and Davis if we bring him back).

Scott Linehan – OC for the Lions for the past 5 years with stops prior to that in St Louis as a head coach and Miami and Minnesota as OC’s. A fair bit of college experience as an OC as well.


Gary Kubiak – OC for Denver and offensive minded head coach for the Texans. Similar system to what we’ve had in place here previously.


Defensive Coordinators


Leslie Frazier – Was previously a DC for Cincinnati and in Minnesota before taking over as the HC there. A lot of experience with Defensive Backs.


Ray Horton – DC for the browns and cardinals. Experience with the secondary primarily, including a stop here for a few years. Helped lead good defenses in both of his past two stops recently. Still technically under contract in Cleveland as they look for their next coach


Jim Schwartz – Long time DC for the titans, and defensive focus while with the Lions. Had some good defenses during his time, but also seemingly discipline issues?


Wade Philips – DC for the Texans with stops in Dallas (as HC), San Diego, Atlanta, Buffalo, Denver, Philadelphia, and New Orleans. Runs an attacking 3-4 defense.



I’m not a HUGE X-O guy and I’m sure folks like Kdawg and DC9 can give us some better insight, or throw out some names other than those who just got fired ;) But figured that would help get things started.


For me, I’ve become intrigued by Dallas’s Special Teams coach and feeling if we went that way we’d need a strong OC and DC. I’m curious about Chudzinski, but nervous with how much he seemingly ignored the run in Carolina. Norv is also very intriguing despite how groan worthy it may be to consider him.  On defense, I’m a big proponent of Wade Philips if O’Brian doesn’t keep him on staff. I think our personnel is well suited to his system.

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Who I would like to add.




Raheem Morris.

Winston Moss

Jim Tomsula




Mike Mularkey

Hue Jackson

Geep Chryst

Mario Cristobal (He played in the Netherlands, so should give him some love)



Wouldn't a team with Raheem Morris and Hue Jackson be bad-ass? Both high energie guys, well liked among players. 

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If we go with a ST guy, like Rich Bisaccia is selected, coordinator becomes huge. The unemployed coordinators from Cleveland are all good choices, IMHO (Horton and Turner) as would their former coach as an OC. 


Hue Jackson promoted to an OC position is interesting. Marinelli did a heck of a job on the line in Dallas this season given their injuries and Monte's terrible scheme.


In short, this is premature until we know who the HC is. If it a former OC, the new OC for the Skins can be more of an up-and-comer who doesn't have to call plays (Ault, perhaps?), if it is a former DC, the same for the new DC. Great topic once the new coach is in place, but too early as of now. 

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If Gregg Williams is out over bounty gate then Leslie Frazier is just as stained over Chris Kluwe and how he handled that situation.


I'm not sure how:


A] costing your coach a year suspension, multiple players suspensions, yourself a suspension, and the team a draft pick through orchastrating rule violating bounty programs.




B] Trying to get a PUNTER of all people not to be such a media distraction and ultimately cutting a guy who was 18th in the league for net punting, 24th for pure punt average, 31st in terms of kicks within the 20 who carried a near $1.5 million cap hit


is in any way comparable.


Not to mention, Leslie Frazier "handled" that situation the same way he handled the situation with their OTHER kicking specialist the year before....cut a guy who was near the end of his contract, was making top specialist money, and was coming off an average year and instead drafted a young and cheap replacement who as a rookie put up comparable or better numbers than the veteran did the year before.

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I've said in another thread that if we get an offensive guy as a Head Coach then I'd love to see Chris Ault be looked at as an OC, as I think he could add some interesting things to the team.


Hue Jackson is one of those guys that I scratch my head over. The huge amount of movement he's had in his career makes me a bit curious. He seems to rarely stay in a place for very long

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Chud would be my top choice as OC. Love his offenses and I love what he did with Cam in Cam's rookie year.


But what about how poor their offense was in year two with Cam? They were a mess.


Edit: OK, after looking at the numbers, maybe they were not as bad as I thought. My memory was apparently warped by everybody whining about Chud last year here in Charlotte.  

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I've said in another thread that if we get an offensive guy as a Head Coach then I'd love to see Chris Ault be looked at as an OC, as I think he could add some interesting things to the team.


Hue Jackson is one of those guys that I scratch my head over. The huge amount of movement he's had in his career makes me a bit curious. He seems to rarely stay in a place for very long

We seem to think alike, and I guess I agree on Hue Jackson. I thought he did a good job in Oakland, but he has been around a lot. I will add that my buddy is the beat writer for the Daily News LA and he wasn't a Hue fan when the guy was at SC. When we had him on staff, I constantly took a lot of crap from my buddy about it.

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Bill Lazor (qb coach Eagles)

Hue Jackson (offensive assnt-Bengals) **

Frank Reich (qb coach-Chargers)



Raheem Morris- 

Ray Horton (DC- Browns)

Wade Phillips (DC-Texans)


** I am kinda hoping Hue Jackson gets a interview for HC


Horton and Phillips may both be unemployed depending on their new HC's.

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Hue Jackson is one of those guys that I scratch my head over. The huge amount of movement he's had in his career makes me a bit curious. He seems to rarely stay in a place for very long

Surely it has nothing to do with his ability to coach -- if there's one thing Jackson can do, it's coach. He excelled as an assistant with Washington, Cincinnati, Atlanta and Baltimore, and in his two seasons with the Raiders, the last as head coach, he took an offense that ranked 31st among 32 teams and transformed it into a unit that finished 10th in 2010 and ninth in '11 in total yards. It also ranked second and seventh in rushing yards, dramatic improvements over the 21st- and 28th-place finishes it had in the seasons immediately before and after he joined the Raiders.

So what gives?

Jackson knows but he doesn't know. He's heard it has to do with others perceiving him as a power-hungry opportunist who'll step on or over anyone to climb the professional ladder. He denies it.

He has heard it's because he's brash and confident, a "me guy" in a world that prefers "team guys" -- or who at least pretend to be team guys. He definitely is confident and, at times, brash. But a me guy? No way, he says.

Still, despite doing a phenomenal job with the Raiders offense, he couldn't find a job on the offensive side of the ball after being fired in Oakland (newly hired general manager Reggie McKenzie wanted to bring in his "own guy"). He also received only one interview for a coordinator position this offseason despite eight teams changing head coaches (Carolina coach Ron Rivera elected to stay in house and promote Mike Shula).

Several general managers, who spoke about Jackson's situation under the condition their names be kept confidential, either because he doesn't work for their organization or because they've worked with him in the past and don't want to create a potentially awkward situation, said at the Scouting Combine that Jackson is a talented offensive coach who would do well as a coordinator, a title he has held twice since entering the NFL in 2001. But ...

"Sometimes these things are about comfort hires," said one executive. "It's hard to hire a very confident individual that has stepped out of the box, so to speak, which Hue has on occasion. When head coaches are making that hire, they're going to be a little cautious because they feel he might threaten their position. You have some who don't hire someone who's more qualified and might take their job and hurt their credibility. The people who are successful in this business don't think that way, but you have some who do."

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130305/hue-jackson/#ixzz2pMvu0lE0

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Why are so many people so high on Chud?  He seems like a real jerk.  I hope he doesn't even sniff an interview.  Hell, I'd welcome back Norv as OC before bringing that guy to DC.


If Whisenhunt is the guy, then give me Spanos, Horton, or Bowles as DC.  I think OC becomes a lot less important if Whisenhunt is calling the plays.

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I'm surprised Jim Leavitts name is not brought up around the league.  This guy coaches with serious passion and is the epitome of a players coach.


He's started the football program at USF from nothing in 1997, they didn't even have a football program and by 2007 they were ranked 2nd in the nation in the BCS.


Supposedly Bama and K State made him an offer that year but he ended up staying to continue to develop what he had built.   He has an explosive and energetic type personality and he is exactly what we need in Washington. The USF program went from not having a football team to being on the national stage in 9 years and they were starting to get 4 star recruits.


In 2008 he ended up losing his job because one of the students said he hit him in the locker room, the players loved him and stood up for him but it became political and he lost his job.


Leavitt is now the linebackers coach at San Fran under Harbaugh, Harbaugh knows he has a stud and once people forget about the incident at USF this guy will be a star in the league.


I wouldn't mind seeing him as our head coach but definitely could see him coaching a top 5 defense in the NFL.


I read alot of posts about who should be hired and most are just obvious type picks, this guy is not an obvious pick but from living in Tampa since 2004 there is no doubt in my mind he is better than Bevell, Mcdermott, and the rest of the coaches we are currently looking at, a true diamond in the ruff.


Here are some video's if your not familiar with him.



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I know we are jumping the gun with coordinators but as Redskins fans we rarely have anything else meaningful to do this time of year. I would like to see the new head coach hire 2 special teams coaches. One just for punter/kicker and one for return and coverage. I have no idea who would make a good kicking coach but I would love to see Vikings LB coach Mike Singeltary getting the coverage job if he has been let go with other Vikings coaches. I think there would be some intense special teams play with Singletary calling the shots. Dave Wanstead was Tampa Bay's special teams coach this year after years of being a head coach and DC so maybe Singletary could pull it off.  

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Sean McVay for Offensive coordinator.  Loved what he did with the TE unit.  Knows the passing principles of Kyle and could possibly relate better to RG3.  Wouldn't hesitate to use a 2 TE set on offense.  


Mike Caldwell (LBs Coach-Cardinals) for Defensive Coordinator.  Currently coaching in a 3-4 defense and had a good defense all year.  In a linebacker friendly defensive scheme, why not choose a LBs coach to be the coordinator?

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